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  1. Derek J. Hayes says:
    3.5 rating

    Citalopram for Alcohol addiction; Depression

    After prolonged treatment with diazepam, I was dependent on it. Thereupon I had to be detoxified 4 weeks in hospital. That went relatively well and since then I have no side effects.

    Side effects: Dependence
  2. Lori C. Portugal says:
    3.5 rating

    Citalopram for Pain (acute); Psychological instability; Mood swings

    Tramal during the day does not work at all, because they have a drowsy effect Tavor is very fast addicted, have indeed helped very well, but you come after the long time I have taken her badly away Citalopram is quite good for me, man looks more color than you think (not so much black and white) Mirtazapin fulfills its purpose very well, you can finally find peace again and sleep at night Pantoprazole I take a long time, have a slow feeling they do not work anymore, stomach – intestinal pain will be more 🙁 but have no side effects at the named drugs

    Side effects: Dependence; Fatigue
  3. William S. Bray says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Pain (chronic); Depression

    Since 2.5 J I take 2x Targin 20/10 daily. Reason: LWS-OP 2005, after sequestrated BSV. Pain can be controlled as far as possible. Side effects: skin problems (itchy, small, hard-to-heal pimples), addiction and, since the beginning of 2010 in need of treatment, severe depression. The depression becomes with the o. A. Medicated and is now well under control. My biggest concern is the dependency on TARGIN. I tried 2x to sell off the drug gradually. The pain returned with full intensity, and what I find very worrying: there were significant withdrawal symptoms – & gt; Restlessness, yawning, unstable psyche (irritated), feeling of tension in the lower jaw, discomfort on the skin (clothing is distracting). 12-hour intake intervals are no longer sufficient today. After 8-10 hours, the withdrawal symptoms start fully. If that happens at night, I wake up at different times. After taking a tablet, the withdrawal symptoms disappear within 30-45 minutes. Who has had similar experiences and how do you deal with them? LG Old Joe

    Side effects: Dependence
  4. Hannah D. Hardiman says:
    3.5 rating

    Citalopram for Stress; Mood swings; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Borderline; Sleep disorders; Depression

    For about 2 years I get (with a short break) promethazine (currently 50mg). The dose may be too low, because until I get tired, it takes hours, fears hardly go away and the restlessness is not gone quickly. But when I get calmer and calm down, sleep is usually reasonably good, sometimes very good. Citalopram I get for about 1 year, currently 15mg (were times 10mg, sometimes 20mg). Compatibility is actually quite good, but I do not really know if it really is due to the drug, that sometimes I feel a little better, or if it is simply because psychotherapy is making progress. Sometimes I still have my break-ins, as well as the mood swings. Tavor I get only as an emergency drug, then in 1-2mg. It usually brings an improvement and the side effects are not more important than the effect, but it is not really recommended because it has addictive potential. If only in emergency situations and not permanently! For people with addictive problems sometimes less suitable, where I also have a phlebotomy addictive, but which does not necessarily refer to addiction-promoting remedies. Remestan sometimes works after hours, sometimes not at all – depending on the tension and restlessness, I still do not sleep or not sleep much. For some people, it may be useful to know that it has somehow sensory side effects (weird mouthfeel, other sensations are somehow different), but this is not important to me as long as it works and the side effects are not threatening, no permanent damage leave behind or even deadly.

