About Carvedilol

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About Carvedilol

Carvedilol is used in low doses (less than 25 milligrams) for moderate to severe myocardial insufficiency, in combination with standard therapy (with ACE inhibitors and dehydrating agents with or without cardiac glycosides) to reduce the burden on the heart.

What is the purpose of this ingredient?

  • Normalize elevated blood pressure
  • Reduce heart stress in myocardial insufficiency.

This is how Carvedilol works

Below you will learn more about the fields of application and the mode of action of Carvedilol.
Please also read the information on the drug groups beta-blockers, antihypertensives, to which the active ingredient Carvedilol belongs.

Areas of application of the active substance Carvedilol

Carvedilol is used in low doses (less than 25 milligrams) for moderate to severe myocardial insufficiency, in combination with standard therapy (with ACE inhibitors and dehydrating agents with or without cardiac glycosides) to reduce the burden on the heart.

In higher doses (25 milligrams), the drug is also useful for the treatment of hypertension and angina pectoris.

For the following application areas of Carvedilol , in-depth information is available:

  • Hypertension
  • heart failure
  • Angina pectoris

Mode of action of Carvedilol

Carvedilol is a so-called non-selective beta-blocker that acts after ingestion into the body at all beta receptors as well as at certain alpha receptors. All these receptors are special binding sites of the sympathetic fibers of the autonomic nervous system, which are normally activated by the body’s own messengers adrenaline and norepinephrine. Carvedilol displaces these endogenous messenger substances at the receptors and thus suppresses their effect.

At alpha receptors in vessels, carvedilol causes dilation of these vessels. With dilated vessels and thus larger vessel diameter, the blood from the heart must be pumped through the vessels with less pressure. As a result, the blood pressure drops. By extending all vessels leading to the heart and away from the heart, further positive effects are achieved. On the one hand, the perfusion of the heart muscle is improved. On the other hand, the heart only has to pump the blood into the vessels for less resistance, it is relieved in its pumping function. This effect has a positive effect on existing heart failure.

At beta-receptors in the kidneys, carvedilol cushions the release of the blood pressure enhancing hormone renin. This effect helps lower blood pressure.

Potential Carvedilol side effects may include:

Carvedilol used to treat the following diseases:

  1. Benjamin T. Pike says:
    4.5 rating

    Carvedilol for High blood pressure

    These two medications should be well tolerated. 1/2 amdolopine (2.5mg) for breakfast and 1/2 carvedilol (12.5mg) after dinner fits quite well, no sleep problems and well lowered blood pressure around 135/75 25mg carvedilol causes headaches, not necessarily strong unpleasant. Special side effects to date not known BEZW. not noticed yet

    Side effects: Headache
  2. Susanna T. Craft says:
    3.5 rating

    Carvedilol for High blood pressure

    Massive circulatory disorders of both legs and burning of the soles of the feet

  3. Walter S. Childress says:
    4.0 rating

    Carvedilol for Heart rhythm disturbances

    Cenipres in conjunction with Carevedilol 25mg resulted after several years of palpitations and associated insomnia, tremendous energy but no rest periods which led to an unconditional conversion of the drugs. Furthermore, this resulted in a recurrent abdominal pain, which became more common until conversion.

  4. Adam H. Loya says:
    2.5 rating

    Carvedilol for Stomach protection; High blood pressure

    Until now I tolerate all medicines normally no recognizable side effects, make every 3bzw, 6 months checkup with ophthalmologist, diabetologists and cardiologists.

