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  1. Lois A. Ledford says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Mania

    First had Seroquel and had only problems. I felt dizzy, just intoxicated. Had itching and water retention in the legs to do and finally came to swallowing problems and I almost suffocated. Now I get Ergenyl Chrono and I’m super clear. I am calmer and can better deal with my illness. My judgment is sharper and more critical. At the current level – I could imagine with the disease in support of the Ergenyl Chrono my quality of life and those of my environment (in connection with me) to be able to improve for me. I did not gain weight on both medications, lost 3kg, and did not get it again.

  2. Ronda J. Shuler says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Pain (acute); Obsessive compulsive disorder; Depression

    Valdoxan 25 mg is not for moderate and severe depression (my experience). For mild depression, good for falling asleep. A drug with few side effects. Mirtazapine well tolerated in the beginning, later came some side effects such as shaking, agitation, heavy weight gain, the worst was that I did not recognize myself in the mirror, I thought there is a stranger person.Then I got Seroquel Prolong and Sertraline. To start Seroquel Prolong 25mg then slowly increased to 50mg, 100mg, 150mg.This medication can be set very high on the administration of 800/1000 mg a day, I had helped 100 mg well, had at the time so also three different sorts ingested (Valdoxan, Seroquel and Sertraline). With this three station wagon I survived well for a very long time and went through many highs and lows, only I was getting thicker and thicker. Now and then I also got a water tablet (HCT) because I really have a lot Had water retention. Sertraline I can only praise and has helped wonderfully. After the creeping of the dependent drugs my neurologist then prescribed me later Opipramol to come over the time where I suffered strong emotional withdrawal symptoms. In the beginning it was great and had to take well with Valdoxan. But the more days and times passed, sleep disturbances, weight gain (I was really swollen, the face stretched extremely), restlessness, dissatisfaction and nervousness.

  3. Wendy E. Coffman says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Social phobia

    In 2009, I had my first six-month inpatient stay in a child and adolescent psychiatry, where the effectiveness of other psychotropic markers on me was tested until the doctor and a psychotherapist came to an agreement with me on Seroquel Prolong. About four months I took daily a dose of 360mg a.Positive was during this time that I believed to perceive more. I was creative, painted a lot with acrylics, invented stories, tried to write poetry. I thought about many things and thus became more mature and more communicative. Maybe that was another matter. What I have seen in myself and other peers who have taken (or are still taking) Seroquel is that you become much more self-confident. You have a much stronger personality and it radiates that too. I probably trusted myself a lot more with this new self-esteem and wanted to try new things, so I got creative … When the effect wore off in the evening, I got tired. Very tired and timid. I was me again. With this drug you could change your whole personality, which also led to abuse for me. The highest dose Seroquel prescribed for you is 800mg. I have never taken such a huge amount. Seroquel is not addictive. If someone deliberately takes too much, that has something to do with the person. Due to my strong negative experiences with Seroquel, I discontinued it without medical consultation. I did not want to take it anymore. You always have a feeling of drowsiness. After school, I was so exhausted that I had to lie down because I was so tired. This tiredness is the most horrible thing about Seroquel. I slept through afternoons and in the evening I was able to go to bed again at eight o’clock and go to sleep. In addition, one is feeling dust. Whether that’s good or not, everyone can decide for themselves. At some point, I no longer knew what fear is, which probably results in my self-confidence. One feels alien to oneself. But I believe that Seroquel does not differ from other psychopharmarks. What I also suffered a lot and even my self-esteem was scratched was that I was obviously getting fat. You ate more, so put on a lot of weight, which was not just pure fat. It formed a water deposit on my stomach, which made me look visually very thick. This is similar for other adolescents I know and who have been taking Seroquel for a long time. About three weeks ago I was released from my last inpatient stay. There I met several patients who get Seroquel. If you observe their eating behavior at lunch, you come to the conclusion that the shovels like something else. The worst part is that you are powerless even if you make less (that means normal).