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  1. Charles P. Ceja says:
    3.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    I take Abilify for about 6 weeks because of strong listlessness (previously Solian). Although Antieb is better, but I have very strong NW (urge to move, trembling, strange feeling in the stomach, dry mouth). The drug has also triggered psychotic feelings again (fear of persecution, problems with people to talk, etc.) I can not recommend the drug because of the strong NW.

  2. William R. Barone says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Depression

    A disaster, one of the worst drugs I have ever taken. Strong nausea after taking, trembling, sweats, severe nausea, the feeling of being in front of him. I warn against it, I had a collapse in a pharmacy, I could not do more! I am glad to be away from it, and now let myself be treated by a naturopathic practitioner, I have completely lost confidence in most conventional medicine (other medications tried), but this drug was the torment of all, I was really bad after taking this drug , really pretty, pretty bad. I advise against it, if conventional medicine then switch to alternatives (although chemistry), but have for example the drug Seroquel the better experience. (Although today I do not even touch tablets anymore and only treat complementary medicine …)

    Side effects: Vomit; Sweats; Tremble; Nausea
  3. Stan G. Hirsch says:
    3.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    I have been taking Abilify for over 4 years.And I have only a bit of a tremor (tremor). On the other hand, I take Akineton Retard and the trembling stopped. Impotence (which is only a pressure on the libido in men), I have no way, on the contrary, everything works much better. I’ve gained 30 kilos with Ergenyl and Zyprexa and with Abilify I am now 20 kilos off again. Luckily, there is the drug.

    Side effects: Impotence; Tremble
  4. Myrtle B. Settle says:
    3.5 rating

    Abilify for Depression

    to Abilify: By and large, I’m better off, have my fears a bit better under control, are no longer in the foreground …. Trembling hands is probably a side effect, go down with the dose and look like it then runs. (Up to now 3x 10 mg .. per day) To Saroten retard 50 mg: I am super with this preparation, helps great. Have had severe depris after the birth of my son. With Saroten it was much better … but the anxiety disorders I had with Saroten (alone) not in control .. Achja 10- 15 kg I’ve certainly taken with Saroten …. that’s a big disadvantage, otherwise I’m satisfied. Both meds together are good for me, it is not perfect but I can live with it ….. It would be nice to get away easily

    Side effects: Tremble; Increase in weight