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  1. Jody B. Baker says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Eating disorder; Mood swings; Depression

    Have had childhood depression and strong mood swings, sometimes severe eating disorders (bulimia). For two years, I have been taking citalopram (first 20 mg, then 40 mg) and get along very well. The first 8 days after the start of treatment were very unpleasant: dizziness, nausea, extreme headache, tiredness. After about 8 days, the antidrug effect started and the side effects disappeared for the most part. What remains is tiredness (during the day) with simultaneous sleep disturbances (in the evening) and a complete loss of libido. Both side effects are tolerable for me and the benefit outweighs quite clearly (especially as sleep disorders and loss of libido for me would also be present in depression). The special advantage of the drug is in my eyes the reduction of mood swings with which at the same time the tendency to binge eating was reduced. Of weight gain I can report absolutely nothing (that would have been for me an immediate Absetzkriterium), on the contrary, in my opinion, the drug reduces the appetite. Overall, I can recommend Citalopram very much, but you should pay attention to two things in my opinion: take the drug in the morning in any case (otherwise strong sleep disorders), Caution with alcohol (one tolerates much less)

  2. Thomas E. Knapp says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Post-traumatic stress disorder; Social phobia; Depression

    Standing completely next to me, as outside my body, – headache without end – sweating – dry mouth – pimple outbreaks on the forehead – tinnitus much much intensiever – libido loss, loss of interest, self-pacification hardly possible I could notice except the side effects, no positive effects, I was forced to drop it. LAIF900 has helped me the best so far

  3. Elliott M. Lyons says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Drive disorders

    Ingested in the evening, tablets of 40 mg, changing manufacturers (generic). Initially, only a short nausea, then for about 2 weeks excessive sweating, which, however, put down. Drive returned to normal after a few days, negative thoughts and sadness disappeared after about 3 to 5 weeks. Unfortunately, after about 3 months severe side effects set in, which did not disappear even with dose reduction from 40 to 20: Extreme daytime tiredness with permanent tears (as after sleeping pill), in addition to wide awake at night, severe persistent headache, which did not disappear even with paracetamol or Ibu. Therefore, drug spiked, was not a problem. 14 days after scaling, no side effects were present. A second therapy attempt about 18 months later failed, this time set the above-mentioned side effects again. Neurologist no longer visited, because he claimed that it was a drug with extremely low probability of side effects, if I had problems with this, then with all the others. Nevertheless, my conclusion: If offered by the doctor, definitely take it! It helps a lot and not everyone has to fight with such severe side effects!

    Side effects: Sweat; Headache; Nausea; Fatigue
  4. Mabel W. Morse says:
    3.5 rating

    Every Saturday since Saturday I take a tablet of citalopram dura 20mg. The first 3 days are now and it is worse than before. Do not dare to get up Side effects: palpitations, legs like pudding, headache, nausea, sleep disorders and headaches Meanwhile it is the 3rd day the nausea the headache is gone everything else is still there.

  5. Ramona R. Schmidt says:
    4.0 rating

    I have been suffering from panic attacks and winter depression since a burn-out, which has intensified after my pregnancy and have turned into a postpartum depression. Then I had to take citalopram (30mg). The side effects with me were initially just a nervous stomach / gut and a bit of a headache and a dry mouth – all over after 3 weeks. The drug works great and with yoga (helps incredibly for inner relaxation), I would like to discontinue the drug after 1 year, because it should only bridge the hard time.

  6. Theresa S. Goodridge says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    Due to depression (I cried a lot and everything seemed to be going over my head, I was plagued by loss of fears and problems with the past – bad relationship with my parents) by my family doctor the drug Citalopram. For the first 4 days I had to take 1 mg (half a tablet) daily. From the 5th day, the dose was increased to 2 mg. I was at a doctor’s on Tuesday, of course, had read the leaflet directly at home and thought, my God, I do not take this stuff! However, by persuading my best friend, I finally started taking it on Thursday. For the first few days I was not feeling very well. The body apparently had to get used to this drug first. I suffered from terrible headaches and tiredness. I slept a lot. A trembling of the hands was noticeable and visible in the beginning. A few hours after taking it I regularly had severe heart palpitations, which I confused at first with tachycardia and panic, the tablets are not good for my heart. As a reassurance, I then bought a pulse and blood pressure monitor. Whenever the palpitations occurred, I took a reading to see that the heart is beating normally. After the first 5 days of taking the headache disappeared. The palpitations and the trembling of the hands tormented me a little longer. In the meantime, the side effects have completely subsided. Also, a noticeable improvement in my mental state can be observed. Have now been two appointments with the psychiatrist perceived. It is a long way, but by the combination of tablet and therapy, that will someday …. so I am told;) I can recommend to anyone who is about to take the first: Do not let the part of the Internet and in the packaging leaflet deterred extremely badly presented side effects! Just try it! The first days are not nice, but it gets better!

