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  1. Nita R. Pantoja says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder; Depression

    The first two weeks after taking very shaky, inner restlessness. Then some stomach problems. Already amitryptiline u. Doxepin taken. Paroxetine helps me a lot, very well. I am really satisfied and a new person. However, I also gained 20 kg. With an iron will and sport, I just lost 5 kg.

  2. Ralph K. Gutierrez says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Social phobia; Depression

    Have in recent years already made very good experiences with paroxetine.have taken it then over 1 year. Now I’m back at the beginning, so the side effects are quite annoying at the beginning. But with the time (I think 2.3 weeks) that’s fine. Side effects with me (at the beginning): Muscle twitching, loss of appetite, stomach rumbling, dilated pupils, twists, insomnia, tremor, dizziness (reads worse than it is 🙂 Despite the side effects just beginning treatment with paroxetine, I can recommend this drug .Ideal for me, because it treats many illnesses at the same time. With the settling I did not have the problems that are always so described, good is probably different from person to person. I had alcohol at the time as a crutch to settle, of course net is so great.

  3. Brian B. Martin says:
    3.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Social phobia; Depression

    Was turned on by the drug Paroxetine very much and could not fall asleep at all. My fears did not improve even after 3 months of use, my mood has improved a bit, but due to the unbelievable inner restlessness and chafing I had to stop the medication.

  4. Robert M. Son says:
    3.0 rating

    I have been prescribed paroxetine because of an anxiety disorder. I should slowly creep the drug over several weeks. Since I know myself, I have neither read the leaflet, nor have I googled. In short, I entrusted to the advice of my doctor and started to take the drug. The first 5 days 5mg 1-0-0. After exactly these 5 days, I have the drug without consulting my doctor abdicated arbitrarily. Why? The NW were from the 3 day ever worse. I got agitated, got nervous and shaky, got a hot flash after the other and my blood pressure shot to unusual heights. My resting blood pressure was 168/110, even though I am a blood pressure patient and taking medications. I do not want to know where my blood pressure would otherwise have arrived. Apart from the fact that my blood pressure has gone out of bounds, I have had to fight in this short period of ingestion with terrible racing heart. Today, on the second day after stopping the intake, I struggle with nervousness, severe internal restlessness, palpitations, trembling and trepidation. My conclusion: look for an alternative medicine with the doctor. I do not want to imagine what would have happened after 4 weeks in my body. If this is what I’m going through a shallow form of weaning, I NEVER want to experience the full extent of what I’ve read on the internet afterwards. This drug is not without reason in the UK and USA in disrepute. If it goes differently FINGER OFF this hell stuff.

  5. Christopher E. Abdallah says:
    3.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Fatigue; Drive disorders; Social phobia; Depression

    For some time now I take against my anxious (self-confusing) -disabling personality disorder (social phobia) Paroxetine 20 mg (from 1A-Pharma or Paroxate of Hexal, which come from the same press in Holzhausen, according to the pharmacist). The first effect was that all at once (after years) I felt like switching on the CD player again and dancing to the music. The mood was better, but problems were pushed aside rather than having the drive to solve them. As a first side effect, I noticed some inner unrest that made it hard for me to sit down and do more complicated tasks or just read something. On the advice of my girlfriend, I then got me in the pharmacy Reactine duo (antiallergic with pseudephedrine) and then had the need and no problems with simpler everyday tasks such as clean up and wash away (which I always had to force myself, although it goes fast) , I take the pseudephedrine only occasionally to avoid an addiction (smoking bothers me enough) and an increase in my already slightly raised blood pressure. My sleep has not improved. In addition, there was an unpleasant, cramp-like tingling sensation in the right leg, which does not really hurt, but is mean. I got to know the most unpleasant side effect when I visited my girlfriend (long distance relationship): my desire for sex was reduced, which is not really bad in itself, especially since I had a normal erection, but in the end I did not even notice that I had a ejaculation: The muscle contractions were missing, and my girlfriend felt just a leak, as if I were leaking. When petting we then realized that what is out there, is actually sperm, but also much less than normal.

  6. Louis A. Atwood says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    Have an obsessive-compulsive disorder but which has become much better. The drug helped me a lot. Now I do not take them for 4 weeks anymore. Side effects when taking: Almost no libido Faster sweating Bad fall asleep Intense dreams When weaning (I am from 40 to zero): Thin-skinned, quickly sad or hurt. Fatigue seizures. Sweat. Agitation irritability muscle pain

  7. Victoria A. Mathews says:
    5.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Anxiety disorders

    The medicine has helped me a lot and I will probably take it lifelong, that is, to take, in the morning 20 mg. Because I would never again be attacked by panic and anxiety attacks, which then also turned into depression. My life has changed completely through paroxetine. I am carefree and cheerful, have fallen in love again and married. I work full time, play volleyball, have many friends – all very well. The side effects, however, were horrible in the first weeks: heavy sweating, total restlessness, even suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, my family was there for me during this time and after about ten weeks it has subsided and I am alive again. Why should I stop taking the pills if they make my life so much better? Other illnesses also require a lifetime of medication, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and others.

