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  1. Florine J. Bridwell says:
    3.5 rating

    Hello, I did not tolerate Mirena and my gyn pulled her back after 1 year. Bleeding periods were normal and headache, irritability and sexual desire too. BUT I also lost weight, even though I ate like a barn shredder I have never had. Eat what I wanted and I have lost weight 🙂 Now I take the pill again and everything is the same (unfortunately have my old weight again but everything else is good again)

  2. Cassidy T. Proper says:
    5.0 rating

    Good day dear fellow sufferers, I have the hormone spiral Mirena on 17.07.2013, 6 weeks after the birth of my daughter, let lay. This was not very painful, I thought it was ok. My gynecologist recommended the Mirena as a very safe contraceptive because we do not want a child anymore. The doctor gave me before inserting, a week to think and the leaflet with. I have also been informed in the week about the side effects in forums, but thought that I do not meet these agony. After the Mirena was laid, I first had my first period after the birth of my child and followed, according to my doctor, the normal spotting, to settle in to the spiral. This procedure lasted about 1.5 months. After that, extreme abdominal pain followed, I was already thinking of contractions, went to the doctor and this only said that the body just got used to it. In September / October I had a lot of stress and lost a lot in two weeks, so friends of mine thought I was anorexic, but I have to say I was always very slim before pregnancy and I had the same stress as others, but never lost so much weight. Then from the time of October to December including a short break of 10 days, completely bled … Sometimes weak times strong, but no end in sight. Several gynecological visits and painkillers prescribed for abdominal pain, as well as 2 cysts in the relatively short time. Nervously I was built very close to the water, which was not before. The end of the Mirena, however, I had 3 weeks ago, when I finally had another 2 days no bleeding and then but had very severe pain in the GV, it was over for me. Why do I need a contraceptive if I only bleed and, especially with GV, have pain and no longer feel like it? It was clear to me, get out with the part. When my family doctor also reported blood results from the last decrease and asked me to let the coil go because of the chronic bleeding, because I have a Lyme disease that needs to be treated urgently, it was 100% clear that she had to go out , I then made an appointment a week ago with my FÄ, this had no objection, even said that it is better that way and that it just does not suit me and so I have today after half a year, the Mirena let go. I felt a bit better right after the draw, because I had such a very bad feeling of pressure in the abdomen, it just hurt, was gone … It was the spiral itself. My FÄ said in the draw that the spiral itself already had solved itself, so my body would have repelled the Mirena quasi …. So it has felt the last days: O I just hope that my body levels off again and I hope soon again have a regular cycle, because I do not know this at all now. I do not regret laying and early pulling because I know my body, it just did not fit. Just a shame about the money, the health and body sensation. Never again Mirena!