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  1. Robert P. Brock says:
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    Amoxicillin for Salivary gland inflammation

    Hello, I also have to notice beforehand that I also take special medicinal mushrooms, you do not even know how many people do not know its unique effect and when I tell you about it only in amazement meet me! The very very good and are also proven to be cancerous and For optimal digestion, recommend these and even my aunt has never had such good digestion and now takes my mushrooms for many hundreds of euros. Not the cheap from the pharmacy but directly from the manufacturer in Germany. I only mention it because of the penicillin because it also comes from mold spores! Previously, I had pain in the neck area when I turned my head and just took a rheumatic ointment against it and got a little better. I often took ear-sticks to clean the ears and previously had ear infections and therefore suspected my problem, but could also be caused by drafts in the car. who knows. So: One day when I drove with my mother to the flea market and noticed below the jaw a small bump and pressed so on it with finger to see if it hurt and what it is, then the same day still, got around on 27.4 .09 a clear swelling underneath the jaw and already suspected a tumor! A family doctor and the ENT doctor confirmed a salivary gland and made me with an antibiotics and I took 14 days. The swelling came again. ächzzz. went to the hospital and nobody could help me. the next day to an experienced family doctor and immediately ordered CT examination to exclude lymphnode or salivary stone what the other doctors did not do. had taken antibiotics for free for 2 weeks. He also prescribed amoxicillin for me and I see an improvement now. The dinger must swallow again 14 days and have only a slight Bauchmurren of it. In between, however, always take yoghurt and my medicinal mushroom extracts or active powders. So think this means with plenty of food does not show so dramatic side effects. But of course everyone feels differently. Can only recommend it.

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