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  1. Romelia J. Maness says:
    5.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Dental inflammation

    Have received because of Kiefervereiterung this terrible drug, despite a immunodeficiency. After the first tablet, it started with nausea. After 2 days of taking it I felt so bad that I dropped it off. I was getting more and more exhausted, headache, nausea and muscle aches, I just felt sick. Today, 2 days later, I woke up with tendon pain in my feet and pain in my hands. In addition, I am freezing, the headache and nausea persist. In essence, I feel completely poisoned. What kind of a frivolous drug and why is it prescribed without education? I can only advise against ciprofloxacin. So something that interferes with the DNA, should not be on the market, at least not as a harmless often prescribed AB, which is actually a chemomedicament.

  2. Katie D. Tallman says:
    5.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Bronchitis (chronic)

    Ciprofloxacin, Cipro 500 1A-Pharma, 20Tbl. Was used by ENT for acute bronchitis. prescribed. There was – also on request – no evidence on the part of possible side effects. After about 5 days, the first signs of pain, especially after getting up, in the tendons. However, I did not (yet) with the antibiotic in connection because I could find even after studying the package leaflet, no hint in this regard … and thus the pack (with internal resistance) to end. The complaints continued to intensify, so that I soon after a short sitting, the heels could not bring to the ground. A feeling of stiffness and pain when lowering + rolling of the foot. In these moments, fear that sinew could tear. I discontinued medication over 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately, not much has changed or improved since then. No longer footpaths, sports only limited possible, jogging is remotely unthinkable! For someone who has done a lot of sports all his life, a strong reduction in the quality of life …

    Side effects: Crave pain
  3. Melanie D. Jones says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Pharyngitis

    Short: 7x500mg Ciprofloxacin wg pharyngitis 1st day: severe weakness 2-3. Day: strong weakness, only rest possible 3 .: + tendon pain, discontinuation of treatment 1 week after: strong weakness, only rest possible, lung feeling, Sehenschmerzeb, 1 x panic attack 2-3 week: weakness, life completely restricted, only most necessary work possible, 2 x panic attacks, lung sensation, vision pain 4-6. Week: weakness, most necessary work without problems possible, life limited, pain in eyes depending on the load 7-8 week: No more weakness, work and life again possible, pain in the eyes only on Achilles tendons after heavy use, eg. Sports, gardening, long walks & amp; Stand Lang: I was prescribed 10 x 500 mg ciprofloxacin because of a slight pharyngitis, after 7 incomes I discontinued the treatment. After the second pill, I felt very weak physically, assuming my underlying disease had gotten worse, and was forced to refrain from all physical stress, even housework. I did not move further from the bed to the couch and back again. In the following days I was fine in lying or sitting, one could almost believe that I had nothing. But as soon as I began to move, there were weak points, feebleness and helplessness, all of which I attribute to weakness. After 3 days, my Achilles tendon started to hurt. Since I had at least skimmed the leaflet, all my Arlarmglocken went on now. On the Internet, I encountered many similar reports, some with serious consequences, and I stopped treatment. The antibiotic treatment was sufficient to combat the pharyngitis. This was confirmed by the doctor by smear. Nevertheless, I was only getting better in the following weeks. The tendon pain increased as I increased my physical activity. This was still limited to the bare minimum in the first three weeks. Every time I Shopping went, or thought it was at least as good as to suck, came hard setbacks. As I went shopping, my sinews burned with every step, and my physical weakness did not really go down. My family doctor had my blood tested twice in the next 5 weeks, but there was no explanation. During this time, the panic attacks that I never had before began. The first I thought was still a faint fit, I ran out of air. After a few minutes it was all over, and I visited my family doctor, who in turn could not find anything. Such a pronounced weakness without fever is unusual. He advised me to go to the hospital for emergency room, it should get worse. That was it, I felt more and more of the lack of air, and I could not explain it. But even in the hospital you could not see anything. Since then I had a seizure every week. Partly during the day, but sometimes also at night, directly from deep sleep. Lying sideways I had the feeling during these weeks, I feel my lungs. There was no pain, but it was not normal. Out of this feeling that something was wrong with my lungs, it probably came to these attacks of anxiety that I actually could not breathe. I’ve never had such a thing before and never since. All the doctors I spoke to about the tendon pain associated with the antibiotic responded as if it were completely outlandish. The fact is that since the ingestion it has been / is. The fact is that I do not have any mental health problems usually associated with panic attacks. By now 8 weeks have passed and my physical condition has improved a lot. Sport is possible again, but I am still aching after heavy strain the Achilles tendons. At the beginning I also had this on the hands, the forearms or the legs in general, but quickly got lost in these places. I have also reported my side effects to the official body – this has recently become possible for patients, and should be used. I wish all those affected a speedy recovery – spare yourself in this bad phase as much as possible, your body will thank you. All the best.

