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  1. John L. Kratzer says:
    4.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Hello! I had pronounced condylomas due to my own misinterpretation. Then the treatment with Aldara cream. After applying the third every two days, I had severe side effects. My immune system reacted with flu-like symptoms. Presumably, using the cream was a vaginal fungus and suspected herpes vaginalis. Under these conditions, I still had problems with water, severe itching and pain. However, I do not want to trace this back to the cream. Because the application activates the immune system. This causes phagocytes to attack anything that is not in the vaginal area. The condylomas burst and there is a small open wound in the mucous membrane. As a result, the actual protective barrier of the vaginal flora is disturbed and pathogens, as in my case, fungi or herpes, can penetrate and cause these discomforts. It is absolutely necessary for the cream to cause the immune system to start so that pathogens are killed. Otherwise condylomas would not even occur. And this is only possible by e.g. Increase in fever, as fiber metabolism processes take place more quickly. Many do not know these effects …. The mechanism should also be used in oncology, because as I said, only by activation of the immune system pathogens are recognized and killed.

    Side effects: Flu symptoms
  2. Carol L. Vick says:
    5.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Had condylomata 20 years ago, then laser removal and then surgery, then interferon treatment (1/2 year syringe cure, 6 times a month, side effects: fever, chills) I thought it was eaten. Now I got that again. My doctor said that in the meantime something has changed and there are better treatment options. It was prescribed Aldara although I have a 4 month baby and this is silent. After use, the following side effects occur on the 2nd day. flu-like symptoms, severe pain behind the eyes, joint and joint pain, 2 kg weight loss in 8 days, tiredness, weakened, sweating as in high fever, the skin burns easily, but that is my least problem. Have now consumed 3 packets and will discontinue the drug immediately after these side effects. I thought for the first time after the onset of these symptoms that I had a flu infection. My doctor from the treating KH said that he hears of these side effects for the first time. Even my gynecologist told me nothing of such side effects. I’m pretty shocked which side effect can trigger a cream. My biggest Soge is now my child! I hope he will not suffer any damage from this drug in later episode.

  3. Jane C. Evans says:
    5.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Aldara was first prescribed by my gynecologist on a private prescription because of existing genital warts in the anus area! First shock: should pay around 100 € for a small pack !!! By consultation with KK quite prescribable on box office recipe, just mentioned on the side. The first applications without any problems, headaches put on the weather. After the fourth application severe flu-like symptoms with severe body aches, additionally burning sensation on the skin in the area around the vaginal entrance and anus. Flu symptoms disappeared after one day, but the skin in the genital area feels burned away and moderate itching. Showers with shower gel in the outer genital area not possible, I go up the walls! In addition, whitish deposits look like annoying pimples. Do not open, pain is like when someone rides over with the razor blade! My gyn on vacation, should I come Thursday-today is Monday; was allowed to come today! The representation said, I would like to discontinue the drug immediately and has prescribed me sitz baths with chamomile and a fat cream and the whole twice a day! Genital warts have declined well by Aldara, but the price – my general well-being – is too high for me, so I can only conditionally recommend Aldara !!!

    Side effects: Flu symptoms; Itching; Headache