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  1. Joyce R. Devera says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Arthritis; Migraine; Arthrosis; Neuralgia; Pain (chronic)

    With the medication, my pain is so far under control that I can do my housework and participate in the social life limited. The side effects are with me, severe fatigue, dizziness, frequent circulation problems, severe sweating. If I do not take oxycodone punctually, the first withdrawal symptoms appear relatively quickly, I notice that at first, because my nose is suddenly closed, and I get a strong inner restlessness. And what is especially annoying is the chronic constipation, without Movicol nothing works.

  2. Elizabeth M. Gage says:
    4.0 rating

    Up to 75 mg / day no effect, but no side effects. From about 150 mg restlessness, sleep problems, memory lapses and finally in 350 mg anxiety attacks of the worst kind. Fear attacks as well as massive concentration problems also when snaking, which I have probably made too fast, so as not to completely lose his mind. Other side effects such as dizziness, tingling in the legs and digestive problems would have been tolerated if any anxiolytic effect had been noticed. But instead, the opposite was the case. The whole thing has cost even several hundred euros. For me, a flop on the whole line, especially since I still have about 4 weeks after weaning concentration and memory problems that I did not know before.

  3. Irving A. Ratcliff says:
    3.5 rating

    So from the Trevilor I did not have any (noticeable) effect, despite the long intake time (3 years). I sold it independently for 2 days and only noticed that I was missing something. Had unpleasant Absetzerscheinungen like slow look, when I turned my head, the picture has moved so slowly. In addition, a feeling like when I experience everything like a movie. Lyrica: I only get about 14 days, in the morning u. in the evening in each case 150mg. I tolerate it very well so far. No negative side effects, except very lively, z. T. exhausting dreams. But that does not bother me and I blame it on the fact that I have a lot of work to do right now. Anxiety disorders: I can not say for sure if it’s a placebo or truth – but since then I’ve felt a little safer with Lyrica in everyday life. Short note: I have been suffering from an anxiety disorder for almost ten years, which gradually got worse and worse. Expresses itself so that I did not even dare to go to the front door. Meanwhile, that has become a little better by therapy and exposures. I hope for Lyrica no miracles but I wish only a small support that helps me to master my everyday life again independently! 🙂

  4. Harry S. Nixon says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Polyneuropathie

    My polyneuropathy is a side effect of another drug. I can not recommend Lyrica as it makes it dependent. It is very difficult to reduce even the dosage. The withdrawal manifests itself in severe depression, anxiety, disinterest and aggressiveness. At normal dosage it leads to thinking and Gedachnisstörungen. With a withdrawal, the TV program is very stupid. Sleep is a problem at the beginning and at low dosages, but later sleep without Lyrica is hardly possible and associated with nightmares. At normal doses, sleep is not restorative. With Lyrica the sense of time is faster. Larger amounts cause a rush, euphoria and make you fearless. It seems effective against polyneuropathy. The effect lasts up to 12 hours, without replenishment, it is then bad.

  5. Zane C. Sawyer says:
    4.0 rating

    My experiences with Lyrica I am 44 years old, male. Software developers. Overall, I took Lyrica for over 18 months. After a coccyx tear and subsequent partial resection, the pain persisted and even became worse in the scar area. The pain therapist prescribed Lyrica first with 2x50mg, then 2x75mg and later 2x150mg. Decisive for Lyrica was the assumption of unfavorably fused nerve endings after the operation. Lyrica is also said to help with surgical pain. At 2x50mg the side effects were moderate. At the time I made other circumstances responsible for the new sleep disturbances. The pain remained unchanged. With 2x75mg, the following side effects occurred: The cognitive performance was reduced. – Lack of concentration – Memory weakness (I could not remember the simplest things) – Weight gain 10 Kg in 6 months – Increased fatigue – Increased (!) Libido – Generally can not see well – Restless legs With 2x150mg – The pain got worse (!) Instead better. My whole buttocks hurt me all the time. Lately also in walking and standing. Sitting in the office for more than 6 hours was not possible. Car rides were tolerable for a maximum of 30 minutes. – slowed reactions – heavy double-vision already read after 10-30 minutes, screen work or television – photosensitivity. Violent starbucks. Night driving was only possible with sunglasses. – Additional weight gain of 10 kg in 6 months – Water retention in the legs. Support stockings were now required. – extreme tiredness! (I fell asleep multiple times in the office during work, which could have cost me my job if anyone had noticed!) – Severe memory problems (What’s the name of the item? Oh, that’s a spoonful). As a programmer, an unspeakable condition, though you can not remember how something works. My head is my capital. And if it does not work properly, I will be unemployed. – If I ever forget a dose, I got withdrawal symptoms. Muscle, limb and headache. These very serious side effects and the obvious lack of effect have led me to sneak away Lyrica. At the moment I am at 2x25mg and in three days at 1x25mg. A few side effects are partially gone (fatigue, restless legs) or at least reduced (sleep disorder, memory, increased libido). The rest is still unchanged. As a result of the sloughing, the following side effects have now been added, but they are supposed to disappear in the end. – Acne – Itching I do not want to advise against Lyrica, because there are probably good useful results. For me, however, the side effects were a hundred times worse than the expected positive effect. Interaction with other means is more likely to be ruled out. Except Lyrica, I took only occasionally Nexium 20mg because of stomach hyperacidity. Otherwise nothing else. Before I got Lyrica, I was prescribed tilidine drops, which only helped marginally. Now, with only 2x25mg Lyrica, after one year I finally feel awake again. I hope that really all side effects and very special the double images disappear again.