    Side effects: Panic attacks; Crave pain; Fatigue
  4. David S. Collins says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Urinary tract infection

    I have been prescribed Ciprofloxacin 250mg twice a day for 5 days by my internist. I asked both my doctor and the pharmacist if this drug has any noticeable or common side effects. Since I have an orthopedic problem anyway. No, this drug is super tolerated and it is a great antibiotic! I was mainly told by the pharmacist! After a dose (in the evening), I woke up the following morning with extreme sore throat (and very swollen lymph nodes on the neck). I read the leaflet again and saw that in case of throat-throat-throat pain, the doctor should be contacted and the medi. should be discontinued. I called my internist and the receptionist asked. Dr. says you should the medi. necessarily continue! OK. That’s me! Until the 3rd day of use, more and more pain showed on the right knee and the tendons on the legs. That was yesterday, Friday evening. The pain has worsened. I can barely get up. Above all, the stairs are bothering me. Now take 3 times a day because of this severe pain. Of course, I stopped taking ciprofloxacin on the third day (after taking 6 tablets). Doctor I reach the WE course no-hospital would be in the worst case, an option. In any case, I find it sad how little one of the many cases of these mostly also irreparable side effects is said! It’s not like the side effects disappear after you stop taking them – they’re getting worse! And as I read not only with me! I will certainly contact the patient lawyer! I advise everyone to take this antibiotic! Because with something that would have disappeared after completion you can live, but that nerve damage, tendon tears, etc … are only possible – and also occur more often, I recommend everyone first to look for alternatives and only in the last resort to take this stuff , I will NEVER take it again !!!

    Side effects: Sore throat; Crave pain
  5. Evangeline A. Burr says:
    3.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    Three days ago, I took 250 tablets of ciprofloxacin because of a bladder infection. I am still shocked by the serious side effects. At first my left arm began to burn and tingle. Then began an unbearable itching in soles and palms, which are still swollen. In addition, there was pain in both arms and shoulders, burning of the skin all over, and pain in the tendons in the legs. These also stop. How can such a drug still be on the market?

  6. Steven G. Ransom says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    Shortly after taking it, I had a terrible burning sensation on my feet and later on other parts of my body. Thought that passes u took a 2nd & amp; 3rd tablet. The burning became much worse, it even burned in my eyes. I suddenly had depression, joint, – & amp; Tendon pain. There were also sensory disturbances on the hands & amp; Feet. Then I got another antibiotic. I’m finally in the emergency room, because I’m almost crazy. Have today – months after this brief intake problems. Never again! It was really bad …..

  7. Elizabeth G. Pope says:
    3.5 rating

    Catastrophic side effects and long-term damage. Hypersensitivity and hypersensitivity. Monthly tinnitus. Muscle cramps, joint complaints v.a. Knees and hips with swelling and cracking. Circulatory disorders, Achilles tendon pain, panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Psychotic episodes. Skin burning like fire. Muscle weakness, chronic fatigue and much more. HANDS OFF!!!

