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  1. Kathryn R. Navarro says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello! Was 25 years old when inserting the spiral. Almost never ill, no complaints, do not smoke, do not drink, athletic. No children. At first everything went pretty fast. No more mens, no longer having to worry about contraception, etc. After a few months, I was very irritated, stressed, restless. Had lively nightmares and hot flashes. Later, extreme palpitations followed. After a few months, it was accidentally found by a blood test that I suffer from Graves’ disease, a form of hyperthyroidism and autoimmune disease. I’m pretty sure today that the Mirena has contributed since her part. My gynecologist advised me then vehemently from a removal of the spiral and denied any connection with the disease. About 2 months later, bladder infections started. Soon I received antibiotics prescribed monthly. No improvement. No reason was found. I had unexplained pelvic pain, breast tenderness for several days which made it impossible for me to sleep on my stomach, never-ending yeast infections. I was advised with my friend to have no oral sex and anal sex, normal intercourse only with condoms and after each GM to swallow a single dose of antibiotics. ???????????? I’m sick! That’s a problem and not a cause fight! I will let me remove the Mirena, despite the remorse of my gynecologist. It is an offense on the body of every woman! Too bad I had to make these experiences …

  2. Ina B. Stromain says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello, I’m a real stone from the heart, after I read here from the many testimonials and mine are so very similar! Pro for Mirena is the lack of menstruation and the elimination of troublesome pill intake. Unfortunately, the list of the Contra is much longer. Massive hair loss, fast-drying hair, pimples, irritability, restlessness, tachycardia, digestive problems and the worst of all the enormous weight gain (18kg). My breasts are swollen from 70c to 85d and always with tense pains like milk after breastfeeding. But not only the breasts are like the end of the pregnancy and my stomach now looks like I’m 9 months pregnant. I eat very healthy, do sports but the weight is not significantly reduce. My baby bump is stuck. In the summer I was often asked when it was so far (birth). That made me so insecure that I let myself be tested for a brotherhood. My friend has since left me he was tired of my eternal irritation. Then I must mention here that I am only tired, which I attributed to my sleep disorders, for which I could find no sustainable explanation. I’ve always had the suspicion that it might be related to the spiral, but all the physicians I interviewed said it was always negative. On the contrary, I always heard the opposite, the spiral has a positive effect on the skin, hair and the aging process of a woman. On Friday I have the appointment and I will free myself from Mirena lasting! I wish I had found this site here rather nice, then I would have spared a lot of suffering. I was able to move my new partner to a vasectomy in August. Now only sperm light is available and I can finally get rid of this monster! Never again!

  3. Mary E. Oliver says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello … my first HS I have 3 years well tolerated. Then it started so bad with breast tensions that I was super sensitive and could not even push my kiddies anymore. I then had her out in the summer of 2004 and tried half a year with a contraceptive pill. Unfortunately, I did not tolerate that, so I let my HS use again in December 2004. Had total pain … even days later. In the first time it was then quite well … until I realized after almost 2 years that I was just tired, broken, etc. I then tried to regain control of vitamins. It gradually came more and more: hypothyroidism, thyroid surgery, tinnitus, dizziness, restlessness, sadness, neck complaints, sinus surgery, depression, aggressiveness, constant bleeding, moodiness, abdominal pain … etc. Then I ran from doctor to doctor and was allowed to listen to the most amazing things 🙁 Then my L-Thyrorin had suspected that it was too high doses, but it was not because my lust for life was now almost at the zero point. Since yesterday the Mirena is out and I hope that it will be better now.

  4. Pamela C. Grover says:
    4.5 rating

    To all fellow sufferers! First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who has taken the trouble to leave a contribution. After all, it is quite possible to overcome such symptoms. I can only say that after reading the posts I know what to do. The spiral must go! I feel the same way as most here. 2 years ago I had the hormonal spiral laid. For about 5 months I have the following complaints, which meanwhile burden my life very much. Constant dizziness and panic attacks, trembling, inner restlessness, mood swings. I barely recognize myself. I’ve always been a fun-loving person and now I’m suddenly a Wrak. My husband and children are helpless when they have to experience me like this. Especially since I do not know myself what I miss. My blood levels are okay. Exercise EKK and long term EKK are normal. Now the visit to the psychologist was recommended! I do not know what to do there. I lead a happy life with my husband and 2 children. I have no Soregn, which burden me. And are we honest, the little worries in everyday life we all have now. I’m so thankful that I thought of this stupid spiral through this site. I have never come up with the idea. Was rated by the FA as completely inconspicuous! It would be nice. I will have this thing removed as soon as possible and hope that I will finally feel better again. I’m so exhausted that I make the worst stories every day. This is not life. Sad that one’s own FA takes any illusions and recommends visiting the psychologist! Thanks again and all the best for you! My conclusion: never again a spiral

  5. Brandon G. Jackson says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Aggressiveness; Cyst formation; Hurt; A headache

