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  1. Joseph T. Lo says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    Cipro prescribed for recurrent cystitis. Fast recovery. Pain in the right foot after a few days (tendinitis of the plantar tendon), joint pain. The joint pain lasted for many weeks in the hand, the tendonitis has been plaguing for months now. However, I did not think that the side effects were / are and have now again taken Cipro (again cystitis). Well exacerbation of tinnitus, nightmares (actually listed in the leaflet!), Extreme fatigue and laxity. That was the last time I took this horror drug. Why is not this withdrawn from circulation?

  2. Mary E. Robertson says:
    4.0 rating

    I took Ciprofloxacin 10 days 2 times 250 mg for kidney pancreas. I am in the 5th month after receipt, and have strong side effects still: inflammation was resolved, NW occurred immediately after taking stop on: -Darm problems -Burning thighs, abdomen, fungal infection -Wochenlang strong tachycardia, stinging in the chest, dizziness -actually severe joint discomfort, and an unbearable feeling of cold coupled with constant cold showers, they pull through the body – Before about 2 months of hot flashes in the morning and cold in the evening. -Antriebslos

  3. Chris P. Alexander says:
    5.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Urinary tract infection

    1.5 years ago for the first time get HWI because of urinary tract infection. Medium works well. Afterwards, I had pain in the shoulder tendon for over a year. Now I got the remedy, against HWI. The shoulder hurts since then and can hardly lift the arm laterally. When putting on or taking off my T-shirts, it is now extremely painful. Also, my tendon begins to crumple, with certain movements towards the knee. I am in physiotherapeutic treatment but so far it has not been successful. Therefore, I advise against this preparation, who can use another with not so lengthy side effects.

    Side effects: Tendinitis
  4. Joseph N. Bowser says:
    3.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Bacterial infection

    After 8 days 2×500 daily treatment aborted due to joint pain in knees and hocks and especially pain in both Achilles tendons.After 2 weeks, normal walking was hardly possible.Also, I suffered from anxiety and depression, as well as sleep disorders.After 7 weeks improved mobility, but constantly pain , even at night and after exercise. Since then I have been on sick leave, exercise is no longer possible. Doctors usually ignorant and helpless. Have begun with eccentric training for Achilles tendon pain. Also in the tendons of the forearms slight irritant pain. I could never have imagined what this antibiotic can cause. The hoped for treatment success is out of proportion to the injury suffered. I’m grateful for any hint or tip regarding treatment and course of complaints.

  5. Alma D. Shipley says:
    2.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Urinary tract infection

    Three weeks ago, I had a strong urinary tract infection and was prescribed ciprofloxacin 250 mg. I took it all twelve hours for three days, but stopped after the sixth tablet (out of ten pills) in consultation with the attending physician for pain in the feet, muscle pain in the thighs, I also felt the infamous pain in the Achilles heels , Since the urinary tract infection was already banned, there were no further problems with the demolition. The doctor had not heard of such side effects yet. The side effects are then gone for the time being. However, I had spared myself the whole time. Although I went for a walk a few times, I did not feel anything except the rapid onset of tiredness of the feet. However, four days ago I was bowling. Not a good idea! Pain in both Achilles heel, Muscle pain in the right thigh, Pain in the right hip joint, Overload of the left shoulder, Back pain. Other side effects and after-effects have occurred again or the first time. What I notice when I work longer on the keyboard: Arthritis pain in the wrists and fingers and tendon pain on the left hand. Besides, extreme fatigue / drowsiness and the throat area is sore. Since all this worried me a lot because of irreversible damage, etc., I was in the pharmacy yesterday. I read on the internet that green-lipped mussel extract should be good for the synovial fluid. I also wanted to get some magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, selenium and potassium for muscles and tendons. I described to the pharmacist my situation. She advised against green lipped mussel extract, because the effect was not scientifically proven and instead she did something special for osteoarthritis patients; o) Although not cheap, what can I say: Two hours after taking the first ration, I have literally felt how everything regenerates slowly; o) health costs! Let’s see how it goes on. What I miss with this dietary supplement, however, is magnesium. That’s why I also throw in such a magnesium-potassium mixture from the supermarket. Furthermore, I do gentle gymnastics and massage both legs of the calf regularly from the knee to the heel (to stimulate blood circulation). Before, I have never had such problems with my joints and tendons. It regularly crunches the left knee and the left elbow, and the said hip joint has often hurt and a tendonitis I had often, but I have got all these things by self-prescribed gymnastics and healthy nutrition under control. So my current problems come clearly from this drug. So I think that Cipro deprives the body of nutrients and thereby attacks the tendons, joints and muscles. There was probably also some animal experiment with rats, in which it came out that especially the animals got thinner tendons through the drug, where there was a magnesium deficiency. If I need this drug again, because there is no alternative, I will Only take it with nutritional supplements that act on joints, tendons and muscles. Then I just have to take care that the intake takes place every few hours, as certain minerals make the medicine ineffective. I hope that I will not sustain any lasting damage and that one or the other weak point caused by the drug will be regenerated. Should I again need an antibiotic and I want to turn back to such a bone-eating carnivore quinolone, I will ask for an alternative.

    Side effects: Pain; Tendinitis; Muscle aches