  8. Adam T. Hallman says:
    5.0 rating

    So far the worst medi ever that I ever gotAfter the third tablet, the nightmare began !!! My whole nerves, muscles, joints, every single fiber ached in my body. My left wrist was almost stiff, the right one almost as bad. Had cramps in arms and legs. Short and sweet every part of the body was as strongly inflamed. Extreme itching all over, worst on legs, feet. I almost scratched everything bloody !!! In the end I ended up in the hospital, got cetirizine and prednisolone for four days !!! My whole body responded to the crap in a highly forgiving manner. I’m never allowed to take the medi again, I was told !! Otherwise I will not come away so bleak next time !!! Ps .: had after taking another 3 months pain in joints, nerve fibers, etc! Could have been much longer. I know a case that still years later with the consequences of fighting, he will never live painless again! So please do not take that just heard the stuff forbidden!

  9. Shane J. Knox says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Urinary tract infection

    My son received ciprofloxacin in a urinary tract infection. On the day of the first dose pain in the foot (heel) was noticeable. These got worse. On the 4th day we discontinued the drug. The urinary tract infection is gone, it remained a bad joint inflammation with pain in the tendons and ligaments of the ankle. After examination by an orthopedist / surgeon (chief physician of a hospital) this tried us to make it clear that not the drug Ciprofloxacin has triggered this, but you could even get such a joint inflammation. This time coincided coincidence. Since my son has never had any arthritis, he was not interested. For me is clearly the cause of this joint inflammation the drug Ciprofloxacin and it is a bottomless impudence as a patient not to be taken seriously. My son is lying flat now because he can only move his foot in severe pain. The behavior of the doctor catastrophic. It is known that this drug has strong side effects and it is still prescribed. The urinary tract infection could have been treated with another antibiotic.

    Side effects: Arthritis; Crave pain
  10. Charles M. Schaeffer says:
    2.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Urinary tract infection

    Hello, Due to taking Ciprofloxacin and Tavanic, I had extremely severe tendons and joint pain. The joints had cracked and were severely inflamed. I then had magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B complex and vitamin E. The pain got a little better. From a friendly doctor, I had learned that in the articular and tendon pain often a shortage of amino acids could be present. I ordered the Amino Acid complex from Nature Power, and after taking the first tablets, all the pain was gone. That was my experience. I would like to help many people with severe pain. There are certainly also amino acids from other manufacturers. The effect was incredible. Even this joint crash was gone. Maybe this was only the case with me, but I think many sufferers with pain should also test that. Thomas

    Side effects: Arthritis; Crave pain; Joint pain
  11. Adam C. Mullen says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    After 10 days of taking 1,000 mg of ciprofloxacin, extreme side effects began with tremors in the hands, feeling weak, tiredness, paralysis. I immediately discontinued the medication. In the following months, countless other symptoms, especially cardiovascular problems (tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure), fatigue, anxiety, blurred vision, pain in tendons, hair loss, lump feeling in the chest, tightness in the chest, ear noises, muscle twitching. With the help of infusions and magnesium as well as some dietary supplements, I got that under control after about 10 months. I have published my experiences at .

  12. Deborah M. Campbell says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Diverticulitis

    during or shortly afterwards blurred vision, which apparently also worsened. Ca 2 months after taking pain in muscles and tendons, especially in the legs, tingling such as pinpricks under the skin, muscle twitching, suddenly extreme dandruff on the scalp, sometimes with itching and massive hair loss. itching and burning in the genital area. Muscle problems increased during exercise, which is why I have been unable to do sports for months, and I started doing sports again shortly before. Tiredness and depressive phase. Stomach pain and digestive problems The drug was prescribed to me because the doctor suspected a bowel inflammation. At that time, I was at that time for about three months finally my acid blocker going on and I would finally go well without the Cipro.

  13. Patricia R. Hohn says:
    5.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Stomach-intestinal infection-

    PLEASE DO NOT TAKE! I have been prescribed this antibiotic because of a gastrointestinal intolerance. 2x daily 500mg. Initially, I only had heartburn, nausea, headaches and was unpowered. Unfortunately, these conditions were caused by my infection. Unfortunately, I thought wrong. On the day of the last tablet, I suddenly got Depressed Conditions. The next day I got my first panic attack. It continued with anxiety which lasted the whole day. In the first few weeks after weaning, I quickly lost weight due to anxiety and panic attacks and could not eat anything. I was very impotent and could do nothing more and just lie in bed. When I could sleep, I woke up very early in the morning with a bad heart rate. Of the listed side effects, anxiety and panic attacks are worst for me. It’s been 6 weeks since I got my first symptoms. I am still afraid and have panic attacks. I do not recommend this medication in any way. It is a Ersatzantibiothikum which should be taken only in extreme emergency cases (if no other drug helps). There is information on this devil drug especially on English speaking websites.

