About Aldara

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About Aldara

The active substance is used to treat skin neoplasm. These include external genital warts (Condylomata acuminata) in the area of the genitals and the rectal opening, but also a special skin cancer form, the basalioma, and growths of the upper skin layer (actinic keratosis).

What is the purpose of this ingredient?

  • strengthen the body’s defense
  • Promote the formation of antibodies by the cells of the immune system
  • indirectly kill viruses
  • Indirectly kill cancer cells

This is how Imiquimod works

Below you will learn more about the fields of application and the mode of action of imiquimod.
Please also read the information on the drug groups to which the active ingredient imiquimod belongs.

Areas of application of the active substance imiquimod

The active substance is used to treat skin neoplasm. These include external genital warts (Condylomata acuminata) in the area of the genitals and the rectal opening, but also a special skin cancer form, the basalioma, and growths of the upper skin layer (actinic keratosis).

So far only adults are allowed. Basaliomas should only be treated with imiquimod if they are small and superficial. Greater and deeper damage must be surgically removed. In the case of so-called actinic keratoses, only those treated with imiquimod should be treated who are not suffering from immunodeficiency (such as AIDS). In addition, imiquimod is only to be used if the size or number of damaged areas make cold treatment (cryotherapy) impossible or unbearable and other external means have failed.

For the following application areas of Imiquimod , in-depth information is available:

  • warts
  • Cancer (general)

Mode of action of Imiquimod

Imiquimod promotes the body’s defense and is thus part of the group of immunological drugs. Imiquimod most likely attaches to a special binding site (receptor) on the surface of immune cells. This causes the cell to form and release antibodies such as interferon-alpha and other cytokines. These antibodies then destroy both the viruses that cause the formation of genital warts and cancer cells. The effect of imiquimod is therefore more of an indirect one.

Potential Aldara side effects may include:









Aldara used to treat the following diseases:

  1. Tony J. Fisher says:
    4.5 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Hello, got ALDARA PICKETS for the anus. I then introduced this for three weeks. The side effect also had a big effect on me. Depressed mood swings, fever, muscle aches. Due to the infestation with the little beasts, I stayed with the treatment. With success! So the Doc. ask for the suppositories.

    Side effects: Depressions; Muscle aches; Fever
  2. Lisa F. Henry says:
    3.0 rating

    Aldara for Actinic keratosis

    after op and laserture and pdt aldara on upper lip: on lower lip thick inflammation, tooth and tongue pain, back pain

    Side effects: Pain
  3. John L. Kratzer says:
    4.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Hello! I had pronounced condylomas due to my own misinterpretation. Then the treatment with Aldara cream. After applying the third every two days, I had severe side effects. My immune system reacted with flu-like symptoms. Presumably, using the cream was a vaginal fungus and suspected herpes vaginalis. Under these conditions, I still had problems with water, severe itching and pain. However, I do not want to trace this back to the cream. Because the application activates the immune system. This causes phagocytes to attack anything that is not in the vaginal area. The condylomas burst and there is a small open wound in the mucous membrane. As a result, the actual protective barrier of the vaginal flora is disturbed and pathogens, as in my case, fungi or herpes, can penetrate and cause these discomforts. It is absolutely necessary for the cream to cause the immune system to start so that pathogens are killed. Otherwise condylomas would not even occur. And this is only possible by e.g. Increase in fever, as fiber metabolism processes take place more quickly. Many do not know these effects …. The mechanism should also be used in oncology, because as I said, only by activation of the immune system pathogens are recognized and killed.

    Side effects: Flu symptoms
  4. Carol L. Vick says:
    5.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Had condylomata 20 years ago, then laser removal and then surgery, then interferon treatment (1/2 year syringe cure, 6 times a month, side effects: fever, chills) I thought it was eaten. Now I got that again. My doctor said that in the meantime something has changed and there are better treatment options. It was prescribed Aldara although I have a 4 month baby and this is silent. After use, the following side effects occur on the 2nd day. flu-like symptoms, severe pain behind the eyes, joint and joint pain, 2 kg weight loss in 8 days, tiredness, weakened, sweating as in high fever, the skin burns easily, but that is my least problem. Have now consumed 3 packets and will discontinue the drug immediately after these side effects. I thought for the first time after the onset of these symptoms that I had a flu infection. My doctor from the treating KH said that he hears of these side effects for the first time. Even my gynecologist told me nothing of such side effects. I’m pretty shocked which side effect can trigger a cream. My biggest Soge is now my child! I hope he will not suffer any damage from this drug in later episode.

