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We have 54 consumer reports for Anafranil. Withdrawal symptoms effect occurred in 6%.

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  1. Mae A. Sosa says:
    2.5 rating

    Through Anafranil, I can live again because it greatly reduces my social phobia. Unfortunately, I tend to sweat through Anafranil. I also have slight increases in liver function (GGT is constantly at 100). But all in all a very good potent drug which can only be stopped very slowly (habituation, dependency)

    Side effects: Withdrawal symptoms; Sweat
  2. Deborah E. Nicholas says:
    3.0 rating

    Anafranil for Depression

    since I take the drug especially suffering from fatigue, lack of concentration and gedaechtnissprobleme, but also slight incontinence. Nevertheless, I am very happy that I do not have to live without, because otherwise I was very sociable, sentimental and easily irritable. In the meantime, I tried to sell anafranil, which was followed by severe circulatory and perceptual disturbances. By the way, I am a teenager and belong to a group of patients that is not recommended. My doctor said I should still try it, for which I’m grateful to him.

  3. Warren H. Gilliam says:
    4.5 rating

    Anafranil for Narcolepsy

    My ICH has changed completely. While I used to like to go out a lot and had lots of social contacts, now I’m just the opposite. Laughter was my hobby No.1 Complete listlessness and indifference now determine my life. In my opinion, this is clearly due to the drug Anafranil. My weight gain at 183 cm height is from now 90 kg now 130 kg Other side effects are frequent nausea and headache. Especially if I take no Anafranil or try to reduce the dosage, the withdrawal symptoms are very violent. Sweats, electric shocks in the brain (I can not describe otherwise) and the most violent unbearable nightmares are the most striking side effects. ————————————————– ——– Whether VIGIL also has side effects, I can not judge, as I einstufe above on Anafranil. There are days when I stay awake even without VIGIL (if the term awakens at all in narcolepsy) But if I expire 2 days, my hibernation will start, no matter what time of year we have … On some days it is also VIGIL completely ineffective. Incidentally, I have had the best experience with the use of sleeping pills. So I felt fitter during the day. However, since our “people’s representatives” were of the opinion that even in the case of chronic illnesses, they would no longer prescribe sleeping pills at the expense of the health insurance companies, I can no longer afford them because of Hartz IV. Incidentally, I received a 4-page personal answer on request from our remaining-yes-all-healthy-but-not-on-cost-of-health-insurance minister Ulla Schmidt. Yes, whole 4 pages. 4 words would have been enough. I have no idea But our sovereigns have more than enough of that …