  7. Joel D. Rosado says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Sleep disorders; Depression

    I was diagnosed with depression with emotional instability and impulsivity at the beginning of the year. The diagnosis of depression was not new, including ih already suffered in 2010/2011; the rest is / was new. In addition to depression, I suffer from sleep disorders and examination phobia. Since then, I take 15 mg of citalopram every morning and have no side effects from this medication. It helps me with the depression as well as my phobia. I’m not sure about the phobia yet, because I have no exam situations at the moment. Things look different with the medications that help me with insomnia. First I got Seroquel 75 mg, at night. Here I had only side effects … Dizziness (especially in the morning), headaches, exciting breasts, weight gain, I have not come out of bed and was tired all day. Then I tried 50 mg Seroquel Retard with the hope it will get better. No, the side effects remained. Now I have mirtazapine for some days, first 7.5 mg. Mirtazapine is intended to support citalopram, as well as help with sleep disorders and examination phobia. Unfortunately, my weight continues to rise. I hope my weight levels up again, because so slowly the weight gain is the most depressing! If nothing changes until the next visit to the doctor, I have to talk to my psychiatrist again urgently. I would just like to take the citalopram and if need be raise it.

  8. Eugene T. Cowan says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    I suffered from severe generalized anxiety disorder and depression for more than 4 years, but did not dare to take psychotropic drugs and did not treat myself. A self-experiment with St. John’s wort (Jarsin) was unsuccessful. Finally, when I was about to commit suicide, I thought, now it does not matter, I’m trying – I went to a neurologist who prescribed Pram (citalopram) for me. I should start with 10mg and increase to 20mg after 2 weeks. Overcautious as I am, I preferred to start with 5mg (a quarter tablet), increase to 10mg after 2 weeks, and finally to 20mg after 3 or 4 weeks. This medicine has given me back my life! (But that has its price, and I’m not talking about money here …) After just a week with 5mg, I realized that something is changing. There were always small moments in which I felt better, and these moments became more and more frequent and longer. After a total of 3 weeks, two of them with 5mg and one with 10mg I was as newborn. I was the human being once again, many years ago. No fears, no depression, I just felt good, was able to live again and enjoy the beautiful things of everyday life. Although it went downhill a bit, but when I finally increased to 20mg, I remained stable. I’ve been taking Citalopram for almost exactly 5 years now, and have not had any serious and long-term mental health problems since as long as I took the pills (for the big one, see below). Side effects: After starting the intake and after each dose increase for about 1 week very severe headache, an unpleasant pressure on the chest, for about 2-3 weeks temporarily nausea and moderate dizziness. All of these side effects disappeared completely after 3-4 weeks at the latest. However, a very unpleasant side effect persisted – massive sexual disturbances to almost total impotence. Although an erection usually comes about, but then often passes along with the desire, the climax is rarely and then after a very long, sometimes hours of work, and even that is more of a relief that it is finally over. Overall, sex has nothing more pleasant and satisfying anymore. My weight has not changed significantly by taking the drug. Another very significant side effect is the so-called withdrawal symptoms, as they are called euphemism, to avoid such unpleasant words as dependence or addiction. The fact is, I am very dependent on Citalopram, and I can not get rid of it. I have now 4 reduction attempts from 20 to 10mg behind me, all have failed, a complete discontinuation is not to be dreamed. Lastly, I endured 4 agonizing months with 10mg, until I was finally completely viable at the end and thus practically voided the fourth attempt for failure and threw another 20mg one morning. 10 hours later, all complaints were blown away. It is NOT a recurrence of the original disease, as is often claimed. The complaints are predominantly physical in nature and differ in some cases considerably from those against which I got the drug at that time. The symptoms in reduction (I have tried it even with 15 instead of 20mg, did not work) is always in the same pattern: -2-3 days after the dose reduction nervousness and restlessness, but also a slight euphoria, overall good mood and Urge to move – After 1-2 weeks of anxiety comparable to those before taking, confusion and standing next to me, can no longer clearly think – After a total of 3-4 weeks of improvement, I’m fine for a few weeks, and I almost believe it A few weeks later, about 8 weeks after the dose reduction, gradual onset of physical symptoms reminiscent of a cold or flu: headache, cold feeling (runny nose with burning sensation in the nose, possibly slight sore throat, fatigue … ) is best compared to the day before a cold breaks out, only that the suspected cold never comes and the short-before-the-flu condition stops t -These complaints do not stop and increase over the following weeks. At some point I feel as if I have a fever of 40 degrees, my head almost bursts, I am seriously ill and can hardly get out of the apartment; every minute movement or physical activity is a terrible ordeal, I am practically no longer viable. Every examination at the doctor gives no result, I am physically healthy. No matter how long I try to endure this condition, it does not get any better, but gets worse every day. Longer a

