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  1. Janell C. Kuehn says:
    3.0 rating

    Mirena for Uterine fibroids; Iron deficiency; Hypermenorrhoea

    I am 44, after a long time back and forth, I have had the mirena used because of iron deficiency (again and again ferritin infusions) due to excessive bleeding due to miomen. that was 5 days ago. For three days I have suffered from extreme tingling in the stomach and back, weakness in my legs, howling attacks, tremors, breathlessness, mild nausea and headache. I will have the mirena removed immediately.

  2. Pamela C. Grover says:
    4.5 rating

    To all fellow sufferers! First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who has taken the trouble to leave a contribution. After all, it is quite possible to overcome such symptoms. I can only say that after reading the posts I know what to do. The spiral must go! I feel the same way as most here. 2 years ago I had the hormonal spiral laid. For about 5 months I have the following complaints, which meanwhile burden my life very much. Constant dizziness and panic attacks, trembling, inner restlessness, mood swings. I barely recognize myself. I’ve always been a fun-loving person and now I’m suddenly a Wrak. My husband and children are helpless when they have to experience me like this. Especially since I do not know myself what I miss. My blood levels are okay. Exercise EKK and long term EKK are normal. Now the visit to the psychologist was recommended! I do not know what to do there. I lead a happy life with my husband and 2 children. I have no Soregn, which burden me. And are we honest, the little worries in everyday life we all have now. I’m so thankful that I thought of this stupid spiral through this site. I have never come up with the idea. Was rated by the FA as completely inconspicuous! It would be nice. I will have this thing removed as soon as possible and hope that I will finally feel better again. I’m so exhausted that I make the worst stories every day. This is not life. Sad that one’s own FA takes any illusions and recommends visiting the psychologist! Thanks again and all the best for you! My conclusion: never again a spiral

  3. Flora J. Hunter says:
    5.0 rating

    Almost exactly a year ago, I had my gynecologist use Mirena. Since we already have two healthy children, and actually no more are planned, that was the only correct step at the time, which can be reversed, should the family planning for the head have not done yet. My concerns about the hormonal side effects, which I had after years with the pill, rejected the FA completely, because the Mirena act finally only locally. I should not worry. But if I had better …… (especially I would have better informed in advance rather than only on the FA to hear) After the THING was sitting (the insertion was not bad), I initially got what was expected to bleeding. They lasted for 2 days. Then, first of all, there was silence. However, I always felt like I was burning inside. Then again and again I had slight spotting. At least every 2 days. That certainly lasted 5 months. I no longer dared to leave the house without a pad or tampon. Otherwise, no one with irregular bleeding or discharge. I was completely new. In addition, I smelled unpleasant from the area. Had no desire for sex or just touches. Always had only in the head: And if I bleed again? From head to head for love! My libido had also reached zero in the meantime. Then there were even more severe side effects such as tremors all over the body, inner restlessness, listlessness, no desire to move (although I like to move and also walked a lot with the short). I even wondered if I could make the walk at all. Have always had the phone at the start – it could be something. (otherwise my phone is more of a pocket keeper). Loss of appetite and an associated weight loss gave me additional thought. In any case, I was just thinking about my health: Do you have anything bad? Are you getting up tomorrow? What will become of the children? So it was really depressing and, above all, even more bitchy. Nothing was going on hereThere were many visits to the alternative practitioner and family doctor – I had not had to visit the last 5 years. Constant blood draws and in the end even a gastroscopy I have endured. Without noteworthy findings. In the meantime, of course, I was again at the FA. He only said: I can not imagine that all of this should come from the Mirena. I should wait a while. After all, I would have breastfed until recently. Maybe my body would be a bit confused. I should give my cycle a little more time. I did that too. My fatigue actually subsided, but not everything else. When after the last visit to the FA again 3 months had passed, I have made the decision: THIS MUST BE OUT! Now it is out for about 3 months. (The draw was not a problem by the way) And what can I say? I AM FEELING WELL AGAIN! I am the old man again. I can celebrate again and do sports without fainting. Even my long lost libido I return to the joy of my husband and of course for my joy. Above all, I no longer bother anyone because of my oh-so-serious illness. It was all about me. Conclusion: I can not say, keep away from the thing, because everyone tolerates them differently. After all, there are enough women who have no difficulties. But I would inform myself sufficiently and weigh whether the coal is worth the attempt. After all, after all, one’s health should be more important in the end. I can only say in conclusion: I would have literally broken the thing. The depression was the worst for me.