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  1. William R. Lucas says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Obsessive compulsive disorder; Depression

    Only with a few drugs is the relationship between symptom relief (depression, obsessional thoughts) and intake so clearly visible to me as with citalopram. Here are 10mg me, to maintain the improvement even sometimes 5mg. If I quit completely, the symptoms will return fairly predictably, sometimes with a few weeks delay, sometimes faster. After resuming, I feel more calm after the first dose, and within a few days I am stable again. Contrary to the general recommendation, it has turned out to be useful for me not to take citalopram in the morning, but only at closing time, as it seems relaxing for me. Also taking before bed is more conducive to sleep. When I take it in the morning, I get lazy at work, become more motivated in the evening, and can not go to bed. I have to complain about side effects: – Restless Legs (annoying, but not so bad as to prevent me falling asleep) – slight weight gain (in the acceptable range, but associated with the need to constantly pay attention to weight, which I do not without citalopram must) – Orgasm much more difficult (alone it always works, sometimes with difficulty, but with different women, I am despite erection failed) – erection much more difficult

  2. Troy K. Buchanan says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    I have been prescribed citalopram by my family doctor because of depressive moods. After taking 20mg I got a pull in penis and testicles about 3 hours later. Already after this short time, the penis only became stiff and after masturbation there was no normal ejaculation, but only a release of a clear liquid, which just flowed out of the penis. I realized on the second day that I can not come anymore. The ejaculation was completely gone. An orgasm was no longer possible. On the third day, my penis had shrunk to half. The testicles were almost pulled back into the abdominal cavity. On the 3rd day, I discontinued treatment with citalopram immediately. It took almost 1 week until I got a normal erection again. Orgasm is back again and the ejaculation splashes it again. Of course, in 3 days I can not tell if citalopram would have helped me against the depressive moods. But what I can say, the drug has worked directly with me on my masculinity. On the second day erectile problems, lack of orgasm and no ejaculation.

    Side effects: Orgasm disorder
  3. David P. Girouard says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Anxiety and panic attacks

    Had an uncontrolled tantrum at work in September 2015, had to go to the personnel office the next day. Wanted to attach a negotiation note, but I did not say or sign anything without a works council. I went to the internist because of that. I first got citalopram 10 mg, then 20 mg. Drug makes me much calmer, sometimes even indifferent. Tantrums much more controlled. Unfortunately as a side effect weight gain (from 120 kg to 130 kg), sexual aversion, erection problems, very late or no orgasm. Secretly dropped the medimament, made me more aggressive.

  4. Michael B. Davis says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Fatigue; Borderline; Depression

    I was put on citalopram 40mg a few weeks ago during my inpatient stay in a psychiatric ward. a whole in the morning, at lunch then another half. The side effects were very unpleasant for me at the beginning: -Very sweaty hands -unacceptable taste in the mouth -Fatigue -Studious yawning -Loss of sexual pleasure -Orgasmus disorders (even more) -Orientierungsstörungen after waking up -My testicles have shrunk (not forever, but they were smaller for a while) I used to take Cipralex for a while, to which I reacted immediately and without any side effects. Citalopram has caused a lot of side effects on me, as I can see, but I can say that all these side effects have completely disappeared within the first two weeks. Continuing tuen still my orgasm disorders, I sometimes need despite a lot of excitement quite a long time until I come to the climax. I hope that will change soon. On the whole, however, I am very satisfied with this drug. Since then, my depression has completely disappeared and I can master my everyday life without any problems. 🙂