    Side effects: No side effects
  5. William J. Haley says:
    4.0 rating

    Carvedilol for Cholesterol value increase; Heart failure; High blood pressure

    The side effects of Inspra are already enormous in my (been) .Grad in combination with 2x25mg Carvedilol dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, drop in blood pressure very strong auf.Von of the first two side effects, I’m free since a few days. Obs so, I do not know .I have become accustomed to taking Inspra AFTER immediate food intake in the morning. I imagine less side effect. the low blood pressure is expressly desired. I hope that Inspra saves me a long time the DEFI.Rhytmusstörungen are only twice in three months occurred.I think the drug with about 350 ¬ very expensive.In 10 years as well and like 10000 ¬ together. But it helps me and my illness. I wish all the users the best …. love, Bukki

    Side effects: Dizziness; Fatigue
  6. Robin D. Stephens says:
    4.0 rating

    Carvedilol for Heart failure

    My ECG has indicated irregularities, previously I often had elevated blood pressure. A heart ultrasound confirmed that my heart valve is not closing properly. The drug Carvedilol 25 mg initially had side effects like dizziness and light-headedness. After 14 days no more complaints appeared. I get along well with the medication and only have to take it in the evening.

    Side effects: Dizziness
  7. Jonathan J. Blansett says:
    4.5 rating

    Carvedilol for High blood pressure

    Felodipine, very good drug, effectively lowers blood pressure. Side effect (SORRY): cough, palpitations

    Side effects: To cough
  8. Moses D. Pena says:
    4.0 rating

    Carvedilol for High blood pressure

    Had to stop this drug quickly, terrible coughing fits (dry, barking), test time 12.4. until 18.4.2007 (Carvedilol Hexal)

    Side effects: To cough
  9. Ryan K. Imel says:
    4.0 rating

    Carvedilol for High blood pressure

    Strong HUSTEN, kicking pain in the fore-feet (bales), pain in both thumbs (tendon?), Daily headache

    Side effects: To cough; Headache
  10. Phillip D. West says:
    4.0 rating

    Carvedilol for High blood pressure

    Because of poorly adjustable medication for my high blood pressure 220/130/75 (before treatment with Carmen) I came to the observation for a week inpatients in Kardiocentrum / Frankfurt. Since nothing improved there you wanted to dismiss me after 7 days. As a last attempt I was given 40 mg Carmen with the result that my blood pressure within minutes from 220 to 100 was lowered. I was literally in the corner and if I had not been to the hospital that could have ended badly. Meanwhile, I’m well set with these values: 120/90 pulse 65 side effects with me from Carmen: thick legs / edema, blurred vision, gaining weight, dehydration for dehydration I take 40 mg of torasemide daily in further treatment and the doctors are now working on the side effects

    Side effects: Edema; Increase in weight; Fatigue
  11. Joseph C. Peachey says:
    3.5 rating

    Carvedilol for Coronary heart disease

    Intermittent, with this drug, sports is almost impossible, weight gain, skin rash, loss of consciousness, fatigue, sleep disorders, tachycardia, often the diastolic value is increased.

  12. Elinor C. Major says:
    3.0 rating

    Carvedilol for Heart attack

    Internal restlessness, anxiety attacks, sleep disturbances, I have to lie down each afternoon from 16.00 o’clock (at least until 19.00 o’clock), so that the blood pressure does not derail. Add. taken drugs (Diovan) show no effect. No more stress possible. One deals exclusively with one’s own blood pressure values, no more quality of life! I take except the o.a. Medicines still L-Thyrox 100 (Struma), HCT 25mg and Sortis 40mg (since the infarction). The side effects did not occur until after taking Diovan.

    Side effects: Sleep disorders; Fatigue
  13. Jeffrey J. Morrow says:
    2.5 rating

    Carvedilol for High blood pressure

    Polyneuropathy, muscle weakness (legs), pruritus sine materia, allergic rhinitis, increased salivation, migrated phlebitis, sleep disturbances, edema,

    Side effects: Edema; Sleep disorders
  14. Gary I. Mendosa says:
    5.0 rating

    After prolonged use at a dose of 3.125 mg daily, a musty body odor sets in, accompanied by a dry, irritating cough without any further colds. ACC cough remover is ineffective after 1 week of use.

    Side effects: Cough