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  1. Donald L. Dotson says:
    3.5 rating

    No rose without thorns … In 1996 I noticed that Atosil (promethazine) with about 80 pots once helps against anxiety attacks very well. Strong coffee helps against drowsiness. Citalopram is a very potent drug and initially has very strong side effects. Already at 10mg at the beginning I had a strong drop in blood pressure, so I did not dare to go outside for three days. Unfortunately, the smallest strength is 10mg, the first few days you should start with 5mg / day. Even when weaning you should get withdrawal symptoms. First, I got from the cita an aqueous bowel movement (no diarrhea), dizziness and dry mouth. It stayed that way a bit. Also with me an indifference against female stimuli adjusted (libido loss). Furthermore, there were: water retention in the legs (on the other hand, diuretics like torasemide help to gain weight (eat a lot of vegetables and lean quark), my age-related distance vision has increased. I take 40mg cita a day now. , 400mg amisulpride and 20mg torasemide / day. And very strong Kafee …. These are my experiences. This can be different for everyone and you have to try it out. Good luck and courage, you have to go through but it helps. Stefan

  2. Stella D. Johnson says:
    4.0 rating

    Promethazine for Sleep disorders

    So, now I would like to share my experiences, because something incredible happened to me. For some months I have been using promethazine because I could not sleep well and was too agitated. The drug helped me a lot. I quickly fell asleep and was not smashed the next morning either. Side effects include water retention and weight gain. This can only happen sometimes, but I got a little headache after taking the drug for a long time and I have gained a lot of weight. In the last two years, I have lost 25 kg through diet and exercise. After Christmas I had about 7 – 8 kg back on it. At first I thought that was related to Christmas and I was motivated and changed my diet again and went back to sports regularly. I could do whatever I wanted, I always had a weight. Whether I was at sports, that did not matter. I was really desperate and then went to my doctor. She took blood from me and also examined urine. It was all great, so that a metabolic disorder or thyroid disease could be ruled out. I then told her my suspicions about Promethazine, but she did not want to hear that. I then discontinued the drug on my own, since I should only take it if necessary anyway. The first 7 days did not happen, but then it started. I had to go to the bathroom so often and for weeks, so I lost almost 4 kg in the first week alone. Now begins the second week and I was now (10:31 clock) 14 times on the toilet. So if you have these problems, it could be that you also have water in it.

    Side effects: Water storages
  3. Diane D. Evans says:
    3.0 rating

    Promethazine for Borderline; Depression; Sleep disorders

    I got the drug in a clinic instead of my previously taken sleeping pills (crescent moon). In this respect, a somewhat strange replacement. About an hour after taking (2 tablets), I was like switched off. My sentences were getting shorter and shorter and I’m in the bathroom at a snail’s pace, barely enough energy to brush my teeth. I could not imagine a sedative effect until the next day. But for weight gain, about 3 kilos in 10 weeks and slightly bloated tissue. Even more, however, have irritated me the word-finding disorders. Initially, there were reversed initials, e.g. Spleen pencil instead of felt-tip pen – later I was missing more and more sentences. For me, this development was so frightening that I now just crawl this drug on my own and instead take back my at least felt harmless SChlaftabletten.