  5. Jane C. Evans says:
    5.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Aldara was first prescribed by my gynecologist on a private prescription because of existing genital warts in the anus area! First shock: should pay around 100 € for a small pack !!! By consultation with KK quite prescribable on box office recipe, just mentioned on the side. The first applications without any problems, headaches put on the weather. After the fourth application severe flu-like symptoms with severe body aches, additionally burning sensation on the skin in the area around the vaginal entrance and anus. Flu symptoms disappeared after one day, but the skin in the genital area feels burned away and moderate itching. Showers with shower gel in the outer genital area not possible, I go up the walls! In addition, whitish deposits look like annoying pimples. Do not open, pain is like when someone rides over with the razor blade! My gyn on vacation, should I come Thursday-today is Monday; was allowed to come today! The representation said, I would like to discontinue the drug immediately and has prescribed me sitz baths with chamomile and a fat cream and the whole twice a day! Genital warts have declined well by Aldara, but the price – my general well-being – is too high for me, so I can only conditionally recommend Aldara !!!

    Side effects: Flu symptoms; Itching; Headache
  6. Monica G. Crosley says:
    2.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Fever, feeling cold, very strong sweating at night, 3 days after treatment, very puffy labia (left), very painful. I stopped treatment with Aldara. Get prescribed by Gyn.Antibiotika, sitz baths and Betaisadona. After 2 days re-presentation to the doctor, if not improved, the labia may need to be cut open.

    Side effects: Swelling; Fever
  7. Elizabeth M. Boone says:
    4.5 rating

    In February 2009, my dermatologist was diagnosed with a basal cell over the upper lip during a skin check by means of a curettage. My doctor referred me to the specialist clinic Hornheide in Münster for postoperative surgery. After careful inspection, Aldara cream was prescribed to be applied 5x / week, 2 days off for 6 weeks. As an alternative to the surgery, I wanted to try it out. On the 5th day of treatment, there was severe swelling, blistering (similar to herpes), generalized malaise and fever throughout the lip area. It was the re-presentation in the clinic and it advised me to pause until it fades away and in the dose 2 days cream, 1 day break continue, otherwise again plan A, the OP. I did it the same way, but was very careful with the cream, just apply it thinly and wash it off thoroughly in the morning. During the whole time I did not feel very well. Also formed on my lip slight crusts, but completely healed after the 6-week treatment. A few days after stopping the Aldara cream I was generally much better. After another four weeks, I had an appointment in the specialist clinic for control. There one was immediately convinced that the basalioma had healed. Nevertheless, we have agreed on a punch biopsy with the result: no more tumor detectable. The hardships finally paid off and I would take them back at any time. Especially since it was a basalioma on the lip. In an operation, a part of the lip red would have been removed. – And now visually nothing is visible.

    Side effects: Skin lesions; Swelling; Fever
  8. Emma G. Macdonald says:
    2.5 rating

    Aldara for Basal cell carcinoma

    Constant nausea throughout the entire application period; Circulatory disorders; severe back pain during the first 14 days.

    Side effects: Nausea; Back pain
  9. Darlene C. Nawrocki says:
    3.0 rating

    I had a treatment for condylomas about 7 months ago. My gynecologist first wrote me an ointment that I tolerated very well, then he prescribed me the cream aldara I had not tolerated at all, because I got a similar pain in my limb and got a terrible kidney pain on it. Now some condylomas have come back on which I had treated with aldara.

    Side effects: Chills; Members hurt
  10. Amber W. Simpson says:
    4.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Hello everybody. I also got some warts and was very scared about it. I did not know at the beginning exactly what that is until I googled and happened to find pictures of genital warts, which made me really scared, because I read that it was surgically removed. So two days later, I went to the gynecologist with my own diagnosis and confirmed that to me. that gave me such a new ointment that was more compatible than aldara. I should apply it 3 times a day to the affected areas. I’ve done so synonymous until the tube was empty, but brought nothing hats. then I’m back and then she has prescribed me aldara. With my knowledge of the first salary I have just generously distributed everything, have not really thought because the first ointment has brought nothing. After this first application of aldara I have not felt anything, I have the next evening before going to sleep again pretty everywhere (!!) applied. and the next morning, I got a headache, a chill, a chestache, a fever, and all the other side effects. The next night I woke up with pain, because my labia were swollen in the most extreme way the skin was torn, inflamed and wet. now bed rest means legs apart, tanacot sitzbäder and with multilind ointment creaming anyway. it is terrible when urinating it burns like hell. each one breaks out in howling cramps. Now I have to be patient and lie down. For now I am on sick leave. Unfortunately, it is messed up 18th birthday tomorrow. but I have to go through now. That’s why if you get prescribed Aldara cream against warts takes a cotton swab and wearing the ointment really thin !! on ! it hardens everything and is unbearable.

