Tremble effect of Elavil

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  1. Veronica R. Jackson says:
    2.0 rating

    Elavil for Depression

    Nervousness, trembling, aggravation of depression

    Side effects: Tremble
  2. Monica W. Cintron says:
    4.0 rating

    Elavil for Depression

    Saroten: The lightening effect was long in coming, about 2 months. After about 1 year, the effect subsided, so that was switched to another drug. Side effect: Dry mouth, tiredness, severe shaking Remergil: First, intravenously, to achieve a faster effect, then medicinal. Effect: Life was endurable! Side effect: strong tremor, abnormal cravings, heavy weight gain Citalopram: The effect started very quickly and is almost constant except for a few small interruptions. Citalopram is currently beating all other medications with me personally. I never felt so good. Side effect: restlessness, trembling, night sweats, increased dreams After about 4 years I have now the first major depression.

  3. Carla C. Beckham says:
    3.5 rating

    Elavil for Depression

    to Abilify: By and large, I’m better off, have my fears a bit better under control, are no longer in the foreground …. Trembling hands is probably a side effect, go down with the dose and look like it then runs. (Up to now 3x 10 mg .. per day) To Saroten retard 50 mg: I am super with this preparation, helps great. Have had severe depris after the birth of my son. With Saroten it was much better … but the anxiety disorders I had with Saroten (alone) not in control .. Achja 10- 15 kg I’ve certainly taken with Saroten …. that’s a big disadvantage, otherwise I’m satisfied. Both meds together are probably good for me, it is not perfect but I can live with it ….. Nice it would be easy to get away

    Side effects: Tremble; Increase in weight