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  1. Patti E. Johnson says:
    1.5 rating

    Solian for Thinking disorders; Hallucinations; Sleep disorders; Depression

    In the beginning I was very tired, especially after taking the Trevilor. At the moment I take 150mg of retard. During the night, I noticed increased sweating. In some cases, restlessness was added. Melperone at a lower dose (50 mg) made me sleep well and I usually slept through at least 6 hours. At night I took 100mg Solian because of the disturbances of thinking and perceptual disorders as well as the prepsychotic experience, which proved to be very useful. Disadvantages are the constant nightmares, which let me run through the day as if damaged. Buspirone has helped me a lot against the fears so far, but opinions on this drug are very different. One doctor said it would tap on the same receptors as benzodiazepines, in other words, there was a danger of dependence. Another said there was no danger of dependency. In the end, it was up to my guts to continue or not. The combination of medicines mentioned here leads, even if only to a small extent, to weight gain. But covers essentially my symptoms and diseases. (Fears, thought disorders, cognitive disorders, BPS, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders, depressions, hallucinations, etc.)

  2. Jennifer B. Torrez says:
    3.5 rating

    Solian for Hallucinations; Psychosis

    I got a drug-induced psychosis at the age of 16 through drogenonsum, mainly through cannabis, and got prescribed by the doctor Solian 200mg. Actually it worked immediately, my anxiety has almost turned into euphoria almost in the first 2 days. I felt well again, no more hallucinations. I should then stop after 3 months of taking and down dosage Solian. Unfortunately, my psychosis recurred after another 2 months and since then I am taking 6 years with varying dosage Solian. Has occurred just in the first 2 years weight gain of about 20Kg but after the dose was less quickly disappeared again. In addition, occurred after about 6 months cycle fluctuations (I can not get my days) and milk injection, which, although I have no desire to have children at the moment is not so bad. Somewhat more acute is the fact that I have got muscle twitching on my face after 5 years. It is called blepharospasm, which cramps the eye’s sphincter. This is handled successfully with BOTOX. Also side effects are that I sometimes feel extreme restlessness i. Do not fix anything exactly with your eyes and can not think clearly. But apart from that, my life is doing a lot better than before taking Solian neither intelligence nor concentration is disturbed.

  3. Justin L. Vidal says:
    2.0 rating

    Solian for Borderline; Depression; Psychosis

    very upset running at the moment on 180 visual disturbances healed perception muscle stiffness legs, jaw, neck

    Side effects: Unrest
  4. Gloria J. Valdez says:
    3.5 rating

    Solian for Personality disorders; Depression; Psychosis

    1.seid I take Seroquell I feel worse in my strong mainly depressive crunch. I am completely dulled, feel nothing more. have the impression that it promotes voice hearing (previously it was in my crisis now only strong accoustic states of exuberance), strong thirst, total lack of interest in life, my body and my psyche defend against advise every sensitive person from the stuff. 2. In my case, Solean caused hormonal disturbances such as milk flow even in the small dose, increased thoughts, then, at the onset of the antidepressant effect; strong hyperactivity (could continue running on the treadmill without any signs of fatigue without end) also felt more alienated to myself. 3. I went well as sensitive to general stabilization 7 years with 1mg Fluanxol. In my current major depressive crisis, the propensity for strong dissociation that limits psychosis is less helpful. otherwise recommended for less endangered mimosa in mini-dose.

    Side effects: Milk bullet; Unrest
  5. David K. Peters says:
    4.0 rating

    Solian for Depression; Psychosis

    Under the initial 800 mg (!) I slept through the first few days only! I was just cocked and was just sedated – without feeling any feelings (joy, confidence, etc.) to be able to empathize. Although the solian is an a-typical psychotropic drug, it worked the opposite for me! Among the high doses I was increasingly depressed – an additional treatment with the antidepressant citralpram (can not remember exactly the name) brought no improvement. Show a slight muscle stiffness and inner restlessness (can not sit still) on. Also, I was enormously impotent and tired. Fast weight gain – up to 12 kg in the first three months (even below 400 mg). Only with a reduction to 200 mg began to improve. At last spewed emotions, some drive, the depression subsided and also the weight gain stagnated. Nevertheless still almost complete absence of the rule and strong libido loss. Tiredness gave way to happiness and I was finally able to pursue my work again – even a little bit motivated. After all, antidepressants were discontinued after only 2 months, as there was no improvement and less or no longer depressive under lower doses of Solian. Today, I only take the minimum dose: 25 mg and have been for more than 3 years. Still not top fit, only very occasional period, a very high prolactin level proven by the doctor, although very low dosage. From 200 mg, I already had the motivation to start a diet with sports. However, I have lost a lot in the range of 100 mg Solian to 25 mg. The pounds tumbled, as always with a Diaet with me. Fear of relapse remains, but for 5 years – even at current low-dose – no signs of psychotic shock, although I was exposed to major stress situations. Libido loss still there, but not so pronounced – still vagina dryness. Seems – at least for me – to keep everything even in such small doses …