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  1. Lynnette R. Castillo says:
    4.0 rating

    Subutex for Investigated

    I have been consuming Subutex for a long time. But not for medical reasons. I came to the stuff through a friend. I realized relatively quickly that I woke up in the morning, I was cold and I was shaking. But I think it was less the physical but much more the mental dependence. I did not take them in normal form, but nasally. When one has the power of heroin & amp; Subutex to come down then I think that it is less of a problem. I am now 5 months clean because of the blame and the longing is still there. I would not recommend it, but anyone who takes this or wants to be clean I wish much luck.

  2. Brian B. Banks says:
    3.5 rating

    Subutex for Investigated

    Last summer (having only been snoring heroin occasionally, but never felt withdrawal), I found a super connect for H with a good friend. Incredibly good quality (at least in comparison to what we were used to usual) of the goods and also we could always chill with him in the apartment. The Connect was really an extremely nice and smart person from Africa (even heroin addicted), with whom we both enjoyed talking, watching TV, playing table tennis and so on. At some point we visited him almost every day and after some time I also felt for the first time the famous monkey. This went on for several months then so. At some point in late autumn, the Connect tells us that he would like to stop himself and could refer to a friend SUBUTEX. He said that 5 tablets would suppress the withdrawal symptoms for 1 week and then you would feel normal again. One should take on the first day a whole and then slowly reduce, so the next day a 3/4 tablet, the next 2/3 etc … Furthermore, he said, if we wanted, he would also be able to get some for us in the next days. Of course we both agreed, too, because an addiction in the long run would not have been affordable for me. Well, sounds funny, of course, that helps one of your own dealer in the withdrawal, but in the meantime we were already friends and he wanted to have even more to do with heroin nothing more. After my last nose, Hero, I waited about 22 hours and took one tablet. The slowly onset withdrawal symptoms had completely disappeared, and the urge to take back heroin was as good as gone. I took a little less every day and took my last tablet after 6 or 7 days. One day later, I did not notice anything about withdrawal and a subutex addiction has not yet developed. Since then, I have taken heroin from time to time (from another Connect), but to such a limited extent that I have never felt any more of the deception. At Subutex I was always very clear in my head, so working, learning etc. is definitely possible. I think if you get it prescribed by the doctor, the health insurance will pay for it, so 5 Euro prescription fee and the tablets for lukewarm. So we paid for 10 tablets (5 me, 5 my friend) 180 euros. Is actually a joke, how expensive the junk sell the stuff, since they do not pay for themselves, but no matter. The heroin for a week would probably have come a little more expensive. So to sum up: Subutex is probably the best solution to pull away. Only it makes regular use even addictive. And how hard a Subutex withdrawal is I do not know. But you can handle this with slow down dosing certainly synonymous !! LG, Fitzcarraldo

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  3. Daniel C. Gentile says:
    3.5 rating

    Subutex for Investigated

    I have a total de-poisoning behind me. I have of all o.g. Medicines withdrawn. My inflammation was still so EXTREME from the Subutex & amp; especially from the diazepam. I could not help but go back to the doctor to have Subutex prescribed again. Having been a drug addict for 22 years, I have now realized that after 5 weeks of detoxification and then renewed substitution, I have accepted it for my life that I will always need Subutex. I think Subutex is very good – but it also has its dark side – just like the dependency of the Subutex itself and the pharmacy and not least the doctor of course. Since Diazepam work differently with me, as with normal use, I can only say that the agent has me really under control! I’m clean from everything! Only this shit Benzos I can not get away. About 15 years ago I took 1000 pieces from the doctor in 14 days. And was heavy wide. That was 100St. a10mg a day … DO NOT take BEZODIAZIPINE WITH SUBUTEX! I just want to tell everyone here – please do not take the stuff if you do not get it! It is very addictive! For AOPNAL I can only say that I do not notice! Since the Diazepam makes aggressive & amp; Aponate is an antidepressant, it is probably relaxing! I just wanted to do this post. REMAINS HEALTHY AND CLEAN ALL THAT CAN