  14. Richard L. Frisk says:
    3.5 rating

    From my own experience, I can only warn about this drug. I had been prescribed it for a comparatively harmless bladder infection and then had severe damage. It started with pain in the hips and knees when walking. Ultimately, it went so far that I could barely walk in a few days and rely on help with the simplest things (like getting a glass of water). I gradually lost the strength in my hands, arms, feet and legs. My family doctor had fortunately advised me to discontinue the drug. However, he could not help me with the consequential damage and even said I would just fancy it. Thanks to other doctors and health experts, I did not give up and am mostly healed of the side effects. I can go back, do sports and almost have the same concentration as before. What helped me? A doctor who takes me seriously, a healthy diet (especially lots of vegetables and no alcohol) and despite pain and weakness again and again movement. Gentle movements (such as finger exercises in the air) help the body to remove the poison deposited in the tendons. However, you should be careful, because there is also a risk that tendons tear. For those affected, I want to tell you that you should not give up. There is a way to recovery.

  15. Mary W. Ferguson says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Urinary tract infection

    Have this drug in March this year by my family doctor because of a urinary tract infection prescribed. First I took 500mg twice a day for 5 days, then the treatment was extended by another 5 days. Already while taking the first side effects showed: internal restlessness, Durchschlafprobleme, anxiety, depression, stomach and intestinal complaints (mucus and blood in the stool). Did not smell the treatment but (which I should have done better). After completing the intake it was really thick! My depression got even worse in end-time mood and that at the age of 36, plus muscle and tendon pain (could not even carry a backpack on my shoulder anymore). The stomach and intestinal complaints turned out to be a full-blown gastritis after a reflex (had no problems in this area before) and on the tongue I also got a nice fungal infection. Now 3 months later and 200 € poorer (which I was allowed to spend against the fungal infection and to build my broken intestinal flora) I’m still not completely free from side effects. Because of the depression and anxiety I am looking for some time now a therapist. For the muscle and joint pain I go for 2 months to massage and physiotherapy. Anyone can only guess beforehand to know exactly whether this drug is the right one for him, for me this type of drugs are no longer in question because my life and my health is too important. I used to tolerate other antibiotics well.

  16. Annie J. Johnson says:
    3.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    In the US, the FDA warns against this antibiotic. I am young and healthy, but still have (as it turns out like many others) suffered staccal NW. Tendon and sliding pain. Bad headaches and other side effects like anxiety. I’ve never really experienced something like that and did not think it possible. The information on the frequency of NW are WRONG, according to my research on the Internet, there are recent studies the much more frequent occurrence of NW dalegen.

    Side effects: Members hurt; Crave pain; Headache
  17. Vivian D. Turner says:
    4.5 rating

    On the last day of taking unbearable pain in the back / abdomen / abdomen / hips / flanks and butt. At first, I thought that the pyelonephritis had not healed, which was not confirmed after clarification by various specialists. No pain medication could relieve the pain. Partly I suffered from anxiety. Only after researching the Internet did it come to mind that these are side effects of AB. With the intake of magnesium and vitamin D, I was able to relieve the symptoms, but there were other NW added: pain in the ankles, knees, forearms, Daum tendon general weakness, sometimes associated with dizziness and nausea Food intolerances (never had problems before) Loud cracking all Joints clarification by various doctors is done, all findings and values are ok, except magnesium and vitamin D …… deficiency despite additional. Taking since February! This drug I had taken before (2011), at that time I had the following NW: tingling of the left half of the face, later on the arms and legs marked jaw pain half-sided head and ear dizziness pain in both calves tachycardia, sweating and tightness in the chest pain in the Area of the thoracic spine and under both ribs arches Unfortunately, I did not associate the symptoms with Cipro at all. Only since the last intake in January and the demand from my doctor, which I get AB 2011, I realize that the NW were

