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  1. Frances B. Crump says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Post-traumatic stress disorder

    *** General *** Fluoxetine is an antidepressant (SSRI). However, it is also used in diseases other than depression. For example, in case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia or posttraumatic stress disorder. If you take Fluoxetine, you should not take St. John’s Wort at the same time as it can cause bad interactions. Pregnant women should not take fluoxetine because it can be dangerous for the child. *** Personal Experiences *** I get along well with this medication. The most important thing for me is that it helps against the symptoms of my PTSD (depression, anxiety, flashbacks). For that I also like to accept certain side effects. The side effects are with me trembling hands, weight loss (but I can live well with that) and increased sweating especially at night. As I said, this drug is effective and well tolerated.

    Side effects: Loss in weight; Tremble; Sweat
  2. Jacqueline R. Haro says:
    3.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    initially severe nausea, pigmentation disorders, light, or sun sensitivity, weight loss, trembling, headache, …. but all gladly accepted this, because I was so bad at the time that it could only get better, side effects have been reduced Thanks to this medicine, I can work again, lead a full life and be here at all, I feel well with the drug, can reduce the dosage well in the summer itself

  3. Helen N. Roberson says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    I have been given fluoxetine because of severe depression, social phobia and hurting myself. Effect: I was in a good mood throughout the day, sometimes almost hyperactive. I was not depressed or sad. Side effect: severe tiredness, I slept from 14:00 to 20:00 (again intensifies depression), suddenly the effect is no longer felt and the evening and the night became agony, slight weight loss, large pupils, slight shaking, hair loss , in the beginning strong, long-lasting period. Is good to recommend, if the problem is in the morning and needs support for the day! I, on the other hand, found out that I need something in the evening!

  4. Tara M. Corcoran says:
    3.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    At the beginning sleep disturbances, but lay down after about 3 weeks. The restlessness lasted a long time (was a problem because I am always very nervous and restless, shaking became better with time, so at the beginning I also had a severe stomach ache for the first few weeks.) In the first months I had a weight loss of about 5 But without this medication, I would not have been able to get my education because I was so depressed that I wanted to stop my training, and after a few days, I noticed a very good recovery (despite the side effects) .I was more balanced, happier and important was much, much more concentrated at work, as well as at school, but after 8 years the effect wore off and I slowly discontinued the medication, but now I have not taken it for 5 months, but for a few weeks I am feeling bad again. As of today, I’m taking fluoexetine again and I’m feeling better again, of course, that can be imaginative, I’m a bit worried because I’m back on the medication and I am also afraid that I can not be completely satisfied without fluoxetine.

  5. Della D. Hoffmann says:
    5.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Fatigue; Social phobia; Drive disorders; Depression

