Tremble effect of Zoloft

We have 80 consumer reports for Zoloft. Tremble effect occurred in 8%.

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  1. Richard A. Parramore says:
    2.5 rating

    Zoloft for Depression

    Trembling occasionally nausea

    Side effects: Tremble; Nausea
  2. Tiana D. Melton says:
    3.5 rating

    Zoloft for Depression

    I used the medicine in 2001 and had many terrible side effects. Some of them hold until today !!! (2008). To name just a few side effects: a) have gone over: irritability, tachycardia; Feeling energized, gaining weight, feeling as if nerves are tearing and feeling signals are no longer being absorbed by synapses b) Longer remained: tachycardia, heart problems in general c) LIVED 7 YEARS AFTER: – General emotional and emotional decline. including: weaker body perception, e.g. reduced sensitivity to temperature and pain, reduced sexual experience, reduced emotional experience (eg pleasure or anger no longer feels in the body, only in the face) – Rest-Less-Legs-Syndrom (a friend of mine has the same lasting side effect years later! ) – Muscle tremors Having overcome depression on my own and with the help of good therapists, today leads a good-middle-class life, but I will have to carry the side effects of this drug all my life. What has not disappeared after 7 years will stay forever. I have to live with that now. And before that I would like to warn you. Already on the first day of taking Zoloft I felt that something was wrong and unfortunately did not trust my inner voice …

  3. Kristie W. Clarkson says:
    4.5 rating

    Zoloft for Depression

    Mouth dryness at the beginning; shaky hands; increased sweats; short-term aggravation of depression; The positive effect took place after about 3-4 weeks and thus all side effects slowly disappeared, except for increased perspiration

    Side effects: Tremble