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  1. Stephanie C. Lawson says:
    4.5 rating

    In the first three weeks, I got the original drug from my doctor as a sample and tolerated this well. Except for occasional hot flashes, I had no side effects, I was mentally better. Then I got a prescription and my health insurance did not want to pay for the original medicine and so I got a generic. After a week it started: high blood pressure, constant headaches and body aches. Now after a total of seven weeks it is not better, the side effects are intolerable and I will discontinue the drug.

  2. Catherine T. Lane says:
    3.0 rating

    Citalopram for Dizziness; A headache; High blood pressure

    After 4 days with 2 tablets a day, I suddenly became very hot in the head and body in the evening and my blood pressure rose very high. The next morning I did not take any first and while driving I thought, I faint. Blood pressure over 200 (otherwise rather low). From then on, I did not take these pills and got opipramol, which I tolerate well so far.

  3. Beatrice P. Ocampo says:
    2.0 rating

    Citalopram for Fibromyalgia

    Effect is great my whole life has changed. Side effects strong hunger, weight loss, tremors, nausea, dizziness, extreme hot flashes So I run around 0 degrees outside in the shirt, sweating, from and to strong headache, muscle twitching. Nevertheless, my psyche has improved so much that I’m fine with it.

  4. Kristopher A. Simpson says:
    5.0 rating

    Citalopram for Burnout syndrome; Depression

    To keep it short. At the beginning of 20mg, then after 1 year on 10mg outgrown, then after 3 months on 0mg Positive: – fast falling asleep after approx. 2 days – Mood brightening after approx. 2 weeks, full development after approx. 2-3 months. Negative: – at the first ingestion 2 hours stomach burning (I am sensitive) – strong sweating in light efforts – strong fatigue if not eaten in time – difficulty concentrating – at night: hot flashes and very sweaty – high appetite Side effects when decaying: – in the middle of the night awake but tired – hot flashes at night – 2-3 weeks of strong dizziness