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  1. Theresa R. Pryor says:
    2.0 rating

    Citalopram for Pain (acute); Sleep disorders; Depression

    Everything taken with the utmost care, since my vertigo causes me a lot of medication problems (mainly morphine). Of LWS-OP, I take the distance, because I also have anesthetic intolerances!

    Side effects: Diarrhea; Nausea
  2. Donovan V. Barclay says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Social phobia

    I was prescribed Citalopram 2 years ago for social phobia and mild depression and was virtually symptom free. Now the phobia puts a lot of strain on me again and I have decided to take it again. The first four days I took 10 mg and then 20 mg in the morning. The first four days I was very restless, loss of appetite, difficulty falling asleep, diarrhea and tremors. And I have to say that the NW are not particularly pronounced. Mood slightly improved, ao fear minimal decrease. But I still trust in the medi, because it really helped me a lot back then.

  3. Michael Y. Chavez says:
    3.0 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    By citalopram at the beginning of treatment diarrhea, dry mouth and palpitations. After about 2 weeks libido increase. After 2 years discontinued and resumed after 3 months without treatment – now absolutely incompatible. NW: hypotension, syncope, shock symptoms, diarrhea / vomiting.

  4. Lynda L. Carter says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Burnout syndrome; Depression

    Mirtazapin: I felt even worse, I cried all the time, but I thought that would give itself. Also strong nightmares every night! After 4 weeks then Ummedikamentierung on the morning Citalopram 10 mg: Unbelievable but I was from the first day a new (old!) Man! Felt much better, more positive, more nerve-racking! Hard to believe! In the first days I was wide awake and could have gone through the nights. Did not feel this was unpleasant, but then lay down again. Side effects: Frequent diarrhea, little appetite, but (unfortunately!) No weight loss! evening Melperon 25 mg or 12.5 mg: May fall asleep badly, but if I sleep then deep and well. Since I got in the morning hard started (although I have been sick for half a year but in the morning to send children to school), I started a few days ago to take only half a tablet of melperone. Do not want to overdo it with the medication. But if she still needed to continue to the end of my life because I’m just a completely new person and yet actually bring me closer to my old ICH again! This benefits especially my big family

  5. Guadalupe J. Morton says:
    3.5 rating

    Citalopram for Sleep disorders; Depression

    Hello everybody! I’ve been reading this for a long time now and find this portal really informative. I have been taking citalopram for about 2 months now because of my depression that has developed from my youth. I am a typical divorce child in a very positive sense. Nevertheless, until very short before, depression was particularly troublesome, especially at lunchtime and in the evening before falling asleep. I was initially prescribed 10 mg of citalopram because of the good tolerability (diarrhea, morning sickness, restless legs) after 2 weeks to 20 mg. The depression of the day went back to almost 100%. However, I had big problems falling asleep. That could only be remedied by a good night beer. Of course, that could not stay that way. After another discussion with my doctor, I was therefore on 15 mg and then adjusted to 30 mg mirtazapine. I can fall asleep really well! Side effects: During the day strong restless legs. In the evening after taking mirtazapine: Severe fatigue, muscle weakness, confusion. I have to say, I only take 30 mg for 2 days. Since taking Mirtazapine 8kg weight gain !!! (I only take it for almost 2 weeks!) Despite everything outweighs the benefits! I finally feel like a normal person and a lot more sociable. I hope I could inform. 🙂 All of you a get well soon!

  6. Nina J. Wilson says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    O. g. I have taken medication for about 2 weeks a 10 mg (in the morning), which is why I can only pronounce my recommendation, of course, so far. Effect on depression, anxiety: Overall good, after a few days already I felt a slight improvement in my depression and anxiety. I was already a lot more balanced after a few days of intake, had more drive, was more concentrated, the fear eased slowly. After about 10 days clear improvement. Sleep Disorders: The first few days I suffered from insomnia, although I was quite tired. I was almost all the time in a kind of twilight state, but without just sleeping properly. Very exhausting. However, this subsided after a few days of ingestion, most recently (about days 6-7) I no longer had any sleep disturbances. Side effects: Unfortunately, gaining weight, which is an intolerable circumstance for me, therefore deposed. Already after a few days I noticed not necessarily an increase in appetite, but also a changed metabolism and slight weight gain (about 1 kg after 7 days) with the same eating behavior and exercise. The first, about 2-4 days I was quite tired, but just could not sleep. The first days were very bad overall, I had a headache, especially after waking up, diarrhea, slight skin irritations on my face. However, these side effects have settled after about 5 days and really improved, last I really had no major problems and have it well tolerated, apart from the weight gain. Overall, the side effect of gaining weight was too strong for me, which is why I discontinued the medi. I would recommend it to those with depression and anxiety who are not inclined to gain weight or who do not care about it. The other side effects have not affected me last, or did not occur. Of course you have to judge that individually, that’s just my personal experience.

  7. Daisy D. Reddin says:
    5.0 rating

    Three years ago, I was diagnosed with a recurrent major major depression with panic disorder. My neurologist prescribed Citalopram 20mg for me at that time. Approximately one month later, the dose was increased to 40mg. The mood-enhancing effect was not long in coming. I noticed a significant increase in drive. Even the panic attacks were gradually less until they were finally completely gone. Even after the failure of a long-term relationship, the depression did not return. Now I’m feeling great again and a few months ago, after consulting with my neurologist, I tried to gradually eliminate the drug, but soon realized that the panic attacks were coming back. I will probably have to take this medicine for a lifetime, but since I get along with it very well, I have no problems with it. Side effects: The first 2 days I had diarrhea and about 4 weeks I had almost no appetite, so I lost about 5 kg in this time. The first few days I also noticed dry mouth and increased sweating, but this subsided relatively quickly. However, I can not find a loss of libido with me at all. Finally, I can really recommend this medicine because it has made my life worth living again.

  8. Cindy T. Kelley says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    After half a life, which was so difficult due to dark phases or really severe depression, I am very happy, thanks to Citalopram to have come into a positive stability. All action and feeling was always traversed by doubts and aberrations and a basic sensation of meaninglessness. Now I am positive, without feeling that I am a stranger. I am much closer and feel through the discharge in a position to develop my personality healthy and to live according to my very nature. I feel neither dull nor sedated. Only freed from black confounding factors, which were indeed my skeptical nature, but have messed up a lot by their (inherited) depressive, malignant proliferating nature. A high on the otherwise hated pharmaceutical industry. I will not sell it soon. I like to swallow this pill. Have problems with diarrhea, but I often have for months. Less appetite. Headache more often at first, now everything settles after a few months. Contracting less alcohol – but that’s just fine with me. In the initial phase there were also some manic days and again depressive break-ins, but that too has passed. Feel just clean, good and stable and yet sensitive, helpful and me accordingly. Absolute recommendation.

    Side effects: Diarrhea; Anorexia; Headache