    Side effects: Chills; Members hurt; Fever; Headache
  11. Jack E. Sexton says:
    4.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    2 years ago I got infected with genital warts. A small wart on the foreskin, I did not think anything about it, because at first they look very harmless, like a small cauliflower, like a small harmless skin growth that one of older people knows. What happened? They multiplied very slowly. So after 2 months there were two. After 6 months, I went with four to the doctor and had me prescribe Aldara. At 11 pm I applied Aldara 5% three times a week. In the morning around 7 I washed them off with some soap. On the same day around 17: 18 o’clock muscle pain followed, followed by shivering and light daze. Around 10 pm driving was impossible. Dizziness and dizziness were too strong. This was repeated with almost every application. In addition, there were unwanted skin redness and swelling to cracked skin, which made it almost impossible for me to move my foreskin back. I broke off the treatment. I can only advise you to check yourself regularly, because at first the warts were limited to foreskin and frenulum. Later then also on the bottom just above the testicles in right pile. I started a new treatment. The recently emerged genital warts above the testicles dissolved after a few days in dead skin fragments. There is nothing more to see, except for those who have been with me for so long. Meanwhile I have to stop the treatment due to the swelling now and then for 2 days. So it also depends on quick action. If you discover genital warts in your area, go immediately to a doctor for skin and sexually transmitted diseases and do not wait long. Even if it means that they disappear in most cases by itself. About Aldara 5%: Aldara is different from person to person. Also depends a lot on what I consume to what extent during the treatment. Smoking is very bad. Drinking a lot helps with detoxification, i. the side effects do not last as long or are not as strong. How this affects the effectiveness against the warts I can not say. But I am convinced that there are also effective alternatives to ALdara. At the moment I am thinking about alternative treatment options. But I’m taking a distance from my OP. In too many cases it has been reported that the warts then spread more. 1) Thuja Q18 2) Thuja N Oligoplex + Thuja mother tincture or celandine + zinc + vitamins 3) Australian tea tree oil from the phylum melaleuca alteruifolia would be 3 options that I would like to clarify with my doctor of trust (very important). VLG your René

  12. Marsha T. Miles says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello everyone, I have used the Aldara suppository 4 months against the HPV virus (in the course of a study, not yet on the Austrian market). My side effects were flu-like symptoms like fever, devious ears, total fatigue and tiredness; Loss of appetite (as a result weight loss … about 4 kg); dull headache, bad mood due to general malaise, itching and burning. BUT: I would recommend the treatment at any time. Already after 8 weeks the control biopsy was diagnosed with a total cure. This saved me the conization. I assume that these suppositories will soon come to market in Austria. Whoever is being treated with Aldara: please stick it out, the side effects are worth it. The drug has an extremely high healing rate (about 85%)!

    Side effects: Anorexia; Burn; Fatigue; Fever; Itching; Headache
  13. Robert H. Deavers says:
    4.5 rating

    Unfortunately, after my laser surgery because of the condyloma (genital warts), these were not completely gone, so I started treatment with Aldara cream 5% 3 months later. Already after the first day of treatment I already noticed an improvement. At least that was an advantage. The side effects were sometimes so extreme for me that I thought about stopping the treatment several times. But I have really pulled it through for 4 weeks and my reward for it: Condylomfrei !! I would always prefer the cream to a laser surgery, as it only helps visible condylomas on the surface, but unfortunately not those that are still under the skin. So do not worry, despite the side effect, which are also different for everyone, I can only recommend them

  14. Frances A. Watson says:
    3.0 rating

    Everything was ok the first time. The second time it has itched slightly. The third time, the burning is almost unbearable. Should it apply for 16 weeks unfortunately this is no longer possible. Therefore, I can not judge the effect

    Side effects: Burn
  15. Nina N. Hodgson says:
    4.5 rating

    Severe flu-like symptoms, severe body aches, hyperesthesia of the skin, severe fatigue, fever to 39 degrees C., loss of appetite, feeling weak. Takes 2 days after weaning on, but not so violent.

    Side effects: Anorexia; Fatigue; Members hurt; Fever
  16. Ismael M. Rodriguez says:
    4.5 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    In the first 4 weeks I had basically one day after the application of Aldara 40 degree fever, which went away the following day. Is also as a side effect in the supplement. With a reduced amount, I did not have any problems from the 5th week onwards (you have to first come to think of it, which is why, as a healthy person, you suddenly have 40 fever once a week …) But still: Condylomas have been gone for three years and aldara has been there certainly helped.

    Side effects: Fever