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We have 63 consumer reports for treatment of Alcohol disease with Baclofen. Alcohol disease used in 8% of cases.

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  1. Randal N. Mitchell says:
    4.0 rating

    Baclofen for Alcohol disease

    I have been taking baclofen for a month with a weekly slowly increasing dosage. Before I drank about a bottle of wine and 10 beers (0.33 liters) daily. My alcohol consumption has now halved, without me forced to. The side effects are manageable and tolerable, however, I would advise against the moment the increase in the dose of driving a car, because that could be dangerous because of the concentration disorders (I drive of course not car anyway). These disorders diminish as the body gets used to the new dose. Sometimes you feel a bit strange, but you have less and less desire to drink.

  2. Scott C. Patterson says:
    4.0 rating

    Baclofen for Alcohol disease

    After several weaning treatments that did not have a resounding success, I found Baclofen doing an internet search. I see light for the first time at the end of the tunnel. Very valuable information, literature references, dosage recommendations can be found in a highly recommended forum The registration is very easy. Very recommendable !! At this point, I would like to dissuade you from referring to it from abroad. It is better to convince your family doctor / neurologist to prescribe a baclofen off-label. Since patent protection has expired, Baclofen is relatively inexpensive (100 pcs., 25mg, about 25 €.). In the doctor search also helps the mentioned forum on. LG, Werner

    Side effects: Dizziness; Fatigue
  3. Jonathan C. Granger says:
    4.0 rating

    Baclofen for Alcohol disease

    For almost 30 years, I had to make many bad experiences by alcohol abuse until the beginning of November, in the peak up to 10 half a liter of beer daily. When I once again had to make an outpatient withdrawal, I met the Internet on the baclofen. That’s what I had suggested to my doctor about trying to use this as an off-label drug myself. After a week of familiarization – where I still felt no real relief (probably because of the physical withdrawal symptoms), I can confirm today after 3 weeks of intake clearly: it works. I no longer have any craving for alcohol, my depressive symptoms are no longer detectable in the form, fears have subsided, self-confidence has built up. I can say today: miracles are there but always, you just have to get involved. Thanks, dr. Ants and thanks to my doctor.

    Side effects: No side effects