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  1. Hattie D. Faulk says:
    3.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Multiple sclerosis; Pain (acute)

    I’ve had Ms since 1991 and in recent years the pain in my feet and legs has become unbearable. Feeling like being trapped in a vise and someone keeps turning. Initially, gabapentin was quite severe (dizziness, fatigue, word problems). In the meantime I take 2×600 mg in the evening and if necessary also 1-2x 600mg during the day. I’m tired of gabapentin, but I still can not sleep. I’ve gained weight if I skip the medication (because I want to drive a car over longer distances, for example), then I can def. not sleep. Vermutl. slight withdrawal symptom. Sexual desire has also declined significantly – but could also be due to the disease. Still, I would recommend gabapentin for such pain. Better to take something for the pain than to torture yourself all day. Oh well, if I move after taking (walk around or brush), then it does not work. In the meantime, medication only works for me after three or more hours. Taking today for example at 10 pm I am still sitting here and we have 2 pm!

  2. Florence J. Pittard says:
    4.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Sleep disorders; Pain (chronic)

    I am a border liner and have been in inpatient treatment for a very long time. In addition, I have chronic pain since a herpes zoster disease. I take: 150 saroten, 10000 gabapentin (I know that is a lot, actually, the maximum dose would be fixed at 3700) 150 Voltaren dispers, 400 Tramal, 300 Seroquel, 15 Zopiclone, 2 Pantozol … this is my solid medication, need medicine (eg Tavor) not included. All these medicines now cause me extreme stomach pains – I’ve had stomach ulcers a few years ago. Especially the Volatren and probably the Gabapentin also go to my stomach. But since I take it for a very long time and there are really many different tablets, I can not say exactly. From the Seroquel I have extremely increased, but need it for rest on the evening. Zopiclone is an indispensable sleeping drug for me, but when I try to leave it out I realize that I get withdrawal symptoms, not surprising after the years of taking in. However, I did not have to dose it high, I take the 2 tablets constantly and can therefore sleep relatively well. Saroten has also caused me to gain weight. The advantage is that I am a little sedated with the help of the Saroten during the day and so calmed down.

  3. Mable A. Newberry says:
    3.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Disc prolapse

    I have tilidine 5xtgl. 20 Tr. taken.Has worked well in combination with the other drugs. Was for the first time after 2.5 years really 24 hours painless. After 5 months I have the Tilidindosis on 3xtgl.20Tr. I went down, as I have the disturbances in memory and the permanent tiredness as increasingly disturbing. There was a great sadness (depression?), Which flattened after about 3 months. But I can live with that, because of the painlessness I could walk upright and again over longer distances. Since July 08 all pain is gone and I try to stop the medication altogether. After I tried to stop everything at once, but this had terrible withdrawal symptoms / pain result, I now taste carefully at lower doses zoom. Is tedious and has the worst side again the great sadness in the luggage, but I want to get rid of it and so I have to go through there then. At the moment I’m 12Tr at tomorrow. Tilidine and in the evening 16 drops and ibuprofen I reduced to half-900 mg and gabapentin by one-third to 600 mg. I’ve noticed that I often feel very powerless and feel like I can not get my feet up. But that is only the case if I have not taken my tilidinration yet. After taking it takes about 30 minutes and I’m totally fit. So also a doping agent. I did not discover this effect until the end of August. Really good help with the exit is not good to get. I had a great general practitioner who unfortunately closed his practice. The pain clinic that I visited now did not really help me either. I’ve been that far before. Can the withdrawal actually be made stationary? If I’ve done it, I’ll get back to you. Greetings Olivia

  4. Kayla C. Libby says:
    4.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Epilepsy

    I am still dosing and it will take about 1 month until I reach the target dose. As far as the compatibility is good – what diarrhea, gangrene, headaches, stomach problems, etc. concerns. Fortunately, that did not happen. But but dizziness, fatigue u. Drowsiness, aggressiveness. I have to do VERY concentrated my work and prefer to look twice before I put something as done. For now I like to confuse letters and have number-winners in it. As you say, I’m right next to the cap. I can not say that I’m gaining weight, but rather the opposite – I’m losing weight like a tear-off calendar. With the dosing is also stupid: beginning 1-0-0 to zeimal daily u. now, at the higher dose, again only 1-0-0 for 10 days. Therefore, I have slight withdrawal symptoms at noon. Unpleasant. There are also occasional seizures, but they do not get through properly. That’s really hard. I hope that once the dosing is over, the unpleasant side effects disappear and the seizures no longer occur so frequently. Despite everything, an improvement I could already fetstellen. With everything else, I say: Take it with humor, there you have to go through. I’m also fortunate enough to have knowledgeable colleagues.