  18. Winnie M. Barfield says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    When I took the drug I did not feel anything out of the ordinary. Days later, on the back of my hand, I had red spots on both sides like a nettle rash and it itched and burned and looked ugly. The dermatologist prescribed with ointment, but it took a long time until it was gone. Subsequently, I feel in my left hand under the middle finger, a thick tumor that hurts when I press on it and I’m afraid that could be a tendinitis. An aftereffect of the Cip eco 500, taken in the morning and in the evening, that I have now received 3x because of a mild bladder infection from my doctor, without me being told that the drug is so dangerous.

    Side effects: Skin rash; Crave pain
  19. Glenn P. Rodriguez says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    I was prescribed ciprofloxacin in the dosage 2x500mg per day ON SEDUCED (!!!). Because of frequent urination, I had been to the doctor who prescribed the devil’s stuff for me, without, of course, a word of warning. Likewise the pharmacist. During the intake I did not feel any side effects except for a minimal elbow pull. That was on the third day, unfortunately I did not identify this as a side effect. I took the drug for 10 days and had no big problems. On day 2 after stopping the meal, the horror started: my knees swelled and hurt so much that I could not walk for three days. The skin of my arms and legs felt like she was on fire. Two days later, all the joints of my body were easily inflamed and hurt and I experienced the most severe depression with suicidal thoughts and rumflennen at home. All joints crack very loud, which they have not done before. Today, 41 days after the recipient, the burning of the skin is now gone, as well as the depression. The knees and tendons still hurt, but it has improved a bit. I feel absolutely poisoned by this drug and I’m still far from being as good as I was before taking it. As a slight improvement trend can be seen, I have not given up the hope that I may get out of the case without permanent damage and lifelong pain. Keep your fingers crossed. Let’s see how it looks in 3 months. I would like to warn all readers most urgently. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are often prescribed for urinary tract infections by urologists. If you are just a little more sensitive than me to these medications, you can turn a few tablets into a cripple for the rest of their lives. Whether I will recover completely, is in the stars. I can only advise you to take !!! !!! NEVER !!! An antibiotic from the group of fluoroquinolones or gyrase inhibitors, if it is not really about life and death. There are enough alternative antibiotics that also work in the urinary tract and do not have these life-destroying side effects. And please do not believe your doctor and pharmacist, if they tell you that you should not do so and bravely take her Ciprofloxacin! Neither my doctor who prescribed me the drug, nor the pharmacist who sold it to me had even the slightest idea of the side effect potential of fluoroquinolones! Without a word of warning, I was released with a poison. Despite reading the leaflet, I had no chance to escape the side effects, they only really started after the completed intake! FINGERS OFF THIS DEVIL!!!

  20. Laquita T. Chan says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    Have Cipro 1 A Pharma 500 mg given after delivery of a urine sample and examination and without a medical consultation by the receptionist over the Thresen. Dosage: 2 times daily 500 mg, beginning of therapy on 11.10.2013. Immediately after the third tablet I got muscle pain in the thighs. Have the drug discontinued immediately. Then I researched on the Internet and read with horror, the fatal effects of this poison and I am stunned how to prescribe this drug without warning and then even with a silly bladder infection. Had I researched before the first intake! In the following days, muscle weakness on the legs, sensory disturbances of the nerves to nerve pain on the feet, hands and legs and on the face, joint pain (ankles, knee joints and finger joints), tendon pain (especially Achilles tendon), muscle pain in the whole leg, sometimes Sleep disorders, headache, urgency, heavier-legged feeling, freezing / shivering. Every day a little more. I stopped the poison 3.5 weeks ago and still have the aforementioned complaints. When I look at the page I can only pray that it sticks to it and it does not get any worse. The fact that most doctors have never heard of such side effects, especially those that only days, weeks or months after discontinuation of the drug and may have fatal, even fatal consequences, is unbelievable, but Vogel-ostrich policy is probably also to. My therapy: Vitamin B complex, magnesium, vitamin E, calcium + D3, dietary supplements for joints, if all this somehow and sometime helps, I do not know, I just have the hope.