  9. Stephanie C. Lawson says:
    4.5 rating

    In the first three weeks, I got the original drug from my doctor as a sample and tolerated this well. Except for occasional hot flashes, I had no side effects, I was mentally better. Then I got a prescription and my health insurance did not want to pay for the original medicine and so I got a generic. After a week it started: high blood pressure, constant headaches and body aches. Now after a total of seven weeks it is not better, the side effects are intolerable and I will discontinue the drug.

  10. Marni L. Martell says:
    3.5 rating

    Citalopram for Borderline; Depression

    Side effect venlafaxine: weight gain, headache, dullness Side Effect Citalopram: very severe headache Side Effect Edronax: nausea, hammering headache Side Effect Sertraline: Water retention

  11. Beatrice P. Ocampo says:
    2.0 rating

    Citalopram for Fibromyalgia

    Effect is great my whole life has changed. Side effects strong hunger, weight loss, tremors, nausea, dizziness, extreme hot flashes So I run around 0 degrees outside in the shirt, sweating, from and to strong headache, muscle twitching. Nevertheless, my psyche has improved so much that I’m fine with it.

  12. Lisa J. Fuller says:
    4.0 rating

    I started with 10mg. Side effects were: nausea, vomiting, anxiety, loss of appetite, weight loss, hair loss, tremor, headache, insomnia, intense dreaming, nocturnal sweating …. so a lot of it has to be said. the whole thing lasted at least 8-9 weeks. then it was very slow effect! you have to be patient and go through hell first. In the meantime I only have sweat at night and unfortunately my skin is too blemished. But that makes life better than constant fear.

  13. Barry K. Hansen says:
    2.5 rating

    Citalopram for Anxiety and panic attacks

    Hello everybody, I would like to tell you today about my experiences with the drug Citalopram, because I can imagine how some of you feel at the moment. Although every experience is individual, I hope to give you a little confidence today. I had also visited this site at the beginning of my intake and always wondered if this was helpful for me and if it was good for my permanent doubts about the drug. I am convinced that every one of us who is struggling with anxiety and panic attacks is happy that he is not alone in this world. It all started with me about a year ago with anxiety and panic states on the highway on the way home from the office home. Our office moved 3 years ago, since then we work in a large office with about 40 other colleagues. Until a year ago, panic attacks were a foreign word for me, even though I was not always psychologically the most stable and always assumed a slight depressive mood. I am a manager and have always struggled with problems in everyday work and tried again and again with sports to compensate for them. In my first panic attacks about a year ago in the car I had the feeling right to get a heart attack. Shortness of breath, toilets in the throat, tightness in the chest, tremors and the need to stop immediately. I then looked at it for 3 months, the panic attacks were irregular again and again. I developed a cardiac phobia, bought a sphygmomanometer because I kept thinking I was on the verge of having a heart attack and wanted to keep my blood pressure under control. At the beginning of October 2015, there was nothing left after the last panic attack was so severe that I presented to my family doctor and I was on sick leave for 3 weeks. He recommended taking Citalopram 20 mg, one of the best-tolerated drugs for anxiety disorders and mild depression. Full of hope, I took the first 20 mg the same evening. Unfortunately I have to tell you here that the first night was hell for me. Unfortunately, I had read the package leaflet of the drug before taking it and the side effects described there in about the same or imagined as described there. So after I had a sleepless night with felt heartbeat, internal burning like fire, restlessness, extreme anxiety behind me, I dropped off the drug the next day and made an appointment with my neurologist, which I fortunately got right away. I reduced the dose to 10 mg for the first 14 days and switched to the morning. After 14 days the dose is then increased to 20 mg. Taking in the morning. The first 6 weeks of use were not very nice. I had the following side effects, which were from today’s point of view but less serious than then: – Sleep and sleep disorders – Extreme sweating at night – Extreme sweating in sports – Extreme dreams – Body and muscle twitching – Headache – loss of appetite, so I first lost 4 pounds – total hopelessness and self-doubt – permanent increase anxiety and panic attacks – fear of the night, when it gets dark and no doctors’ offices are available – problems with being alone, because I was afraid something could happen to me or break me At the time, I was very grateful that my partner could even take a leave of absence and he helped me a lot and encouraged me to keep on taking the tablets because he was in a similar situation years ago. After 2-3 months, there was an improvement. I deliberately did not use benzodiazepines, even though I had them at home for emergencies. The conviction that I started to take the medication became bigger every day, because I realized how much better I was. The doubt from the beginning of the intake became less and less. The side effects have subsided more and more and it was always uphill. I was not so aggressive anymore, I checked myself, thought over the job and the private and put it to the test. Became more authentic and took myself more seriously. Have turned off my perfectionism, again made more endurance and strength training. Have things that I did not like and have been on the heart for a long time addressed and not further suppressed. Have begun a psychotherapy to work things up and change. Today after 9 months I feel really good. I can only recommend the following things to you! – Do not give up and hold on! – Move! Even though it’s hard to try endurance and / or weight training, otherwise you may gain weight over time – eat well and drink plenty of water! Avoid alcohol! – Gön

