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We have 9 consumer reports for treatment of Prostate carcinoma with Casodex. Prostate carcinoma used in 44% of cases.

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  1. Maurice N. Harris says:
    4.0 rating

    Casodex for Prostate carcinoma

    In october 2006 I had a PSA value of 65.09 in the year 2006 5.76 and in January 2007 1.59. february is the psa value increase again and that to 27.75 august 2007. but at the beginning august 02.08.07 casodex discontinued on medical arrangement.jetz I take the 07.09.2007 flutamid 250 3xtäglich. would like to write there yet my prostate is without findings after the irradiation on 30.07.2004 was made. but the psa kept on rising. sweats, listless. my opinion is the casodex costs a lot but it does not work and if you speak with xxxxxxxx from the company so info phone, who had almost no idea.

  2. Martin A. Singleton says:
    2.5 rating

    Casodex for Prostate carcinoma

    Slight breast augmentation and sensitive nipples, beard growth and chest hair weaker.

    Side effects: Breast growth
  3. Chester W. King says:
    3.0 rating

    Casodex for Prostate carcinoma

    the side effects are so far in limits.potency is normal, the breast swelling was prevented by me by truncation.I have occasional heat flashes and slight heavy on the nipples when touching.alle blood values are in the standard range. the psa has fallen from the initial 8.6 to 3.2 after brachytherape and casoex to palpation was no longer detectable after 2 months (before brachytherapy) either palpable or ultrasound.

    Side effects: Hot flashes
  4. Randy S. Waites says:
    5.0 rating

    Casodex for Prostate carcinoma

    The side effects of Casodex were very significant for me! so I had to drop it: hot flashes, weight gain, massive gynaecomastia (breast growth), diarrhea, muscle spasms. After discontinuation, these side effects were partly due to weight gain and gynecomastia.

    Side effects: Hot flashes