    Side effects: Dependence
  5. Eugene T. Cowan says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    I suffered from severe generalized anxiety disorder and depression for more than 4 years, but did not dare to take psychotropic drugs and did not treat myself. A self-experiment with St. John’s wort (Jarsin) was unsuccessful. Finally, when I was about to commit suicide, I thought, now it does not matter, I’m trying – I went to a neurologist who prescribed Pram (citalopram) for me. I should start with 10mg and increase to 20mg after 2 weeks. Overcautious as I am, I preferred to start with 5mg (a quarter tablet), increase to 10mg after 2 weeks, and finally to 20mg after 3 or 4 weeks. This medicine has given me back my life! (But that has its price, and I’m not talking about money here …) After just a week with 5mg, I realized that something is changing. There were always small moments in which I felt better, and these moments became more and more frequent and longer. After a total of 3 weeks, two of them with 5mg and one with 10mg I was as newborn. I was the human being once again, many years ago. No fears, no depression, I just felt good, was able to live again and enjoy the beautiful things of everyday life. Although it went downhill a bit, but when I finally increased to 20mg, I remained stable. I’ve been taking Citalopram for almost exactly 5 years now, and have not had any serious and long-term mental health problems since as long as I took the pills (for the big one, see below). Side effects: After starting the intake and after each dose increase for about 1 week very severe headache, an unpleasant pressure on the chest, for about 2-3 weeks temporarily nausea and moderate dizziness. All of these side effects disappeared completely after 3-4 weeks at the latest. However, a very unpleasant side effect persisted – massive sexual disturbances to almost total impotence. Although an erection usually comes about, but then often passes along with the desire, the climax is rarely and then after a very long, sometimes hours of work, and even that is more of a relief that it is finally over. Overall, sex has nothing more pleasant and satisfying anymore. My weight has not changed significantly by taking the drug. Another very significant side effect is the so-called withdrawal symptoms, as they are called euphemism, to avoid such unpleasant words as dependence or addiction. The fact is, I am very dependent on Citalopram, and I can not get rid of it. I have now 4 reduction attempts from 20 to 10mg behind me, all have failed, a complete discontinuation is not to be dreamed. Lastly, I endured 4 agonizing months with 10mg, until I was finally completely viable at the end and thus practically voided the fourth attempt for failure and threw another 20mg one morning. 10 hours later, all complaints were blown away. It is NOT a recurrence of the original disease, as is often claimed. The complaints are predominantly physical in nature and differ in some cases considerably from those against which I got the drug at that time. The symptoms in reduction (I have tried it even with 15 instead of 20mg, did not work) is always in the same pattern: -2-3 days after the dose reduction nervousness and restlessness, but also a slight euphoria, overall good mood and Urge to move – After 1-2 weeks of anxiety comparable to those before taking, confusion and standing next to me, can no longer clearly think – After a total of 3-4 weeks of improvement, I’m fine for a few weeks, and I almost believe it A few weeks later, about 8 weeks after the dose reduction, gradual onset of physical symptoms reminiscent of a cold or flu: headache, cold feeling (runny nose with burning sensation in the nose, possibly slight sore throat, fatigue … ) is best compared to the day before a cold breaks out, only that the suspected cold never comes and the short-before-the-flu condition stops t -These complaints do not stop and increase over the following weeks. At some point I feel as if I have a fever of 40 degrees, my head almost bursts, I am seriously ill and can hardly get out of the apartment; every minute movement or physical activity is a terrible ordeal, I am practically no longer viable. Every examination at the doctor gives no result, I am physically healthy. No matter how long I try to endure this condition, it does not get any better, but gets worse every day. Longer a

  6. Carol L. Temple says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Borderline; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Side effect Seroquel: heavy weight gain, heavy addiction (already after one week of use), lethargy, circulatory problems / breakdowns; Secondary reaction Tavor: no side effect Citalopram ratiopharm: only at the beginning of therapy: severe restlessness; only on discontinuation of therapy: severe restlessness, dizziness, malaise, poor reaction time, blurred vision, dry mouth, as if packed in cotton; Side effects Citalopram: only at the beginning of therapy: very strong clockness, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, increased blood pressure, nervousness, dry mouth; Side-effects during weaning: inner restlessness, malaise, withdrawal symptoms;

  7. Kyle J. Moore says:
    4.5 rating

    Due to a post-traumatic stress disorder (depersonalization, anxiety, depression, etc.) that I have had since childhood, I have been taking the tablets for about 4-5 years. Before that, I got fluoxetine (which was less well), which I unfortunately discontinued after a certain amount of time even without any agreement. It was incredibly bad after the abrupt retirement, it was probably the worst time of my life. I had very strong depersonalization attacks as well as depressions that felt very bad. Then I found a doctor who immediately prescribed me a new psychotropic drug. He was a neurologist himself and assured me that citalopram is better than fluoxetine. I was not disappointed and take it until today! At the beginning I took 10 mg then 20 mg and then 30 mg. I always take the tablets in the evening! I do not want to mention the side effects that I had in the beginning, as they are likely to occur only at the beginning and are not permanent (I think 2-6 weeks, probably the normal getting used to). The permanent side effects are: fatigue (which also gives you a sense of security and freedom from anxiety, as well as a looser style, but which also brings with it fatigue, so it definitely is with me) gaining weight of about 20 pounds! (I think it’s because of the increased appetite as well as the slowed down metabolism, but you can step into it by feeding on a regular basis as well as exercising regularly) Dependency (you really are more or less dependent, you can not just drop them or just 2) Do not take for days, especially one should always pay attention to reserve especially when the pack is coming to an end) Increased sweating (I sweat personally much more, probably because of the weight gain or because of the side effects of the tablets or maybe it’s both reasons However, it is easier for me to live with the side effects than with my illness. It is important to mention: The tablets alone do not help but are a kind of support! What you should definitely do is a good therapy so that you understand all the fears and learn to deal with them. Because the fear of fear is one of the worst things in the beginning! Which helped me a lot, besides the pills as well as some therapies and talks: my religion. Personally, I am also a religious person (Islam) which in any case gives me a lot of strength and steadfastness to deal with this disease, as well as the patience and hope to be rewarded by God personally (due to my patience). If I did not have that conviction and hope, everything might look very different. Thank you for your time and for your interest. I hope we can do it all!