    Hello, I have now let Mirena use a second time after the first 5 years. I always thought that since I somehow did not tolerate the pill after several years and that we had finished our wish to have two children, it was the best solution for me (us). But the more often I talk to my friends and I get to know myself on the web, the more I play with the idea of having this thing removed. Now to the side effects – I – for many years – not knowing that this could come from the Mirena – rumschleppe with me: I could not explain, where the constant restlessness, constant mood swings, the constant headache, the total loss, desire to feel sex, come here. I wrote it on the stress, two small children, work, household, etc., but they are but wish children, I like going to work for my life, my husband is the best I could wish for. When changing to the new Mirena but now constantly new side effects have occurred: I constantly have a pull in the chest (as if the milk einschießt), for some months I have abdominal discomfort, my gynecologist says, there are some cyst but no problems (in his opinion!), I constantly have the feeling that I am sitting on the bladder, so examined bladder, then came a bladder infection, antibiotics, then the symptoms were not better, so off to the urologist, super – cystoscopy (yes you do everything with), again nothing. In between, over and over again (as has been the case for years), sudden headaches, out of the blue, which then often last for hours. Somehow you already feel like a hypochondriac. When asked if perhaps the spiral would be to blame for all the misery, you only get sympathetic shaking of the head. The more I deal with it now, the more mature the idea of banishing Mirena from my body. Ingrid

  6. Karen R. Hutton says:
    4.5 rating

    After 5 children I wanted a longer-term contraception where I did not have to worry too much, my gynecologist recommended to me the hormonal spiral Mirena since these 5 years, more or less, with no side effects, it would be very well tolerated and the hormones would Targeted only in the uterus and that very minimal, the body would not be as burdened as with the pill. I trusted my doctor and was looking forward to the very painful start to not having to do this to me now for 5 years and now I no longer have to worry about contraception, I was always healthy fit sporty and full of zest for life. The following side effects gradually appeared: Tinitus, insomnia, lack of concentration, tiredness, dizziness in all variations, weight gain, abdominal pain, bleeding, palpitations, nervousness, stressed, restlessness, depression, headache, headache, irritability, listlessness After three years I have I can not stand the side effects anymore, when I could not get out of bed for a whole day because of all the dizziness, I told myself NO that it really is not worth it, so I decided to have them removed. Unfortunately, I can not recommend them.Hormones are hormones whether in the pill or on the spiral who does not tolerate them should keep their hands off, so I for my part b Stay with the condom.

  7. Karin B. Varner says:
    4.5 rating

    I had the Mirena for 7 years. Actually, she should go out after 5 years, but my gynecologist said, as long as she sits well, she can continue to prevent violent bleeding in front of the spiral (she has) and can remain quietly, to prevent me, I should additionally protect myself with condoms , The entire first year I had bleeding, sometimes more, sometimes less, then hardly any bleeding, which I found very pleasant. But – about 4 years ago, the first time hot flashes occurred, again and again I was groundless bad mood or irritable, nervous, impatient (all before no character traits, which I had attributed to me) and since last summer, I had several times before panic attacks, flicker the eyes, shortness of breath, and since the last three years always different back and shoulder pain. All this I would never have attributed to Mirena without reading this report. I have had countless examinations and treatments with the various medical specialists behind me – without result. no conspicuous blood values, no noticeable inflammatory values, no noticeable X-ray or MRI images (back / shoulder) – and my psyche would now also be described as completely in order ;-). Since Monday, the Mirena is out, about two hours after removal have used light bleeding, which last until now (Thursday), but I have no pain. Conclusion: To prevent the Mirena was great. Whether she actually caused the other problem -? I’m curious if the other symptoms improve … and will report again.

  8. Jennifer F. Miles says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello. I’m pretty shocked what I read like that. But somehow also relieved. I thought I was crazy. Have now my 3rd Mirena. October 2013 last exchange. I found the laying even though I was childless not too cruel. But it was not great either. I am 35 years old and wanted to reliably prevent 4 years for career reasons. So it was not OK to let the Mirena lay again. I have managed so well with the Mirena for the last 10 years. That was bomb. ONLY THAT NOW! In April I suddenly had complaints, nausea, howls, depression, sweating, sleeplessness, aggression, fatigue and at the same time restlessness and meanwhile I hate to visit somebody, water retention (up to 4kg), panic attacks, chest pain, migraine attacks etc. per month approx 25 days of pain with a huge, swollen hot bosom. Normally, I am active, facing others, very laid back, enterprising, physically fit. NIX out of the end. Was at the family doctor got a blood picture done. All values are great. Thyroid is also great … No need to worry. Then I am on gyn. Due to falls in the lungs, or rather slimy, bloody disgusting secretions, with back pain and abdominal pain. Conclusion. At the end of May, I was diagnosed with a cyst on the left ovary, but it was already dry. So died by itself. Estrogen excess – body thinks he was pregnant was the statement of the doctor – may happen again, but does not have – na primmmmmmmaaaaa – then breast examination. Two cysts discovered. For mammography but only for safety. Had to cancel 2 appointments, because I have only breast tensions and can not even say when they come and go. In the last two Mirenas I had a very reliable. Cycle. And never bleeding. Now in July I have the same symptoms again – I’m fed up. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment to move. I want to be myself again and not hormone controlled. I’m glad if this thing is finally out. Contraception must then somehow go differently – that settles already. Until October 13 I would have recommended Mirena to everyone and there are plenty of people who get along just fine. I thought also 10 years. It was also like that … but you change yourself too and at some point the body suddenly says NÖ! I started to hate this thing in me …….By the way, GV is not to think at all, because I have absolutely no desire. In the head sometimes, but that’s gone very quickly, because I feel completely stressed out of all this. In addition, since the last use little secretion still exists. So furztrocken … So from tomorrow a hormone-free life – jihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – I’m happy. Dorina

