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  1. Berry F. Wolfe says:
    1.5 rating

    Solian for Psychosis

    Strong weight gain of up to 20 kg; decreased libido; probably breast enlargement; Malformation disorders and orgasmic disorders; Dizziness; At the sudden withdrawal of Solian I had nightmares, heavy sweating during sleep, muscle spasms, listlessness, blurred vision, fatigue. When I started taking Solian again in high doses, I got severe extrapyramidal disorders in the facial area.

  2. Donald S. Mann says:
    2.5 rating

    Take Cipralex and Solian for almost 3 years. Must say that helped me a lot. Could not go out at the time because I got a panic attack right away. Then I did 8 weeks inpatients in psychiatry a therapy. There I was placed on Cipralex and Solian, because I have already taken Fevarin (8 years), but who went on my liver. The two drugs had worked very fast. Could already make after 3 weeks a flight by helicopter. In 2008 I even flew to Dubai and Thailand. That was like a second life. But since the last year I was getting worse and worse. Was just tired, the fear got worse, since I have Cipralex 10mg and Solian 100mg take 13 kg increased, have violent dreams that look very realistic, sweat very quickly (think because I have taken). Since my liver values have become worse again, which I attributed to the two drugs, I discontinue Cipralex. Do not take that for 2 weeks. If I move my eyes lightly, I am fast aggressive and irritable, headache, restless and do not need so much sleep. Since I no longer take Cipralex I have really power. Could take something all day. Only the fear has become worse again. Therefore, I can not recommend Cipralex, unless you are constantly afraid and is short of madness. Think the Cipralex helps only a certain time. Would be glad if I would get comments on this and also about experiences of those who have managed to get away from Cipralex.

  3. Lenora W. Aleman says:
    4.0 rating

    Solian for Psychosis

    Solian was prescribed for me during a one-time psychosis. Dose (400-1200mg). Despite high dosage, the psychosis did not get better. Nevertheless, the drug was prescribed for 3 years. While taking it, I developed massive fears, similar to an agoraphobia. At times I could not leave the house anymore. Once I dropped the Solian, the fears were gone. However, I now suffer from nauseating symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, dry mouth, muscle spasms, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker.

  4. Scarlett J. Self says:
    2.0 rating

    Solian for Psychosis

    For four years I have been bothering with my thoughts, fears and my body (30Kg increased). Have in the first three years 5 drugs have / should test, because I had of all the side effects such as influence, dullness, total fatigue, weight gain u.a. For a year, I take fluanxol depot injection 2%, 2ml. I’m so good about it, that I had dropped off shortly, is not recommended … Have learned from it. I thought I did not need it anymore because I did not feel that normal anymore since the onset of psychosis. After consultation with my doctor, I will soon do a consultation therapy that should protect me in addition, before me and the other evil 🙂 By and large, I’m glad Fluanxol, a good doctor and hope to have found a good psychologist! Life is also nice with schizophrenics and depresions, when the medies work, do something out of it !!!

    Side effects: Withdrawal symptoms
  5. Ryan D. Torrez says:
    1.0 rating

    Solian for Personality disorders; Psychosis

    First months everything was ok. then I had contractions from the muscles of the mouth and an uncontrollable movement of the tongue, so bad that it even breathed a breath. The doctors did not take this problem seriously at the next treatment, even increased the dose. Nevertheless, continue with solian. For the first time after various psychiatric disorders. My mine for the reason that I was better, not the drug. Nevertheless, solian continued. In the fifth month brain misfire; I take my key from the bag to open the door, but must think for half a minute before I know what I have to do next. Many of these hypnotists make me stop taking the drug. After settling first several weeks permanent headache. Auszetzer decrease but not quite. Sleep disorder, personality change, faster aggresief Difficulties to read and write, words do not trick me. And much more. After 5 months no solian al these problems are still present. And after 6 years of psychiatric problems, I decided that I did not want to have anything to do with psychiatrists and medications like these.

  6. Bradford J. Henderson says:
    2.5 rating

    Solian for Psychosis

    Hello, I have been taking this precaution since spring 2001. In the beginning it was like a blessing, because I finally felt good to very good again. Strangely enough, I already had a quarter of the normal dose for me to produce a clear effect. But the dark side did not wait long. I’ve been slim all my life but after taking it I gradually gained weight and I was able to do what I want it went up steadily. And the second thing I noticed after two weeks of the first intake was very negative, that the desire for sex was nil. (This is how a monk must feel) I did not have a girlfriend at the time, but that only made it a bit easier. I thought that I was really crazy now because I was a very active person sexually before taking. The other minor side effects, however, I find harmless. Now it is so that I unfortunately have to accept this beautiful … tablets to take to the end of my life, because I’m addicted to it so to speak. I have tried SOLO four times in this long time but I did not even feel so bad in my depressive phase. It was hell I was a smoker and always smoked on the balcony. Even that I could no longer because of fear in the settling phase of SOLIAN. I was a mental wreck. I even believe that a heroin addict might feel similar. So if it is as irrelevant as possible, keep your hands off this medication. The active ingredient of SOLIAN is (Amisulprid) There are a few other Preperate which act exactly the same. Maybe just look at the drug. And I came across this page because I was interested in whether in SOLIAN are also opiates, because I can not master my life without these tablets and probably max. Would last 14 days. They are just a help now but even bigger is the curse !!! I hope it helps you a bit further. I swear that it is the truth.