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  1. Charles T. Fedor says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    First to me, I’m 28 years old and seriously Depressed because I have a lot of problems with me! So far, my life has always been very different, and often associated with disappointment and anger. If you have very severe depression then medication does not help much! Medication I have taken before: Seroxat (paroxetine) for about 8 years / hardly effect / EXCEPTION severe violent side effect after forgetting to take after the first day. Saroten (Amytriptilin) about 1 year / Useless has brought no effect at all had only strong constipation and tachycardia (rapid heart rate) as a side effect Now the effect, fears, thoughts and worries are after a while of taking not so close to me, me I have the impression that Citalopram pushes them further away from me because otherwise I always think deeply about my concerns and reflect on the day for me after my experiences. Citalopram is not mood-enhancing with me but at least never a feeling high as heaven high Jubilzend and peace joy pancakes as with Citalopram remains at least realistic, however, I had in the evening times an enormously over exaggerated euphoric luck feeling that is very rare! Citalopram is said to be an increase in drive, with me the opposite is the case I feel tired in the course of the day dogs and fatigue, especially at work start temporarily strong attacks of fatigue. I lay down in my bed every day after work from about 4:00 pm and then, even though I have been resting for two or more hours, I would like to rest all day, even light household chores like tidying up or laundry make is already a challenge, I can do almost nothing! I always take the drug in the morning at first it was 60 mg now I am currently taking 40 mg I would like to get away from the drug in the long run because it offers more disadvantages than benefits for me. The time during the reduction from 60 to 40 mg was hell I had not expected such strong side effects in my worst dreams I was irritated, disoriented, haphazard, confused and I interpreted everything that was brought to me as an attack my workmate was opposite me as well very irritable and moody. If you forget the intake after a few days you feel very bad, you get more irritated and you have a kind of electric shocks that go through the body (I already knew of Seroxat because it was even more violent) Side effects for me with this drug – occasional cardiac arrhythmias. – Faster heart rate (tachycardia) since the beginning of ingestion. – Dry mouth. – Now and then cravings. – High fatigue potential (Only in the evening I can sleep well for it) – You often feel the role – Confusion – No plan – Dizziness – Irritability – Aggressiveness – Anxiety So overall I can not recommend it unless you want to sleep very well at night you are really good with the drug, but in all other respects it fails in my opinion!

  2. Patty R. Moore says:
    2.5 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    Citalopram 23 years have been prescribed by my psychiatrist. About 4 years ago I got violent cardiac arrhythmia. It took a long time to get to the citalopram. Now I am leaving for 4 months. Am from 20 to 10 mg. Cardiac arrhythmias have become significantly better. But now only after 4 months set to the usual Absetzerscheinungen an uncommon gang uncertainty and constant headache with Schwankschwindel. Can this be after 4 months. I’m really lousy and due fears rise too

  3. Michael M. Valazquez says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    Hi, I’m new here and would like to tell you in relation to various withdrawal phenomena / symptoms at least for me in connection with Citalopram “something”. I (average normal;) had to take the drug Citalopram because of depression. The first 2 years 30mg then 20mg for 3 years due to cardiac arrhythmias. When it was hardly possible, I had taken 25mg, but only temporarily because the arrhythmia began again after about 1-2 weeks, then it was just back to 20mg. Personally, I was just as clear about taking 20mg, but no longer had any arrhythmias. Otherwise, the drug had no side effects with me. After 5 years I went again to Therapeutic Treatment, LVR Day Clinic. The drug was given to me for another 2 weeks, until the responsible specialists changed me as follows. 5 years citalopram then discontinuation of the drug over 3 days a’10mg subsequent conversion to morning 75mg Venlafaxin 40mg evening dipiperone and 25mg Valdoxan on the edge of the bed. This medication was given to me only for a week then was up to Valdoxan but 50mg. (why? i don’t no, but ok professionals are at work). Then I had two days full of joy and energy … and that’s it. Ok … now on the subject … Weaning symptoms Day 1: Morning: headache, dizziness, malaise. From noon onwards. Muscle twitching in the evening, tremendous electric shock / current flow outflows throughout the body. Strongly increasing muscle twitching in the whole body up to the absolute loss of control of the muscles. Running did not work anymore, everything twitched extremely. Ok … next stop emergency room. Really funny … laying of the venous access due to the contractions not possible. Vital signs as far as good. Pendulum high blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) but not so extreme. At night, the twitches on the right side partially subsided. Immediately, access to the blood test was given. But then I slept about 3 hours from sheer exhaustion and extreme sore muscles. Administration of medication not possible. Day 2: Still muscle twitching but not so extreme, barely possible, tremendous soreness, headache and high diastolic blood pressure. The dizziness was really enormous, with every eye movement I had right coordination disorders. For insurance reasons, I had to be transferred back to the day clinic. (Luckily I have a great wife you helped me up there). Am I leaving? :-)) ok … the day was really great too. Day 3: Only slight muscle twitching, headache, sore muscles, but still extreme dizziness. My legs did not want like me, oblique and delayed running behavior weird coma in our legs and arms. I felt like my brain was running after me. See and be amazed, continue no panic attacks. I did not want to interpret anything unnecessary in purely. I can not forget my first cigarette, but after 2-3 moves I had enough. Day 4: A day of hope, the muscle twitching slowed down enormously, the headache also, the soreness was just there but ok my brain was still strongly behind. Dizziness continues strong. Then started something really fun new and indeed … I started eating, drooling … “Great”. Panic attack? Of course not, did not have time … 1 cigarette almost completely. Ohhh … It took a while for a fellow patient to make me aware that he hardly understands me “ok” then I said mumble something clearer. Sorry I always digress. Again: muscle twitching / hangover and headache less. Dizziness, walking behavior bad. Delayed reactions and walking difficulties as my brain was delayed in reacting / functioning. The pronunciation read aloud and sometimes I could no longer control my salivation. The day clinic then ordered a skull CT and MRI. CT on the same day without findings. Neurological consultation without findings. MRT is still pending. Day 5: Muscle twitch / hangover almost gone, no headache anymore. Still poor walking behavior and a lot of dizziness. My pronunciation and the uncontrolled salivation slowed down, which was positive in the second case. Oh, of course, every day enormous “electrical” outflows throughout the body and always this feeling that my brain has to run after me. !!! Very uncomfortable !!! Despite everything again a few smoked … you have to imagine how stupid you are. Day 6: Muscle twitching / hangover and drooling away … gone? … yes gone :). My walking behavior improved. The dizziness and the bad pronunciation declined discreetly. Delayed reactions also improved. Phew … finally better. But something came to it. I had big problems to remember something and had forgotten a lot again immediately, my concentration was almost gone. I had a mega FRESSFLASH, enormous additional hunger feeling.