  14. Ruben T. Gilbert says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Burnout syndrome

    After burnout, several doctors have recommended taking this medication. After 10 mg in the first week and no positive or negative effects, I have on the advice of doctors, the dose increased to 20 mg. On the first night after increasing the dose I woke up at night, soaked in sweat, blurred vision, dizziness and panic attacks. The worst thing was a numbness in the head. The next morning I went to the doctor completely dissolute, but the only thing succinctly: As long as you do not jump out of the window take this nice on. I immediately changed the doctor but both my psycholgin and the new doctor said I should continue to take the drug. Unfortunately, the side effects became worse every day, I became more and more forgetful, severe dizziness, blurred vision, headache, loss of control led to great despair. Since then, my sleep has not been the same as before, often awake. When I woke up after 6 weeks in the morning and my left eyelid opened only 20%, I dropped off the medication against the advice of the doctors. My eyelid is working normally again, but the other side effects unfortunately still exist today (several months after weaning). After my experiences, I can only warn against this drug.

  15. Nina J. Wilson says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    O. g. I have taken medication for about 2 weeks a 10 mg (in the morning), which is why I can only pronounce my recommendation, of course, so far. Effect on depression, anxiety: Overall good, after a few days already I felt a slight improvement in my depression and anxiety. I was already a lot more balanced after a few days of intake, had more drive, was more concentrated, the fear eased slowly. After about 10 days clear improvement. Sleep Disorders: The first few days I suffered from insomnia, although I was quite tired. I was almost all the time in a kind of twilight state, but without just sleeping properly. Very exhausting. However, this subsided after a few days of ingestion, most recently (about days 6-7) I no longer had any sleep disturbances. Side effects: Unfortunately, gaining weight, which is an intolerable circumstance for me, therefore deposed. Already after a few days I noticed not necessarily an increase in appetite, but also a changed metabolism and slight weight gain (about 1 kg after 7 days) with the same eating behavior and exercise. The first, about 2-4 days I was quite tired, but just could not sleep. The first days were very bad overall, I had a headache, especially after waking up, diarrhea, slight skin irritations on my face. However, these side effects have settled after about 5 days and really improved, last I really had no major problems and have it well tolerated, apart from the weight gain. Overall, the side effect of gaining weight was too strong for me, which is why I discontinued the medi. I would recommend it to those with depression and anxiety who are not inclined to gain weight or who do not care about it. The other side effects have not affected me last, or did not occur. Of course you have to judge that individually, that’s just my personal experience.

  16. Norman D. Williams says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Pain (chronic)

    Jurnista is optimal in the application 1 x per day 1 prolonged-release tablet. However, it comes to a strong tiredness, but also sleep disorders, weight gain, headache, heavy sweating, memory loss. Citalopram in my case did not cause any anxiolytic effects. Already after a few days I was attacked by strong restlessness and anxiety. This included insomnia, weight gain, dry skin, feeling hungry, sweating. Drug had to be discontinued. So far, all SSRIs have failed. No idea how that should go on!