  6. Christopher P. Panella says:
    2.5 rating

    Lyrica for Spastik; Pain (chronic)

    When taking the 3 drugs listed above, there were frightening side effects. After initially decaying pain symptoms came after about 4 weeks to extreme dry mouth, speech difficulties, constipation, depression to suicidal thoughts. The patient was no longer himself and here are also unprecedented cardiac arrhythmias search, which could be eliminated only by a hospital stay. After urgent, immediate discontinuation of Lyrica, the condition of the patient improves daily, although withdrawal symptoms (nausea and heat waves with heavy sweats) occurred.

  7. Betsey M. Parisi says:
    5.0 rating

    Lyrica for Trigeminal neuralgia

    Weight gain 8kg, increased appetite, too slow build up of the drug in the body (2-3 weeks), with acute increase in TN pain, the Lyrica acts too slow. if the Lyrica is taken too long, the effects diminish (increasing the dose required) Speech disorders, word finding problems, shaky gait, balance disorders withdrawal symptoms on withdrawal of Lyrica (chills, hot flashes, drowsiness, dullness, headache) Side effects of Timonil Dizziness after taking withdrawal symptoms on discontinuation of Lyrica Timonil (shaking, chills, pain in the ear, ….)

  8. Ruth D. Cummings says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Neuralgia

    Lyrica, an antidepressant, I have taken about 2.5 years against the pain of neuralgia. In the adjustment phase I had dizziness, nausea and strong tiredness, which then passed after about 3 months. Then I had to constantly increase the dose because the effect was no longer sufficient. After 2 years and 3 months I had abruptly about 50% of the listed side effects, which were mentioned in the leaflet. The side effects that have burdened me the worst were the very strong aggressiveness (I’ve done quite a bit of rebellion due to vain reasons and therefore made several friendships almost broken) and the constant strong nosebleeds, sometimes I have a cup filling (capacity about 250 ml ) lost in a single nosebleed. And if you do that several times a day, it weakens a lot. The Lyrica then, especially because of the nose bleeding, discontinued from one day to the other, the first week did not happen, but the 2nd and 3rd week I had severe whole-body pain. So, when settle, then I recommend, then gradually and not abrupt. And then, for the purpose of Lyrica at Wikipedia, It says that pregabalin (the active ingredient of Lyrica) is harmful to the health and also has a CORROSIVE effect. Hello? Doctors prescribe that and it’s approved by the drug agency? Do they want to see us healthy or do they just want to profit? I think rather that the profit would like to make, because a 100er box per 100mg per capsule costs the health insurance each time 181,18 euro. I do not want to counter the drug, I just want to clear it up. (In the case of gabapentin, of which I took only 1 capsule, since this medicine has been completely knocked out of my paws for more than 24 hours, that behaves similarly to the harmful influence.) Regarding the tilidine and tramadol I can say that this Medicines work very well with me and are also very well tolerated, so with the two I have no side effects. To the drug amitryptillin, which is indeed an antidepressant, I have also been tentatively prescribed for the pain of neuralgia. However, I have taken only one tablet in total, then I got quite a hallucination shortly after taking it. By the way, since then, I reject any antidepressants because the tricyclic antidepressants (which include the amitryptillin) have the same mechanism of action and thus can lead to the same side effects and I may not take MAO inhibitors due to my asthma medication.

