About Bystolic

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About Bystolic

manufacturer: Berlin-Chemie AG / Menarini
active substance: Nebivolol

dosage form: tablet



Nebilet contains the active substance Nebivolol. Also note the special effect of Nebilet .

Nebivolol is used to lower blood pressure in high blood pressure and normalize blood pressure over time.

Since June 2006, the drug has also been approved for the treatment of mild and moderate chronic cardiac insufficiency. This mainly affects older patients over the age of 70 who use the drug in addition to standard therapy.

For the following application areas of Nebivolol , in-depth information is available:

  • Hypertension
  • heart failure

Please also read the information on the drug groups beta-blockers, antihypertensives, to which the active ingredient nebivolol belongs.

Areas of application according to the manufacturer’s instructions

  • Hypertension with no apparent organic cause
  • Stable mild and moderate chronic myocardial insufficiency, in addition to standard therapy in the elderly (around 70 years old)


The tablets contain five milligrams of the active ingredient nebivolol and are in quarters. Thus, a very careful dose adjustment can be done.

Adults take five milligrams of nebivolol (one tablet) daily, alone or in combination with other antihypertensives. The hypotensive effect becomes apparent after one to two weeks of treatment. Occasionally, the optimal effect will only be achieved after four weeks.

For patients with renal impairment and patients over the age of 65, the recommended dose at the start of treatment is 2.5 milligrams of nebivolol (half a tablet) daily. If necessary, the daily dose can be increased to five milligrams (one tablet).

Chronic Myocardial Insufficiency
The treatment of stable chronic myocardial insufficiency must be initiated at a slow dose setting until the optimal individual dose for long-term treatment is achieved. In any case, patients should have been well-blessed in the last six weeks before the start of treatment. The dosages of the other medicines used for cardiac insufficiency must have been stable during the last two weeks before the start of treatment.

Treatment begins with 1.25 milligrams of nebivolol (a quarter tablet) once daily. At intervals of one to two weeks, the dose may then be increased to 2.5 milligrams of nebivolol (half a tablet) once a day, to five milligrams once a day and then to 10 milligrams (two tablets) once a day. 10 milligrams of nebivolol also represent the maximum daily dose.

Preferably take your dose of the drug at the same time each day. The tablets can be taken with meals.

Pack size & amp; Prices

This page gives you an overview of package size, drug content and price of Nebilet . The following listing form Nebilet is available:
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Other ingredients

The following non-active ingredients are included in the medicine:

  • cornstarch
  • croscarmellose sodium
  • fumed silica
  • Hypromellose
  • Lactose
  • magnesium
  • microcrystalline cellulose
  • Polysorbate 80

Potential Bystolic side effects may include:

Bystolic used to treat the following diseases:

  1. Sheila C. Sprouse says:
    4.0 rating

    Bystolic for Heart rhythm disturbances; High blood pressure

    Hi Guys! First I had taken Beloc Zok, did not tolerate it, my depression became very strong. Then got Nebilet. From the first day I had no side effects (except my depression, but that’s another disease). My resting heart rate has dropped from about 90 beats per minute to about 60 – 70 beats. I wish you all a speedy recovery, and that the side effects disappear as soon as possible!

    Side effects: No side effects