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  1. Bryan N. Carney says:
    3.5 rating

    Diazepam for Psychosis; Sleep disorders

    After the start of therapy with venlafaxine, headache and nausea appeared at short notice. After side effect. When discontinuing venlafaxine, “kicks” occurred, such as electric shock. After initiating therapy with Seroquel, a desirable side effect occurred after ingestion – & gt; Fatigue Sleep disorders may occur when stopping the Seroquel. Heartburn was rare after starting pantoprazole. After taking pipamperone, there was no relief. No side effects to report After starting to take diazepam, a dose increase within a very short time to report, after prolonged ingestion no sedative / calming effect is no longer present

  2. Roger L. Godfrey says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Pain (back); Sleep disorders

    Diazepam: I started taking diazepam because I was feeling restless and anxious. At first it was great. However, after years of taking not more like at first, it no longer worked in a new anxiety attack. I had to overcome everything myself – headache. Whether it is degraded faster in smokers, I can not say. All I know is that in the last few years I have taken 20-100mg every 2-4 days. In part, I think that I just wanted to rest and the high dose was not necessary. Side effects I had / felt like this: lethargic, mood swings, loss of libido – but no total loss, loss of interest. Now I have not taken anything for 200 hours. The side effects became uncomfortable for me. I feel everything on the body tingling, changes in taste, difficulty falling asleep, motor skills when very inaccurate, even back pain. In general, my sense of touch is disturbed. So I took 10mg after the first weaning and am disappointed that I could not keep it up, but I keep going so I only took 10mg. Let’s see how it goes on. Morphine and Morphine Retard: 20 years ago I got morphine vials of 20mg and later morphine retard tablets of 100mg. Initially, I injected morphine daily 80-140mg then I got from my doctor 100mg Tabl. 3 times a day 100mg there with me after 8h. the effect wore off. I have to say that morphine helps a lot but after years you have to increase the daily dose otherwise it only helps to a limited extent. Side effects: Definitely constipation but bearable by the doctor. Otherwise, I do not know if the other side effects come from diazepam. Hydromorphone: taking 16mg 3 times a day. Slight improvement in pain. Side effects: constipation.

  3. Alexander L. Olsen says:
    3.0 rating

    Diazepam for Epilepsy

    The effect of Diazepam is generally good, but I expressly warn against development of addiction after prolonged (over a maximum of 4 weeks) ingestion. When the preparation is discontinued, restlessness, anxiety and muscle pain / muscle twitching occur frequently. The latter is not yet listed in the leaflet. After discontinuation, anxiety symptoms appeared again more strongly.

  4. Misty J. Donofrio says:
    4.0 rating

    I’ve always known that benzodiazepines can make you addicted quickly. Since one with a borderline personality tends to develop addiction often, I try to get along with extreme anxiety and restlessness with Truxal (neuroleptic – calming) (I take a constant antidepressants). However, when I had a particularly lengthy and severe borderline episode 2 years ago, I had to resort to diazepam, but dosed (at home) relatively low (5 mg / day). As my mental state continued to worsen, I was hospitalized and (in addition to other psychotropic drugs) on 10 mg diazepam / day set. The drug works really well against many severe anxiety and panic attacks, but unfortunately, the dose must be repeatedly increased to achieve a consistent effect. The only side effect with me was a little tiredness, which I found relaxing. When I arrived at 30 mg / day, I set myself the limit to go back slowly in 5 mg steps after a week !!! to dose down. It worked pretty well too. I stayed at 5 mg / day for a long time, but terrible was the last step to 0.0 mg / day: paralyzing anxiety and extreme mood swings that I probably just kept up with because I always go to my best friend (who has had benzoin for 10 years). depends). Since then I take Valium only as a single dose in an emergency – which fortunately works for me without renewed dependency.