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  1. Jamey J. Perdue says:
    3.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Burnout syndrome; Depression

    Fluoxetine has been shown to have an excellent effect when taken with 2 tablets of 20 mg. I was really fine with that. Unfortunately, significant erectile dysfunction and almost complete loss of libido occurred at the same time. 1 tablet was unfortunately too weak but also brought no / hardly any side effects. Positive aspect: weight loss. Cymbalta has a good effect with fewer side effects. Normal libido, only even easier erectile dysfunction. Especially if I forgot the tablets again 3 or 4 days and imagine I do not need them … and start again. During this time from the 3rd day heavy perspiration, slowed thought processes, nausea and strong irritability. With regular intake: o.k., but relatively strong weight gain.

  2. William A. Merino says:
    3.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Anxiety disorders; Social phobia; Depression

    Fluoxetine in the context of Doxepin: Significant weight gain of over 20 kilos.Doxepin alone brings almost no nix.Hinterher discontinued and only taken fluoxetine! After stopping the doxepin several years had Herzryhtmusstörungen.Beim you have to watch outright when you drop off Fluoxetine, little side effect, Except short taste changes (Metallic taste in the mouth). Otherwise, Fluoxetine, has little effect on anxiety, but again very good in depressive mood! Also, you ponder less!

  3. Mark A. Buford says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    Even if one thinks of taking off the tablets, I had not made that experience. On the contrary, I was gaining weight again. I felt a certain coldness in my senses and could not really feel pain or pain After that, I escaped the first time, I got depression and I was totally zappelig.Seit August I came from 80mg down to 40mg and it was not much worse. But I then on my own After a few weeks I was very dizzy and my nerves were blank. It came back to good and bad feelings, but I felt again. Since I have learned new from the family doctor, that in a long-term study is not good for the Bodies are / consequential damages.

  4. Michael P. Dennis says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Drive disorders; Depression

    My depression disappeared with the drug after about three weeks. However, the side effects made the drug useless, because after taking a tablet, I was only tired and slept almost the whole day. At the beginning of the treatment and on discontinuation of the drug, I had withdrawal symptoms at night, such as nightmares and heavy sweating, which could be detected for about three days each. With alcohol, the effect of the drug was enormously enhanced. I have never been so happy and happy.

  5. Una D. Gonzalez says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    With a gradual withdrawal of originally 20 mg per day about three weeks after the last dose, the following side effects occur: paresthesia (as the strongest side effect), chest tightness, slight balance insecurity, feeling awkward and inactive, difficulty concentrating, heavy legs, mild nausea, slight shortness of breath , The withdrawal side effects are still more than three weeks after the last dose (at the present time) about six weeks after.

    Side effects: Withdrawal symptoms
  6. Ruth D. Johnson says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    I take since the beginning of 2001 Fluctin (at that time still expensive), now generic Fluoxitin from different manufacturers. Fluoxitin works for me against depression, Howling cramps and listlessness and constantly circulating thoughts. Dose 40 mg in the morning. In the beginning, it took a few weeks for the effect to build up. I was totally tired, could not sleep and had to yawn constantly. My sleep rhythm was very confused. Suddenly (as written in other reviews) everything was blown away. Fluoxitin pushes me in the morning. 1 attempt at settling failed, but because I did not go out, but suddenly dropped off. Meanwhile, I feel a few side effects such as permanently blocked nose, anemia, and restlessness in the legs. My mental situation has improved a lot. At the beginning of November 2011 I lowered the dose to 30mg with the agreement of my treating psychiatrist. He even suggested a dose of 20 mg. Unfortunately, I was 30 mg within 1 week worse again. Irritability, headaches, thought disorders – everything is back. Quickly I set the old dose of 40mg again. Worked up again within a few hours. The next reduction will come, but no longer in the 10mg range but only 2.5mg-wise. It works well for me. Nevertheless, I would like to be so stable at some point that I no longer need the medicine. There must be plenty of other things left.

  7. Clara T. Horton says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Borderline; Depression

    Take for about 2.5 years Seroquel. Have begun with a stay in the clinic, after Jarsin has brought nothing. I started slowly and then got into the clinic on a daily dose of 300mg. About half a year later I took 10 mg of fluoxetine in consultation with my therapist. It went well for a while, but eventually it was not enough anymore. Then had to go to 400 mg of seroquel and 10 mg of fluoxetine. So in the morning and in the evening 200 mg of seroquel and 10 mg of fluoxetine in the morning. At some point Ferro Sanol was added due to iron deficiency. A short time later I had to go again 50 mg with the Seroquel higher, 450 mg daily. At the beginning of this year, 20 mg Nexium mmorgens were added due to gastrointestinal problems. Had to undergo a gastrointestinal spotting at the hospital. It turns out that I have a stomach, an intestinal inflammation and chronic heartburn. So I have to take Nexium for the stomach now. In the middle of this year, the sero dose was again increased by 50 mg. Now take 500 mg Seroquel, 10 mg Fluoxetine, 20 mg Nexium, 40 mg Ferro Sanol and Yasmin. Sin a lot of pills every day, but without it does not work. When I started with the Seroquel, I was pretty flat for the first 2 weeks. I was tired all day and just wanted to sleep. Preferably the whole day, but that was not possible in the clinic because of the therapies. After about 3 weeks the fatigue would be less and less. After that, my daily routine was okay again. When the Seroquel was raised to 500mg this year, fatigue returned. I slept up to 17 hours a day. It’s getting a lot harder for me to get up. It took me a long time to catch myself first. After sleeping, I did not get much on the line. I was broken as if. In addition, there was also dizziness. When after 3 weeks the fatigue and the daily dizziness were less, I was also to use something again. Meanwhile, I get along so well with all the medication. In the 2.5 years, I myself several times tried to sell the drug. I would not recommend this to anyone without medical attention, as I did. I was totally crazy and had a lot of mood swings, which turned from one to the other minute. I could not sleep anymore. Was then awake up to 3 days at a time. When I said that it would not work, I took the medication again. Until the mirror has first rebuilt went 2-3 days in the country. After that I could sleep again. I would not advise anyone to do it the way I gamacht. The times without the medication were the horror. Since I have my experiences with it, I do not even try to sell it alone. I take my medication as it is agreed with my therapist and that’s good too. However, I need at least 8 hours sleep. This is nothing. 8 hours are the limit. Sleep an average of 9-9.5 hours per night. But also clearly notice that I need it.