    Side effects: Suicidal ideation; Unrest; Sweat
  8. Dillon J. Jones says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    Who wants to take Paroxetine for a longer period of time! 2 years with me Should be clear that this drug (it was with me) can provide any help, in the opposite one can still (beklopter of it) so my experience Negative experience After about 2 hours of taking the drug turmoil This Drug should not be taken as a smoker, severe unrest and panic attacks, listlessness at work, strong fatigue, sexual desire goes to zero. Compulsive thoughts intensify and new stupid thoughts come to a stop paroxetine. For 2 weeks, I no longer take paroxetine but never really In my life Why Deposition phenomena are hell on earth Sweating Constipation and diarrhea, Paresthesia Severe restlessness States of anxiety though no reason to do Seconds, trembling, confusion Electricity in limbs, emotional instability Light psychoses In short the drug has done me more harm than harmed!!!

  9. Deborah K. Simpkins says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Every few years I take antidepressants every now and then to slow down the very deep case. Since none of the resources that I swallowed in the past really blew me away, I never bothered to remember the names. With paroxetine this indifference comes to an end – albeit not in a positive sense. The dose was slowly built up from 10 to 30 mg with me, whereby I actually felt best with 10 mg (even if that should not be noticeable) and with 30 mg, however, again drive-less and useless. Unfortunately, the side effects were persistent and as such counterproductive: those who suffer from depression need an ego booster and no further food for their nagging (self-) doubts. But now I would like to see the woman, who happily puts away two to three kilograms of weight gain per month and calmly exchanges her entire wardrobe twice in half a year. Since it is almost a happy coincidence, when added to this side effect nor the total libido loss, so that at least only the partner feels rejected, if nothing stirs for weeks. Of spasmodic efforts in this direction, I can only advise against; From a dose of 20 mg per day, these remained completely unsatisfactory for me. A restless leg syndrome and unpleasant night sweats then did their part to rob me of sleep with the last nerve, so that I began again after six months with the paroxetine tapering off. The three weeks of dose reduction and switching to fluoxetine were anything but pleasant. On the road I could not participate by car or bicycle and the shift of perception (often described here as shocks) made even practicing such monotonous sports as running impossible. Conclusion: Paroxetine may be an effective and proportionate remedy for anxiety; against depression, there are many less risky and at least equally effective agents that m.E. should be tried as a priority.

  10. Cecilia H. Gonzalez says:
    3.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Sleep disorders; Depression

    Especially on the first three days of use (dose 20 mg in the morning), paroxetine caused severe side effects: tiredness, drowsiness, nausea, headache and restlessness, temporary increase in anxiety, sleep disturbances. From the fourth day was already a slight effect (fears were no longer so threatening) felt. Since then, daily improvement, rest remained as well as sleep disorders. Due to the restlessness and sleep disturbances, the psychiatrist prescribed 15 mg mirtazapine in the evening in addition to paroxetine. This had a very strong sedative effect especially on the first day of intake and the next day until the afternoon I had the feeling to stand next to me. On the following days, there was a gradual improvement: The medication helps me fall asleep and I get well out of bed in the morning and feel quite fit. However, the drug causes increased appetite in me to binge eating and weight gain. These continue until today. Ultimately, I can take part in the combination of the two drugs again more alive and I am very happy about it.

  11. Sarah G. Cortez says:
    1.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Post-traumatic stress disorder

    every week at the same time, when you enter, you go to the galle. big pupils. zähneknirschenb. in the first days cramped and blocked, for hours staring at the television, cold sweat, side effects as on extasy. after 1 week to stop: constantly increased body temperature, circulation (\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (until today, dermatologist can not find anything) after: strong restlessness, stronger than before, but may also have something to do with the development of the ptbs the drug has helped me with bad fears, but the side effects are not to be underestimated.

  12. Stephen C. Arrington says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Visual disturbances, especially when reading blurred letters, concentration even more impaired, confined and disturbed, intense dreams, increased morning low, restless, since 4th intake day shivering, increased fears, the feeling to stand next to me Take Med. Anyway, hope so only the familiarization symptoms are.