Citalopram for Epilepsy treatment

We have 1383 consumer reports for treatment of Epilepsy with Citalopram. Epilepsy used in 1% of cases.

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  1. Jack S. Hancock says:
    3.0 rating

    Citalopram for Epilepsy; Burnout syndrome

    Keppra 3x1000mg, fatigue Lamotrigine 3x100mg, slight tremors Side effects increase or decrease depending on the dose Effect: no grand mal, less and less severe dropouts, ~ 1 per month Citalopram 1x20mg without side effects

    Side effects: Tremble; Fatigue
  2. Lucie R. Barr says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Epilepsy; Depression

    Hello, I have been suffering from Absences since my childhood, this was treated and at the age of 13 I was able to sell my medication. I was young and not so smart, I celebrated a lot and drank alcohol. At the age of 17 I had big seizures, at that time I was assigned to Topamax. I also tolerated so well, great side effect you can eat everything you want and does not increase. At first I lost about 6 kg, because I was already very thin anyway, my former neurologist told me to take as much fat as possible to me otherwise we have to change. I did not want a drug changeover, so almost all I got from MC Donalds was not bad either. Unfortunately last year in the summer the Topamax did not work as it should, so I had an aura of anticipation. I’ve been to the doctor told that I’m sure that I’ll get a seizure, of course that did not take me seriously. Well then I had 2 seizures and switched to Keppra, since then I take the drug I tolerate it well, but now I have gained 6 kg, but as long as I’m fine, it should be me right. Because health is the highest good!

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  3. Jerry S. Gullo says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Stress; Epilepsy

    After approx. 6 weeks of taking citalopram because of stress, an epileptic seizure first (and last) occurred. Thereupon taking carbamazepine, after about 3 weeks Stevens-Johnson-like syndrome appeared, was recognized too late, thereby sepsis. Due to the sepsis about 3 weeks acute danger to life. During this time artificial coma. A total of about 6 months hospital stay, including rehabilitation stay. During the long bed rest, a lime deposit formed in the hip which then had to be surgically removed. Walking disability not completely resolved. Skin damaged since this time and there relying on the car, continue to take another epilepsy agent needed. Be very careful with any kind of medication !!!