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  1. Milton P. Shimp says:
    3.0 rating

    Bystolic for High blood pressure

    Very good beta-blocker, unfortunately HUSTEN and strong weight gain, no influence on blood glucose levels, too bad …… to this drug – side effects not tolerable.

    Side effects: To cough; Increase in weight
  2. Beatrice J. Perkins says:
    5.0 rating

    Bystolic for High blood pressure

    I took this medicine for my high blood pressure and heart racing. I weighed 87 kg and now I have 104 kg on the scale. Did not eat a lot and did sports, nothing helped and it got more and more. In addition, my blood pressure was not great, the only positive was that heart racing was gone. Very annoying was the constant coughing (tags like night) and then hair loss was added. Was then 2 weeks ago with a cardiologist and she said weight gain and coughing could be attributed to it. Now I take candesartan 8mg for 2 weeks .. I agree well (already 2 kg less) except that the heart rate is back, but the cardiologist said that is leveling off. I hope it is not a pleasant feeling

    Side effects: To cough; Increase in weight
  3. Brian M. Miller says:
    3.5 rating

    Bystolic for High blood pressure

    Depressed moods, sometimes very intense; Redness on the face, severe palpitations, especially in endurance exercise, swollen-tired eyes; Cold symptoms, especially throat and pharyngeal inflammations; to cough

    Side effects: To cough; Depressive moods