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  1. Charles T. Fedor says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    First to me, I’m 28 years old and seriously Depressed because I have a lot of problems with me! So far, my life has always been very different, and often associated with disappointment and anger. If you have very severe depression then medication does not help much! Medication I have taken before: Seroxat (paroxetine) for about 8 years / hardly effect / EXCEPTION severe violent side effect after forgetting to take after the first day. Saroten (Amytriptilin) about 1 year / Useless has brought no effect at all had only strong constipation and tachycardia (rapid heart rate) as a side effect Now the effect, fears, thoughts and worries are after a while of taking not so close to me, me I have the impression that Citalopram pushes them further away from me because otherwise I always think deeply about my concerns and reflect on the day for me after my experiences. Citalopram is not mood-enhancing with me but at least never a feeling high as heaven high Jubilzend and peace joy pancakes as with Citalopram remains at least realistic, however, I had in the evening times an enormously over exaggerated euphoric luck feeling that is very rare! Citalopram is said to be an increase in drive, with me the opposite is the case I feel tired in the course of the day dogs and fatigue, especially at work start temporarily strong attacks of fatigue. I lay down in my bed every day after work from about 4:00 pm and then, even though I have been resting for two or more hours, I would like to rest all day, even light household chores like tidying up or laundry make is already a challenge, I can do almost nothing! I always take the drug in the morning at first it was 60 mg now I am currently taking 40 mg I would like to get away from the drug in the long run because it offers more disadvantages than benefits for me. The time during the reduction from 60 to 40 mg was hell I had not expected such strong side effects in my worst dreams I was irritated, disoriented, haphazard, confused and I interpreted everything that was brought to me as an attack my workmate was opposite me as well very irritable and moody. If you forget the intake after a few days you feel very bad, you get more irritated and you have a kind of electric shocks that go through the body (I already knew of Seroxat because it was even more violent) Side effects for me with this drug – occasional cardiac arrhythmias. – Faster heart rate (tachycardia) since the beginning of ingestion. – Dry mouth. – Now and then cravings. – High fatigue potential (Only in the evening I can sleep well for it) – You often feel the role – Confusion – No plan – Dizziness – Irritability – Aggressiveness – Anxiety So overall I can not recommend it unless you want to sleep very well at night you are really good with the drug, but in all other respects it fails in my opinion!

  2. Victoria D. Findlay says:
    4.5 rating

    Suffering from agoraphobia with acute panic attacks since 2008 …. Before the KKH, which I went to voluntarily because I thought I was going crazy, made the diagnosis, I ran from doctor to doctor with no result. The first medi thing I got was Citalopram. Took on the first day a pill according to the rules … After about 3. Std used this disgusting, scary effect, so that one attack came over me after the next. This lasted until the next day. I was more finished than before. Then I decided to try something vegetable first … Sedariston .. The effect began after 2 weeks. I became calmer inside, but these symptoms, like this muddy feeling in my head and acute impulses. And listlessness did not go away .. But I was free for 6 months under this medi attack. Currently I take insidone in drop form … According to the supplement should be 12 and 12 drops in the morning and noon and 24 in the evening take … This dosage is too high in my case, so I was dazed and confused in the area, rather, located have ….. But I think, I have now found my personal dose and am quite optimistic that it is uphill again

    Side effects: Confusion; Dizziness
  3. David M. Linden says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Social phobia; Depression

    Now take Citalopram for 15 days against depression, severe sadness, fatigue and fatigue. There is also a social phobia. For years I thought therapy alone would be enough. When I arrived at a point where I saw that alone was no longer enough, I had citalopram prescribed. The first 10 days I had severe side effects like nausea, confusion (feeling like on drugs), lack of concentration, difficulty driving my car, severe fatigue, libido completely gone. Because of all these side effects, I wanted to discontinue the drug several times. Luckily I kept it through !!! Because after 10 days the NW had disappeared. I can laugh again, really freed laugh by this drug !! I could not do that for years. Now I regret that I did not start using the drug much earlier. It is really recommended, you just have to survive the start time with the creep effects.

  4. Guadalupe J. Morton says:
    3.5 rating

    Citalopram for Sleep disorders; Depression

    Hello everybody! I’ve been reading this for a long time now and find this portal really informative. I have been taking citalopram for about 2 months now because of my depression that has developed from my youth. I am a typical divorce child in a very positive sense. Nevertheless, until very short before, depression was particularly troublesome, especially at lunchtime and in the evening before falling asleep. I was initially prescribed 10 mg of citalopram because of the good tolerability (diarrhea, morning sickness, restless legs) after 2 weeks to 20 mg. The depression of the day went back to almost 100%. However, I had big problems falling asleep. That could only be remedied by a good night beer. Of course, that could not stay that way. After another discussion with my doctor, I was therefore on 15 mg and then adjusted to 30 mg mirtazapine. I can fall asleep really well! Side effects: During the day strong restless legs. In the evening after taking mirtazapine: Severe fatigue, muscle weakness, confusion. I have to say, I only take 30 mg for 2 days. Since taking Mirtazapine 8kg weight gain !!! (I only take it for almost 2 weeks!) Despite everything outweighs the benefits! I finally feel like a normal person and a lot more sociable. I hope I could inform. 🙂 All of you a get well soon!