  9. Angie J. Potter says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello to all the compassionate women out there! I have let Mirena over 1 year ago, because I forgot the pill again and again after two pregnancies and the period was very annoying. The laying of the spiral was very painful. It took almost 10 months for my cycle to stabilize, until then bleeding again and again. Only now, for the third time in a row, is my period accurate to the day, or a slight pulling and smearing, hardly worth a panty liner. I read here reports that could have come from me, about side effects that I have kept to myself, because my husband could not hear it anymore and which, as already described here, was not confirmed by the doctor, except the very bad skin, there is apparently the Mirena according to my gynecologist, known. My husband already thinks I’m crazy. I do not dare to mention anything that bothers me. As mentioned. I’ve never known what a pimple is, since the onset of Mirena I look on the face and on the back like a crumb cake, that I find so repugnant! Now in the summer I do not dare to wear something open. The other day at the outdoor pool with my children, I did not even want to take my T-shirt off because I felt like everyone was staring at me! I struggle with my weight, it is not much, but the 3 kilos do not want to go away. I have been starving for almost 2 months, but more than 1 kilo does not want to leave! In addition, my family suffers because I am very irritated, I constantly go for trifles in the air, it annoys me somehow everything! I have not kept crying all those years, now I could cry for any word I do not like! I hardly sleep, wake up constantly, sweat a lot, also smell unpleasant, that I did not know. My urine smells like I eat asparagus every day and my hair is not just half way down, they are dull and ugly. All this affects my married life, as I do not even think it’s nice to be kissed by my dream man, because I’m afraid he might want more, since the desire for really everything is gone. My life is someone else’s, I can not explain it, but somehow everything has started the last few months .. I will remove the spiral in 4 days and hope to wake up from the nightmare, so that I can finally be the mum and wife again can I was a year ago! All the best to all the others and I hope that women who are in the process of making a spiral learn more about it than I did!

  10. Flora J. Hunter says:
    5.0 rating

    Almost exactly a year ago, I had my gynecologist use Mirena. Since we already have two healthy children, and actually no more are planned, that was the only correct step at the time, which can be reversed, should the family planning for the head have not done yet. My concerns about the hormonal side effects, which I had after years with the pill, rejected the FA completely, because the Mirena act finally only locally. I should not worry. But if I had better …… (especially I would have better informed in advance rather than only on the FA to hear) After the THING was sitting (the insertion was not bad), I initially got what was expected to bleeding. They lasted for 2 days. Then, first of all, there was silence. However, I always felt like I was burning inside. Then again and again I had slight spotting. At least every 2 days. That certainly lasted 5 months. I no longer dared to leave the house without a pad or tampon. Otherwise, no one with irregular bleeding or discharge. I was completely new. In addition, I smelled unpleasant from the area. Had no desire for sex or just touches. Always had only in the head: And if I bleed again? From head to head for love! My libido had also reached zero in the meantime. Then there were even more severe side effects such as tremors all over the body, inner restlessness, listlessness, no desire to move (although I like to move and also walked a lot with the short). I even wondered if I could make the walk at all. Have always had the phone at the start – it could be something. (otherwise my phone is more of a pocket keeper). Loss of appetite and an associated weight loss gave me additional thought. In any case, I was just thinking about my health: Do you have anything bad? Are you getting up tomorrow? What will become of the children? So it was really depressing and, above all, even more bitchy. Nothing was going on hereThere were many visits to the alternative practitioner and family doctor – I had not had to visit the last 5 years. Constant blood draws and in the end even a gastroscopy I have endured. Without noteworthy findings. In the meantime, of course, I was again at the FA. He only said: I can not imagine that all of this should come from the Mirena. I should wait a while. After all, I would have breastfed until recently. Maybe my body would be a bit confused. I should give my cycle a little more time. I did that too. My fatigue actually subsided, but not everything else. When after the last visit to the FA again 3 months had passed, I have made the decision: THIS MUST BE OUT! Now it is out for about 3 months. (The draw was not a problem by the way) And what can I say? I AM FEELING WELL AGAIN! I am the old man again. I can celebrate again and do sports without fainting. Even my long lost libido I return to the joy of my husband and of course for my joy. Above all, I no longer bother anyone because of my oh-so-serious illness. It was all about me. Conclusion: I can not say, keep away from the thing, because everyone tolerates them differently. After all, there are enough women who have no difficulties. But I would inform myself sufficiently and weigh whether the coal is worth the attempt. After all, after all, one’s health should be more important in the end. I can only say in conclusion: I would have literally broken the thing. The depression was the worst for me.