    So .. now I’m here again after the first experience of Sertralin a year ago. with bad experiences of 50mg, and now Flu. Am a relatively resistant Mdikamenten person, at least as far as the chemical matters. But my anxiety disorder was really strong, so I said to my psychologist (doctor) that I want to try it again, perhaps to make it with a long-term medication and hopefully tolerate! Anyway, I’ve tried Friday with 10mg, I’ve also tolerated well, I was a little sick but otherwise everything is clear .. on Saturday also 10mg, and then everything became stronger, the appetite was weniegr, I was sick all day. Every now and then and I could not foresee it. Moderate abdominal pain and bowel movement was okey. In general, everything affects my gastrointestinal tract. It’s just my weak point .. Luckily I was not fortunately! I should be up to 20 mg on Sunday. Anyway, I am someone who often and a lot of information, also what and how I take something and am usually the follower of natural things. I also have St. John’s wort and Vitango and Gastrovegetalin (for the stomach (intestine) also helped a while .. because of the balm) I talked with her about what could help or what would be appropriate. Also, I told her that I really had some years with her and she would have to know me and could slowly know what ev could fit. Well, there I was with Fl. arrived now – in the description was nothing of help with a nuisance. In addition, I still have medium Depr. it always fluctuates .. well, – I thought I give the means and me the chance .. you do not know if it helps. Despite the Rezzesionen and also other information .. I was not so open-minded, I tried abr. On Sundays I took 20mg and it was too much for my slim body. Either too fast high doses or generally too much! I was bad all day, and even after the meal – my mood was paralyzed, I felt nothing, felt like locked up, no impulses .. was just all shit .. In good German. in the description are the side effects, etc., but they are really shitty, unfortunately I can not continue this way and I do not want it. Nothing at all … At night it was the worst because I suddenly had tremors and my thoughts raced. I did not know if I had a panic attack because I never have that. and do not know that .. Palpitations, racing of the thoughts, trembling and also the hands. I then swore to sell that. And to hope that the aftereffects and weaning symptoms spare me … ^^ Among other things, I was suddenly very forgetful, gasped in a day almost everything, even that I was previously on the toilet. I find no more merry, as I am, among other things, a concentrated human being. In forums, I have investigated whether it would be OK to sell the tablets and NOT sneaking out .. Now I have set off for Monday and I felt better, the feelings came back, etc. on Monday I was auhc better overall, even if the Feelings of anxiety, etc came back, even sad feelings came back and somehow feel like something .. Today (Tuesday), I’m not so sure if the withdrawal symptoms are, but it may be, because I still have BAuchweh .. and I feel bad. Could also be due to my irritable stomach – etc. Let’s hope it does not come from the tablets. I will give the AD another chance … but if the side effects are too big..or you lose feelings .. or notice, NO, without it is better .. test something else. It’s your body … It’s hard, but I think .. you can make it out .. By the way, Prozec .. was NOT allowed twice in Germany, because of the side effects, the suicidal risk and the aggression .. where I think .. that must already mean something … So .. considered, rethink .. evaluates .. or seeks a good psychiatrist .. thinks.

  6. Manuel A. McLaughlin says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    After reading so many negative things about fluoxetine (Prozac) I have to say something different: Fluoxetine works very well for me. Yes, at first there were terrible side effects (nausea, headache, even worse depression). However, all side effects disappeared during the first 2 weeks. And indeed, everyone. I must confess I only take 10 milligrams a day. The effect is very good throughout. After years of inner torment, I finally feel balanced again, I have no thought whatsoever in my head (only negative thoughts were in the carousel!), I can again work more efficiently, go back up my head through the world! I thank the people who invented this drug! I know fluoxetine by the way (also) from my youth. It helped very well there. However, I had taken there in places up to 60 mg / day and of course I had side effects (night sweats like dumb, weight gain, Dauerzittern). You should not take so much of it. The doctors often prescribe too much! The dose is really important! I can only say: Better a life with the little chemistry than that life is only a mental torture!

  7. Sharon C. Reese says:
    4.0 rating

    In May 2007, I was diagnosed with a Generalized Anxiety Disorder …. at that time I was only treated with Fluoxetine 20 mg … which also worked well … had only possibly still panic attacks … In July of this year, I had the fluoxetine completely deposed … I thought I would be better and I would manage without the medication … quite clearly wrong thought … because for about 3 weeks my panic attacks are back …. the fluoxetine was set back .. .. first 10 mg, then 20 mg … I can not say exactly what happened … whether it was due to the drug or because I have too much puree …. I was of the opinion that my attacks have become worse are …. now for about 6 days I take in the evening 30 mg mirtazapine … because I could sleep badly because I constantly heart rate, trembling and Musclezuckungen had or still partially have …. for about 2 days I have the feeling as if I have a fever … (have not measured any there) I will st really hot …. and have such a burn on the skin … but have no rash …. am constantly trembling … Muscle twitches …. fear and panic …. I just do not continue .. I hope this is somebody who has possibly made such experiences with both medikamenten.ich also do not know how I should proceed now …. can not call my doctor as it is weekend. I would be glad about helpful answers.

  8. Carmen R. Gardener says:
    3.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    Dizziness, nausea, faint stomach feeling about 1-1,5 hours after ingestion, insomnia, restlessness, night sweats, sudden hot / cold sensations, short-term memory gaps, especially in connection with alcohol, trembling