Azopt contraindications and warnings


The following provides information on contraindications to the use of brinzolamide in general, pregnancy & amp; Breastfeeding and children. Please note that the contraindications may vary depending on the dosage form of a drug (eg tablet, syringe, ointment).

When should Brinzolamide not be used?

If hypersensitivity to brinzolamide or sulfonamides (anti-bacterial agents) is present, this product should not be used. The same applies to severe kidney dysfunction and hyperacidity of the body.

In case of severe hepatic impairment, a risk-benefit assessment should be carried out before starting therapy. The same applies to patients with previously damaged corneas or runny tears and contact lens wearers. During the treatment a close medical supervision must take place here.

What should you watch out for during pregnancy and lactation?

There are insufficient data on the risks of using brinzolamide during pregnancy and lactation. On administration of this drug should therefore be waived.

What should be considered in children?

Brinzolamide should not be used in children and adolescents under the age of 18.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Remove contact lenses during treatment.
  • Visual disturbances and thus limitations of the ability to react are possible.
  • Restrictions on the ability to drive or use machines due to impaired vision and responsiveness are possible.

Sometimes medications release allergic reactions.
If you notice any signs of allergic reaction, tell your doctor or pharmacist immediately.