Eyelid swelling effect of Aspirin

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  1. Paula L. Taylor says:
    3.0 rating

    Aspirin for A headache

    After taking Aspirin Complex, it began to itch on both backs of the hands about 30 minutes later – and some red areas turned red, itched like devils and swelled slightly. Another 10min. later it began to swell in the eyes. And after a 1h both eyes were swollen shut. (about 8 hours later) Now while I write this report, the puffiness on the eyes are already on the decline and I think tomorrow are the eyes back to normal. I received cortisone tablets and an antihistamine from the doctor – which also helped quickly against the itching of the hands and eyes. The hands were ok again after 3-4 hours. Luckily, it did not hurt – and my wife and I laughed a lot about it today. I hope for others it works out as well as mine. Get well soon

  2. Steven J. Hooten says:
    3.0 rating

    Aspirin for A headache

    About 3 hours after taking the aspirin began to tingle my lower lip and swelled, it also began later on the upper lip and I looked as if I have my lips sprayed on the threefold .. when I woke up the next morning swollen an eye and the nose swelled a bit … then I am the doctor and have received tablets where it swelled in the course of the day. do an allergy test now …

    Side effects: Eyelid swelling
  3. Walter B. Powell says:
    4.5 rating

    Aspirin for A headache

    Swelling of the left hand and the eye, this allergy is called Quincke edema, the trigger for me was an aspirin, which I normally can not take. Will not I continue to have headaches in the future?