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  1. Eunice D. Hayes says:
    4.0 rating

    Aspirin for A headache

    I rarely take aspirin, mostly for headache or general pain. The headaches usually occur in connection with weather changes. I have migraine-like seizures in absolutely high-pressure weather, so when it’s beautifully bright and clear outside. Then I crawl into the cool. My blood pressure is usually very low and with every movement then the headache in the back of my head. The tablets (without vitamin C and the normal ones to be taken with water) help me if I have pain in my legs, such as pain. B. have stitches or pressure in the veins. Since I have a lot of varicose veins and thus often swollen legs, and can not stand without (light) support stockings, I have come to the conclusion that this drug helps best when I am in pain. It may be due to the blood-thinning or anti-inflammatory effect, however. There may be side effects, such as tremors and restlessness, or heart-piercing, which may increase with a short repetitive or double dose. These can only be corrected by taking vitamin B12 or multivitamin tablets. Whereby the whole thing intensifies again due to the thickening of the blood by the vitamins. But most of the time, the side effects disappeared. Since I rarely have the pain, I think it may not be so bad to take the tablets now and then. Other drugs such as vein and blood pressure-increasing tablets have no positive effect on me. Rather a negative, because a doctor told me that these harm the liver in the long term. Of course, aspirin can do that, but as I said, I do not take that often. Maybe someone has made other experiences here?

    Side effects: Tremble
  2. Marc J. Lee says:
    4.0 rating

    Aspirin for Fever; Thrombosis prophylaxis; Pain (acute)

    1. Shortness of breath, bronchial constriction, not recognized by a doctor, only after switching to heparin, due to surgery, then aspirin again! 2. Teeth loosen up over the years, hair loss, but the only drug that protects me (blood thinning) 3. bronchitis, dizziness, central nervous system, tremors, upper abdominal pain. 4. Cough, circulatory problems, icy hands, no improvement, after 5 days I had to sell it.