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  1. Jeffrey C. Mielke says:
    3.5 rating

    Sutent for Kidney cell carcinoma

    On May 13, 2014, kidney cancer was more or less accidentally discovered with me because I went to the doctor with pain in my right leg. The pain came from a metastasis of kidney cancer. The kidney was removed 15 days later and a week later I was able to leave the hospital again. But then it actually started really, the metastasis had to be bekämft. Initially, radiation or surgery was out of the question as the metastasis was too large. The surgeon said he needed to take half of my pelvis and bladder off me at this stage. So I did the chemo with Sutent (50) to make the metastasis smaller. On the first day, I had heavy pressure on my chest in the evening and turned green-gray in my face, and it was difficult for me to breathe. The next day it was over again. Then I got diarrhea, constantly vomiting and was always tired. After about 14 days, I got inflammation of the hands and feet, which hurt a lot and restricted the ability to move. The mucous membranes also became inflamed towards the end. The food did not taste as good as usual and everything seemed very spicy. In the following break the Nebenwikungen disappeared after 2-3 days. The CT showed that the metastasis had decreased by about 1/4. Because the drug responded so well, one more cycle was added. The side effects were similar. Instead of puffing I had to burp this time and the Entzündugen hands and feet came a little bit more and more violent. The CT showed that the metastasis had decreased again by about 1/4 to the original size or 1/3 for the last time. So only half the size of the beginning (about 40ccm)! Now, according to the surgeon, surgery is possible. But it is still discussed in the tumor conference, if next comes once again a cycle or the OP.

  2. Paul J. Anderson says:
    3.5 rating

    Sutent for Metastasis; Kidney cell carcinoma

    Take Sutent for one year. Start with 50 mg, due to severe side effects (see later) discontinued after 20 days.After 2 weeks break reduction 37.5 mg.After control with good regression of metastases.After 2 more cycles with 37.5 mg .Control: mixed findings.Then continuous intake of 25 mg.Befundverschlechterung, then again increase to 50 mg.Kontrollbefund (MRI) again regression of the metastases. Side effects: hand-foot syndrome; severe pain and bruises on the feet. Tongue pain, taste disturbances, blood pressure increase, diarrhea, moderate blood picture changes. Against the tongue burning / pain help frozen, fresh pineapple pieces, slowly melt in the mouth, very good. Against the sometimes unbearable foot pain helps Voltaren 50 mg excellently, but respect stomach and blood picture! Ointments: Fortecortril, Nivea, ointment from the Munich urology. Who has other recommendations?

  3. Patsy J. Rowan says:
    3.0 rating

    Sutent for Metastasis

    I found the side effects rather moderate …. they are things that are annoying, but with whom I can live … – diarrhea – loss of taste – sore hands and feet – inflamed mucous membranes (especially in the mouth) – fatigue – loss of appetite – powerlessness

  4. Tyrone E. Sudduth says:
    4.0 rating

    Sutent for Kidney cell carcinoma

    I have been taking Sutent for 6 months, each in a 28-day cycle followed by a 2-week break. The following side effects have occurred with me: dry oral mucosa, partial loss of sense of taste, suction. Burning tongue; extremely high sensitivity to warm food and drinks. In addition, a painful callus on the ball of the foot that can not be surgically removed. Now and then slight yellowish skin discoloration. All of these side effects disappear after 2-3 days after discontinuation of Sutent (28-day end of cycle). After re-admission after the 2-week break, the listed side effects recur more or less after about 1 week. Since this drug, at least for me, the desired effect, ie metastasis in the abdomen (abdomen) has stopped so far, I take the side effects gladly in purchasing.

    Side effects: Jaundice; Taste alteration
  5. Aaron M. Marsh says:
    4.0 rating

    Sutent for Metastasis; Kidney cell carcinoma

    – headache – body aches – reduced sense of taste – high fever (40 gr.), Decreased after antibiotic treatment. – Depression – discoloration of the skin in the first 14 days, skin became yellowish. In the medication break, the complaints were better.