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  1. Juan M. Ramm says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Adh syndrome; Depression

    I have ADHD with depression and take Citalopram and Strattera. The drugs complement each other very well in their effect. With both I have tried different dosages, until complete discontinuation. Once I only Strattera (25 mg-80 mg) discontinued and once only citalopram (10 mg – 40 mg) discontinued. I have found that taking 60 mg of Strattera and 20 mg of citalopram daily in the morning, as the best compromise solution to achieve the best effect. I am more attentive, calmer and generally feel much better. After about 1 month all side effects (insomnia, dizziness, nausea, orgasm disorders, sweating, tiredness) disappeared. Only one remained: I sweat faster / more. All the side effects I had only from Strattera, except the fatigue came from citalopram. The higher the dosage, the more pronounced the effect, but also the side effects.

  2. Charlotte M. Peavler says:
    5.0 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    I got citalopram because of a moderate to severe depressive episode. At first I had it very well tolerated until at some point I got strong regular night sweats. Not only did the Citalopram help against the sadness with constant crying, it also helped a lot against my strong mood swings. It has made me more resilient and stable, which has helped me a lot in the job in dealing with colleagues (conflicts, bullying, etc.). Citalopram gives me protection: In the past, I was completely at the mercy of my feelings. With Citalopram, I do not get any more mood attacks that totally knock me out. Another side effect besides night sweats is that I get harder to orgasm, but that regenerates within a day and is more pronounced the higher the dose I take. Since the night sweat is so strong that my bed was often a single puddle, I take escitalopram since today. I will tell if it works just as well and if it has similar, other or less side effects.

    Side effects: Orgasm disorders; Night sweat