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  1. Hazel I. West says:
    3.5 rating

    only heavy weight loss 12 kilo 3 months

    Side effects: Weight loss
  2. Jamey J. Perdue says:
    3.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Burnout syndrome; Depression

    Fluoxetine has been shown to have an excellent effect when taken with 2 tablets of 20 mg. I was really fine with that. Unfortunately, significant erectile dysfunction and almost complete loss of libido occurred at the same time. 1 tablet was unfortunately too weak but also brought no / hardly any side effects. Positive aspect: weight loss. Cymbalta has a good effect with fewer side effects. Normal libido, only even easier erectile dysfunction. Especially if I forgot the tablets again 3 or 4 days and imagine I do not need them … and start again. During this time from the 3rd day heavy perspiration, slowed thought processes, nausea and strong irritability. With regular intake: o.k., but relatively strong weight gain.

  3. Bryan B. Tucker says:
    3.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    The drug works reasonably well against depression and anxiety, but various side effects such as muscle pain, nausea and libido disorders, like almost all antidepressants, are more of a postponement of the symptoms that did not exist before.

  4. Barbara F. Arredondo says:
    5.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Adh syndrome

    It’s my first antidepressant (at 48, I’m proud of myself). I was a bit anxious about the side effects in the first 3 days (1/2 tablet). Headache; I am used, I have taken no countermeasures. Nausea; I just take this way. Extreme loss of appetite; Should I complain about it? Weight loss; I consider that a reward. I’ll start celebratingHooray! Fatigue / yawn; Shit … me on it! Despite all complaint I’m traveling daily. Impairment of concentration; I am special caution driving a car. At the household and working life (8 St./Tag) can be something to remember. Impairment of thought; I do not take anything personally anymore. The feeling that everything is too bright or that I speak too loud. Despite all side effects, I drive at least 35Km car every day. The doctor had me confident, I could do it.

  5. Tara M. Corcoran says:
    3.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    At the beginning sleep disturbances, but lay down after about 3 weeks. The restlessness lasted a long time (was a problem because I am always very nervous and restless, shaking became better with time, so at the beginning I also had a severe stomach ache for the first few weeks.) In the first months I had a weight loss of about 5 But without this medication, I would not have been able to get my education because I was so depressed that I wanted to stop my training, and after a few days, I noticed a very good recovery (despite the side effects) .I was more balanced, happier and important was much, much more concentrated at work, as well as at school, but after 8 years the effect wore off and I slowly discontinued the medication, but now I have not taken it for 5 months, but for a few weeks I am feeling bad again. As of today, I’m taking fluoexetine again and I’m feeling better again, of course, that can be imaginative, I’m a bit worried because I’m back on the medication and I am also afraid that I can not be completely satisfied without fluoxetine.

  6. Virginia D. Pappas says:
    3.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    I got fluoxetine prescribed for my depression and it worked great and I had almost no side effects. The only side effects I found were Übelket or a very lethargic feeling in the stomach (but that was only if I took it without first eating something, if I had eaten before (what a little has served as a toast or ruffle ) then it was wonderful). Otherwise, I was generally less hungry than usual, which led to weight loss (very nice side effect). The only real disturbing side effect was that my sexual desire was significantly reduced and I had orgasm problems (which was more to the chagrin of my partner than my own). But I can only recommend it really helped me a lot! PS: I can not say anything about the price because it was paid by the health insurance company

  7. June E. Iverson says:
    3.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Pain (chronic)

    Bisohexal against tachycardia, does not always help otherwise well tolerated. So far, different AD`s always with side effect of sleep disorders and weight gain. For 4 weeks because of anxiety Fluoxetine Neuraxpharm get. Side effects started on the 1st day. With sleeplessness, (1 hour per night slept) tachycardia (pulse to 160), nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, leakage of the chest, vaginal bleeding, restlessness, tremor, (increased anxiety) and slight weight loss, listlessness. After consultation by the psychiatrist drug creep and for reassurance temporarily Tavor. Never again. You change totally. No interests in any things. Just kill time and wait for the next day to get better. I’m glad when I’m back.

  8. David E. Ortiz says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    Treatment with fluoxetine started with 10mg and was done after about two months at 20mg per day. After only a few days, I was able to discover an increase in drive, and after a good month and a half, the frequency, intensity, and number of times I had recovered my obsessive thoughts decreased by a good third. But over time, there was a restless urge to move, decreased appetite, weight loss of about 5kg, depression and strong suicidal thoughts, which led to discontinuation of the drug. There were no depressive disorders prior to treatment with fluoxetine. Even after treatment, these depressions continue to persist. I have not been taking fluoxetine for five months now and I have not taken the drug with other medicines. In general, however, I can not say that fluoxetine has improved my situration. Nevertheless, I do not regret having decided to donate this supplement because I believe that it can help many people and that the side effects do not always have to be that strong …

  9. Judy T. Pope says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder; Bulimia; Depression

    At the beginning of the intake, especially severe headaches and nausea occurred, which disappeared completely after 3 weeks. I also had sleep problems, both falling asleep and waking up too early (around 4 or 5 in the morning). This problem also disappeared after about 4 weeks. Slightly decreased appetite and weight loss were noted. Further problems during the intake did not occur. The effect occurred after about 3-4 weeks (increase in motivation, fewer bingeing, easing of the compulsive acts).

  10. Peggy A. Nicholls says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    Dizziness at first, head pressure, slight weight loss. Meanwhile, more weight gain and sweating, both not necessarily related to the drug, but rather genetically determined. After the initial dose of 20 mg each increased at intervals of about 1 year to 30 mg and now for 4 years to 40 mg. Get along well with the drug. Depression is completely gone, anxiety disorder too.

    Side effects: Weight loss; Sweat; Headache; Dizziness