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  1. Alene B. Bush says:
    4.0 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    I had to take Ramipril 5mg once early because I had high blood pressure. 220/140 at the doctor. After 2 doses of nitrospray in the doctor’s office this dropped to 198/137. After that I took about 6 days Ramipril alone. On the day I had increased to 7.5mg (blood pressure about 170/110) I got the first panic attack with tachycardia and legs shaking. I got 5mg ramipril and 5mg amlodipine afterwards. (Blood pressure after a few days 130/85) After 14 days I still had slight dizziness and other panic attacks. I had dry mouth and heartburn. I took my heartbeat the whole time was uncomfortable. I no longer felt hungry or thirsty. I had been standing next to me the whole time. Made mistakes in the simplest things and even forgot to do the ice back into the freezer. I was able to sleep very well. Was also rested afterwards. In the 14 days I lost 5kg weight. Now I get another drug that belongs to the group of angiotensin II antagonists. Here, however, I can not give any information on any side effects. At the moment I am doing comparatively normal – good.

  2. Juanita C. Kane says:
    2.0 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    Ad 1: Since taking ramipril since November 2007, I started to produce bronchial mucus in large quantities and lost 5 kg. Ramipril prescribed my GP for hypertension. I immediately dropped Ramipril. First, he would have had to send me to the radiologist for my thyroid gland. I’ve been taking Euthyrox 75 for about 25 years. When I was a radiologist, I made an appointment without my GP and a warm knot was found on my thyroid gland. Lt. Radiologist I have to halve the dose of Euthyrox. Even though the thyroid or parathyroid glands produce too much hormone, blood pressure can rise. Now an internist has prescribed me because of the bronchial mucus Inuvair 100/6, although I have an overactive thyroid and suffer from high blood pressure. Now I suffer from insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety. Because of my hypertension, he prescribed me bisoprolol-corax 5 mg, although I have hyperthyroidism.