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We have 1383 consumer reports for treatment of Drive disorders with Citalopram. Drive disorders used in 1% of cases.

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  1. Mason A. Swigart says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Psychosis; Drive disorders

    After the first 2-3 weeks I did not notice anything from Citalopram, but after the 3rd week I got a real boost and was also much better on it. I’m not so susceptible to stress for a long time anymore, somehow everything is much better off and my sleep behavior has changed for the better, catch up faster and I’m fit again after 7 hours. I have side effects, except for some loss of libido, but within limits, no. After about 5 months, the drive has slowed again, but does not necessarily have to be on Citalopram. All in all, I am very satisfied with citalopram and wonder if I should agree on an increase from 20 to 40 mg.

    Side effects: Libido loss
  2. Lisa J. Rushing says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for A headache; Drive disorders; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Due to a very late recognized sinus vein thrombosis (head), I suffer for 11 years of chronic brain pain, which have a strong impact on my entire life. Unfortunately, normal analgesics do not help at this point. Tramal drops were prescribed for me, they help because they look central. But have huge side effects. Due to the chronic intake creates a dependency, Without it can not go, with going for other things like sexuality, lust for life, Apetit, and lost hope for a normal life. A severe depression developed, but I did not realize it until I was ready to wake up in the morning. Feelings for my little son or husband were blown away. The worse you were, the more you distanced yourself. I have worked so hard in my work that I have developed a so-called stress epilepsy due to the existing brain cortex due to my acute brain thrombosis. If there was too much stress then I got numbness in my fingers or in my shoulder. The closer it came to the seizure, the more it tingled in my head, in addition, there was a very enormous pressure on my head .– then came directly the cerebral seizure ……. After that, nothing went, I suffered Amnesia, did not know names or the reason why I was suddenly surrounded by doctors and hung up on an infusion. Only after hours did the memories come back. Many drugs have been tried, many with unbearable side effects. Unfortunately I am still not perfect today.

  3. Elliott M. Lyons says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Drive disorders

    Ingested in the evening, tablets of 40 mg, changing manufacturers (generic). Initially, only a short nausea, then for about 2 weeks excessive sweating, which, however, put down. Drive returned to normal after a few days, negative thoughts and sadness disappeared after about 3 to 5 weeks. Unfortunately, after about 3 months severe side effects set in, which did not disappear even with dose reduction from 40 to 20: Extreme daytime tiredness with permanent tears (as after sleeping pill), in addition to wide awake at night, severe persistent headache, which did not disappear even with paracetamol or Ibu. Therefore, drug spiked, was not a problem. 14 days after scaling, no side effects were present. A second therapy attempt about 18 months later failed, this time set the above-mentioned side effects again. Neurologist no longer visited, because he claimed that it was a drug with extremely low probability of side effects, if I had problems with this, then with all the others. Nevertheless, my conclusion: If offered by the doctor, definitely take it! It helps a lot and not everyone has to fight with such severe side effects!

    Side effects: Sweat; Headache; Nausea; Fatigue