  5. Nicholas D. Schmitt says:
    3.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Phantom pain

    Deafferencing pain syndrome due to plexus eruption on the right arm. Biceps restored after nerve grafting. Pain syndrome especially in the radial area of the r. Hand (feel of bone marrow scraping on thumb / vise on wrist). Initially good effect of Tilidin, however, very fast getting used with increase of the dose (in the end up to 400 Tr./ day), dependence, tiredness, whereby the brain rages, therefore sleep disturbances (on average / night approx. 2-3 hours sleep) and finally, ineffective in the pain syndrome, if you do not keep increasing your dose. With withdrawal in pain clinic withdrawal symptoms, afterwards however ever more disappearing sleep disturbances up to the restoration of the normal Biorhytmus. Switch to Katadolon, but only for the first 5 days positive effect, then more and more ineffective and therefore deposition. Tramadol completely without effect (not surprising in previous Tilidindosierung). Attitude to Neurontin / Gabapentin. Initially 3x300mg, then 3×400, 4×400 until now 4x600mg. At the beginning a relatively good effect, but again and again interrupted by days with more severe pain (extreme weather sensitivity). If you increase too fast (from 3×400 to 3×600) dizziness, orientation problems. In pain clinic in connection with pain catheter (Carbostesin) and Neurontin of Ratiopharm no clearly noticeable side effects and partly really small pain. After pain clinic Neurontin was prescribed by company Pfizer (4×600), through which it came especially in the evening to strong dizziness to nausea. Recently switched to Biligvariante (so my family doctor) Gabapentin CT 600 CT firm with better tolerability, but after pain clinic again significantly greater pain, so that action against Deafferenzierungsschmerzen is questionable, an effect only in conjunction with continuous-catheter-pain therapy adjusted , About a year ago, I tried LYRICA for 5 weeks, which was quite effective (it could reduce tilidine by 50%), but in those 5 weeks I used 20 Kg and put it down again, and so did it came to a clear sexual reluctance. In the pain clinic was also Baclophen (10 days to reduce sleep disturbances, but without noticeable effect) and before going to bed Doxiphin (initially 5 Tr., Which were increased to 13 Tr., Intake over about 45 days.) These had Relaxing and thus helped to fall asleep, but not to sleep through) and as Rescuetropfen were given me to extreme pain to 40 Trp. Tilidine, which I took from me as seldom as possible, after weaning (which lasted 7 weeks supported by Valoron as a sustained release to quell the withdrawal symptoms), however, achieved noticeable relief. Morphines were also tried (Sevredol 10 mg), which did not provide pain relief, but extreme fatigue. For me, the finding remains that Neurontin (probably only from Ratiopharm) in conjunction with pain catheter achieved good effect, without catheter, however, remains almost without effect, it also feels like drunk at night (company Pfizer) and Tilidine after withdrawal again SHORT-TERM but it is tempted to increase the dose again – especially when the weather changes (because even the pain catheter did not help), so there is always the danger of dependency on tilidine. For all medications, I was astonished that my liver values were always good, with Neurontin occasionally producing an over-acidified stomach. The tried alternative Tramadol achieved 0.0% effect

  6. Nellie A. Cartwright says:
    3.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Phantom pain

    Although I am painless with gabapentin, I notice more and more side effects, i.a. – strong weight gain – thought disorders, concentration disorders – sleep disorders – tachycardia – ear noises – water retention throughout the body (heart and kidneys are without findings). I have stopped taking tramadol after just over a year. I suffered the associated withdrawal symptoms. The headaches and the \ Nebensichstehen \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  7. Thomas M. Lowry says:
    3.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Pain (joint)

    Side effects: Constipation, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, sweating, depression. I take now 4x half a tablet of 20 mg oxycodone every 6 years for 6 months. Gabapentin 3x daily (morning, noon, evening). This combination works very well against my pain. I have osteoarthritis in the right elbow joint. As a side effect bothers me the most, that you needed more sleep and the concentration has decreased greatly. Forgetfulness also occurs more frequently in my life. Furthermore blockages and I have become more moody. I strongly believe that kidney and liver are severely affected by these drugs. Which Medikamt now causes something I do not know exactly. I think oxycodone will be more harmful as an opioid. If I miss a dose, then I get cravings, hour later stomach cramps, diarrhea, sweats and tremors.

  8. Ronda H. Brady says:
    3.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Depression; Pain (chronic)

    Jurnistra as well as other morphine hpts has led to severe constipation in my life.I need to be very careful that I have regular bowel movements, otherwise it will be catastrophic. I was extremely sick with Gabapentin, I had confusion, increased anxiety, and uncontrolled, slurred speech, and these symptoms subsided after about 5 weeks. Sevredol works well and reliably unless I wait too long to use it on a pain burst. I have gained about 10 kilograms under the above mentioned therapy, although I can not say clearly which drug actually made it, as all were taken at about the same time.