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  1. Charles P. Ceja says:
    3.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    I take Abilify for about 6 weeks because of strong listlessness (previously Solian). Although Antieb is better, but I have very strong NW (urge to move, trembling, strange feeling in the stomach, dry mouth). The drug has also triggered psychotic feelings again (fear of persecution, problems with people to talk, etc.) I can not recommend the drug because of the strong NW.

  2. Robert D. Custodio says:
    4.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    After a psychosis in November 2013, I was prescribed Risperidone, which was really torture for me. I was just a zombie, felt nothing. Laid all day on the couch and watched the second hand. Complete loss of libido and weight gain (13 kg). When I was not plagued by fears and obsessions, I had depression. When I did not have depression, I had fears and obsessive thoughts. It was an eternal vicious circle that I thought I could not get out of. After six months and hope I was then switched to 15 mg Abilify (creeping increased), because I simply did not tolerate the risperidone and it has not, as hoped, has contributed to an improvement in my symptoms. Already after a week of taking (Abilify) I realized how the obsessive thoughts had disappeared like at the touch of a button, I suddenly realized that my psychosis was just the purest drama of my head. I noticed how my libido slowly returned. I felt partially healed. I had to struggle with fears in public for about 2 weeks, whereas I was prescribed Seroquel. After 2 days of Seroquel, the fears disappeared in public and I had to fight only with depression, whereas I then got prescribed sertraline. Under Sertraline I had problems with my libido again. I did not want to carry this around with me again, so I sold Sertralin by hand. That is a good year now and until today my libido has not come back. But I also believe that it could be because I still take Abilify. I am only smarter when I am completely without medication. By and large, I’m mostly satisfied with Abilify … no weight gain. But I always feel very restless and become fastidious. Slight pull in the legs and restlessness while sitting (urge to move), sleep is very good, without intermediate awakening. Only every day dreams that feel totally real. Abilify has helped me more than it has side effects.

  3. Amber W. Holmes says:
    4.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    I am female, 37 years old and take that Abilify are the acute phase (paranoid schizophrenia). In the schizophrenic phase, Abilify in combination with Risperdal and Tavor helped me, so I became clear after three weeks. Then I only got Abilify in the maximum dose. The first three months with this drug were very, very unpleasant. Morning extreme restlessness, urge to move, difficulty sleeping, and switching from the stimulating phase to the sedating phase of this median were hard to take. From noon I was inhibited in thinking, the cycle went down, I took in the wake of the yo-yo effect again 40 kg. After creeping were the extreme restlessness / urge to move, and the very strong sedation away. Or. weakened. Abilify also slows down fat metabolism and increases appetite, just like any other antipsychotic. Although not quite so much as in other, but the loss is very difficult due to the inertia and the two just mentioned effects. The effectiveness, so the antipsychotic effect was not perfect even for me in the maximum dose. Good, but not perfect. And it annoys me to have to take another sedative in addition to be able to sleep at least 6-7 hours! Any additional agent increases the side effect of weight gain. When the second or third drug-inducing drug breaks any metabolism! On the antidepressant effect: it is drive-enhancing by the impulse of (nor) adrenaline, but too little serotonin is triggered and thus increased. I’m restless half the day, but my mood could really be better. After that, from noon onwards, the effect changes to the opposite. And I’m calmer, more tired. Conclusion: Who has no psychotic symptoms – keep away! And as little as possible, but as much as necessary. Lower doses are always to be preferred. For depression alone: choose a different drug. It is not a miracle product !! For me, Abilify has only been very effective antipsychotic in combination with Risperdal. I do not wish anyone a weight gain of 45 KG in total after 13 years of taking different antipsychotics. The Discrimination is so enormous that I tell everyone from the unnecessary !!! Can advise against taking psychotropic drugs. Because not only my body is dirty, my soul is hurt! Good psychotherapy is sometimes more effective than letting oneself drone. Human affection is the alpha and omega. Since I am also afraid of the so-called weaning difficulties … I am looking for a psychiatrist who works independently of the pharmaceutical industry. (MEZIS: Which means: I pay my own food. An association of independent doctors, specialists and psychiatrists.) Greetings from a responsible patient

  4. Miriam J. Roebuck says:
    4.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    Initially strong internal restlessness and urge to move about 2 months, then gradually disappeared these side effects. No schizophrenia symptoms. Had before, however, taken already about 1/2 year Amisulpirid. However, I discontinued this because of the high prolactin levels and the associated high milk flow and switched to Abilify. Now after 2 years of ingestion I can not go without it. If I forget it I will be sensitive to light, stimuli patter unfiltered on me. Noise, light, etc. With Abilify I feel much better, in the job I hold the pressure as thickly packed in cotton wool thickfelliger.