  9. Deanna C. Garcia says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Fibromyalgia; Pain (acute)

    Part 3: The Withdrawal After reading one or the other, and getting annoyed with these drugs lunacy … I dropped Lyrica. And in 25mg steps over about 2-3 weeks. And many say yes there would be no withdrawal symptoms in Lyrica. So I can tell other things. Any reduction became worse and worse. I got sweats that I was scared of. During the day with every little effort I started to sweat. At night I changed (every night!) The nightgown 3-4 times, because the sweat dripped from me. Sleep … almost impossible. Mental headache and absolute morning sickness (no no pregnancy). And then the pain came … I call it a body ache, because it comes closest to it. 3 weeks ago I took the last Lyrica. And the headaches are gone. The exuberance goes like this. Have now 4 nights as good as not sweaty. But sweating in general is still. And it totally annoys. First a kind of hot flash and then I’m wet. Outside at 3 degrees I run around in the T-shirt. And the body aches are getting worse. I’m a little bit desperate … but I hope so.

  10. Dorthy D. Bryan says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyric has not diminished fears but rather amplified. At the dose of 250 mg I got balance disorders and a decrease in the amount of urine, which is why I wanted to stop. The weaning was the purest hell! Deposits, every day extreme tension, sweating, insomnia. The drug has brought me to total exhaustion.

  11. Matthew K. Walker says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Anxiety disorders

    Have a Benzodiazepinentzug after about 15 years of taking Xanor and Lexotanil behind me. In the withdrawal clinic, Lyrica was prescribed 375 mg daily after the physical withdrawal. Even in the clinic I had strong side effects such as staggering gait, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, memory blocks, fatigue, loss of taste and overall a zombie feeling. Despite repeated response of the responsible physician regarding the various sensations, Lyrica was not discontinued or another drug tried, but the dose increased. He just wanted to know if I still had panic attacks and because they had decreased, it remained despite the side effects at Lychar. Through the flower I was told that he already knew what he prescribed me. Since I was in his opinion not yet dismissive, I had to swallow the pills every day in front of the nurses probably. That was clearly disenfranchisement! After consultation with other patients, almost all Lyrica got in more or less dosage – regardless of whether it was alcoholic, tablet-dependent or depressive. My impression was that this drug was used like aspirin (probably had a lucrative contract with the pharmaceutical company …). After my release, I immediately tried to sneak Lyrica out. Because of that, it does not make it dependent. The greatest weaning symptoms of excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, constant agitation, aggression to nervous ticking. Could not go down further than up to 225 mg daily. Now, with the help of my doctor, try to find a suitable alternative medication for generalized anxiety disorders. Conclusion: with a drug in the withdrawal clinic in and out with another out. Since I could have stayed the same with my Benzo’s, which have caused as a side effect, although strong fatigue, but the effect was really helpful and have brought me much more quality of life. Lyrica for me clearly much worse than Xanor @ Co !!!

  12. Frank M. Huber says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Shingles

    After a strong herpes zoster in the face with Lyrica 150mg and Targin 5 / 10mg (and many other drugs) I have been particularly on these two drugs, since they make extremely dependent. I am currently trying to reduce by half of the amount previously taken (from 3x daily to only 1x daily). Side effects of the withdrawal I find very extreme. Strong stomach pain, cold sweat, strong shaking of the hands, muscle twitching, dejection, irritability, restless and the thoughts constantly revolve around the medication. But try to hold out, although I have at home even weaker dossierte tablets from my family doctor (almost as an emergency tablet).

  13. Dennis C. Biel says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Polytoxicomania

    Pregabalin has been on the drug scene for several years now … It’s easy to get – & gt; Receipt recipe, easy to obtain due to e.g. simulated depression or neuropathic pain … hardly any doctors have been aware of the addictive potential until some time ago in the medical journal has been reported, the Lyrica (pregabalin) makes heavily dependent … However, it is still not difficult to sneak prescriptions. .. However, I would strongly advise against taking high amounts of pregabalin, the effect can really lead to the death, and the withdrawal symptoms are really very extreme and hardly treat with other drugs … The withdrawal can be compared with that of methadone, polamidone and evt.l Benzodiazepines can be compared, so very extreme … I can advise against anyone to deliberately intoxicate with the stuff, you pay a lot for this intoxication, this stuff should not be prescribed so easily, the long-term damage is not yet known ….