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  1. Dorothy J. Elgin says:
    3.0 rating

    Lyrica for Stroke

    After reading many other reviews I can agree to 90% of all letters! Sleeplessness despite fatigue, weight gain, water in the legs, inner restlessness, tremors in the limbs, mild speech disorders, no improvement of the disease! That should be enough to sell the preparation !!!

  2. Elizabeth M. Gage says:
    4.0 rating

    Up to 75 mg / day no effect, but no side effects. From about 150 mg restlessness, sleep problems, memory lapses and finally in 350 mg anxiety attacks of the worst kind. Fear attacks as well as massive concentration problems also when snaking, which I have probably made too fast, so as not to completely lose his mind. Other side effects such as dizziness, tingling in the legs and digestive problems would have been tolerated if any anxiolytic effect had been noticed. But instead, the opposite was the case. The whole thing has cost even several hundred euros. For me, a flop on the whole line, especially since I still have about 4 weeks after weaning concentration and memory problems that I did not know before.

  3. Jackie T. Lawson says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Fibromyalgia; Pain (chronic)

    Katadolon had no effect on me and no side effects. Tramadolor had no effect, but made stomach problems. Lyrica had a lot of side effects of severe restlessness with anxiety, insomnia and strong mental fluctuations. Tilidine was very effective in the beginning, well tolerated and I can only recommend. Leaves now after 18 months, the effect of habituation process!

    Side effects: Anxiety states; Insomnia; Unrest
  4. Caleb G. Simpson says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Depression

    For a year I take 10 mg Cipralex, then changed from 20 mg citalopram, a difference I did not notice at that time, neither in effect nor side effect, have until today not fully understood why this was changed, especially since Citalopram generic drugs are available, the far cheaper than the Cipralex. I tolerate the medi well, because I was partly very depressive, I was glad to have it, it prevents slipping into the very deep holes of depression. Of course the pill alone does not make you happy, you have to torture yourself through psychotherapy and face up to your problems, but in many cases it just helps to make such a psychotherapy possible, if one gets too dirty then psychotherapy ( in my experience) namely nothing. As the most striking side effect, I would name a change in the dreams, which are sometimes really crass, as action cinema. In the meantime, an increase to 15 mg was attempted. But it came to a greater unrest that disappeared as far as possible, was dosed back to 10. Lyrica I take 2 times 75 mg, so I am calmer and more balanced during the day, fall asleep easier. Side effects: repeatedly inflated stomach or flatulence, appetite increase (yet no gain in weight, however, I try to move a lot and if appetite, then eat as healthy as possible, hope that continues to work), the face is a little bloated, not bad, but but noticeably.

  5. Esther K. Hurley says:
    2.5 rating


  6. Kathryn E. Meeks says:
    5.0 rating

    Lyrica for Fibromyalgia; Pain (acute)

    My Experiences Part 2: Dosage: 150mg In The Morning And 75mg In The Evening When I reduced this amount to about 3 years ago, some of the side effects were gone. And if someone asks me what exactly … always pondering. Because if you take several medications and fibromyalgia, a definition for me at some point was not possible. It superimposes one or the other. And if an antibiotic or something similar comes along, it will be impossible for me to say which problem is coming from where. But one thing is for sure: My breast is not growing for 2 years 🙂 And I can just run 🙂 However, Lyrica has not really fixed my problem, I must confess. I notice that since I struck her. More soon.

  7. Daniel L. Washington says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Spastik; Pain (chronic)

    Due to the spastic tetraplegia, my musculature cramps more than a healthy muscle in pain. Therefore, at the onset of chronic pain syndrome, I was prescribed Katadolone directly. As a side effect I felt at the beginning almost only the tiredness. In the meantime, the following side effects have come along: muscle tremors, dry mouth, constipation, some sleep disturbances, restlessness (physical type). For two months I still take Tilidine Retard (50/4) 3 times a day and as a combination Tilidin solution (as needed 2 – 4 x daily 20 drops). Again, fatigue plays a role as a side effect. In addition, I get Lyrica 25 mg in the evening for a few days. These should take the share of neuropathic pain. Here are also the side effects of fatigue, tremors and dry mouth. Inwiewiet the Lyrica is increased is still unclear. But it is sure that it will stay with me a low dose.

  8. Susan D. Brown says:
    2.5 rating

    Lyrica for A headache; Neuralgia

    Hello dear fellow sufferers! I took daily 150 mg Lyrica daily and 3 times daily 1 tabl. Novalgin and in between Novalgin drops as needed. The dose was doubled after 1 week. The pain attacks (violent flashes in the second-rate) in the back of the head – caused by the neuralgia, are gone. What remains is a tension-type headache that runs from the neck to behind the ear and into the temples. In some moments I am painless. The neurologist reminded me to be patient. It can take months for the pain to be completely gone. If necessary, you can double the dose again. Well at least I sleep well again. Unfortunately, two massive tooth root inflammations have now joined. (?) I almost went mad with pain. Nothing helped anymore. Only the dentist – and I am now in (root) treatment. Side effects: especially at the beginning of great irritability to aggressiveness. Slight constipation. If everything has settled down a bit, I can not concentrate on talking or reading for long. Feel impatience towards other people. Was written sick so far and slept every day in addition to the night (7-8 hours) again 2-3 hours. Feel euphoric for a while, even to total exhaustion. Hope I do not fall asleep in the shop 🙁 (have to do with many people) So far, 1 kg gain in weight with moderately increased appetite. (But also little exercise) I now let me treat my teeth (which are otherwise good or were otherwise) and I am increasingly concerned with what the pain wants to tell me.normal is not that suddenly such strong uncontrolled pain occur and try to accept and then let go! 🙂 Wish you all the best!

  9. Jesus C. Shirk says:
    3.0 rating

    Drowsiness, fatigue, increased appetite, euphoria, change in sex drive, irritability, memory disorder, speaking difficulties, blurred vision, erectile dysfunction, drunkenness, weight gain, restlessness, physical restlessness, word finding problems, thought disorder, jerky movements, hyperactivity, increased skin sensitivity, eye pain, skin rash , Joint pain, thirst. All reported symptoms occurred in the first 4 weeks. By now, they are fading and the effectiveness of Lyrica has increased dramatically. Daily dose 600mg distributed on 4 times 150mg

  10. Lucien J. McElrath says:
    2.0 rating

    Lyrica for Sleep disorders; Depression

    Immediately after the first intake, I noticed a slight restlessness in my legs. This has settled after a week. Despite the sleep problems caused by Elontril, Elonril is helping me so well against my pain that I am willing to accept them. the zolpidem but much better against my diagnosis. Unfortunately I have 10st of it. Spent over the day and as much as I need no doctor writes me. These are really the only ones that help me.

    Side effects: Unrest; Sleep disorders