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  1. Carrie F. Banks says:
    4.5 rating

    After 4 wanted pregnancies I had the Mirena Spiral inserted. From head free for the love !!! In 9 months 6 Kg., Very severe depression and anxiety, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, constant fungal infections, listlessness, mood swings, tiredness. That’s what I think of so spontaneously. When I was sitting at the Gyn., The helper said that I did not have to read through everything: everything was scare. Therefore, I did not know the side effects before. After 9 months I went to Gyn., And told him about my complaints (still not knowing that they came from the spiral)! He recommended to remove the Mirena immediately and used a copper spiral for me. The pull of the Mirena I did not feel. The setting was very uncomfortable. That was yesterday, in four weeks I have an appointment at gyn. and I’ll tell him how I feel now. One thing is certain: I will never use hormones again! Of course, not everyone is like me, my friend eg. tolerates the Mirena very well. (or she does not admit it) 😉 I would not recommend her. And to easily test if you can handle it, it is too expensive. (300 €)

  2. Emma A. McNabb says:
    5.0 rating

    I have Mirena for 4 years, the first years everything was ok. I was satisfied until I fell over half a year ago and came to the hospital under suspicion stroke after which I am umversek I could not speak for about 6 hours. Since that I am really bad I have anxiety, depression, headache, I would examine whole body it would not set anything organic. I go to work every day and I’m afraid that something can happen, I can barely drive because of dizziness. I still get my days regularly, but two weeks before that begins with my discomfort breast tension, itch in the vagina, mood swings, headaches and strong dizziness so I think I fall over the same. A few weeks ago, my colleague approached me about the HS and told me that her friend had almost the same complaints and had the HS taken out, since she’s fine. I also think about reading my dear ones. I first thought that maybe it’s not okay with me, my husband even advised me that I might go to the psychiatrist, I’ve never thought in life that the HS so ausirckung, but after which I now read the reports I am convinced that it is the spiral. I’ll make an appointment with the FÄ as soon as possible. I thank you for your experiences.

  3. Maurice J. Baker says:
    5.0 rating

    I am very sorry that I have used Mirena almost two years ago! – Regular migraine – Weight gain of 10 kilograms in 20 months! Weight loss impossible! – increased hair growth (upper lip!) – dry vagina & gt; Pain, tears, etc. – Libido loss – Massive tiredness and listlessness – Acne – Back pain – Mood swings Positive are only: + Effective, simple contraception + menstrual period stays out + bigger bosoms 😉 I would like to have Mirena removed as soon as possible!

  4. Angela C. Pauls says:
    4.5 rating

    The laying of the spiral was very painful! I almost fainted. At first, it was great to stop bleeding. There were spotting, abdominal pain, fluid retention in the uterus, vaginal dryness, libido, extreme irritability and mood swings. This in turn led to conflicts in the partnership. I felt more and more like robbing me of the best years of my life! Constantly wearing a panty liner for fear of not being able to hold the water. I felt like 80! Creeping more and more things came to it; Anxiety, headache, depression !!! The bad thing is, I’ve thought for years, it’s up to me, although I did not know myself like that! Also I never got a leaflet to face. Now this thing has been out for a year and those miserable conditions are gone! Thank goodness Libido is back, but there is a year of hard partnership work behind me! Girls, listen to your body and do not let the doctors persuade you that everything is OK! Is not it! And depression is not funny!

  5. Patricia T. Bedell says:
    5.0 rating

    Wear the Mirena now almost 8 weeks and long for the day where she is drawn again. Since the first day permanent pelvic pain and bleeding, massive back pain that can only be endured with IBU 600, exciting and touch-sensitive breasts, migraine, hair loss and for me completely unusual sexual aversion and vaginal dryness and pain in the GV, which me and my partner at the time very much loaded. And all for a cost of 370 EUR!!! 🙁 Hope that after pulling this thing everything quickly regulated again, and then again conventional and prevent HORMONFREI.