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  1. Liz A. Mobley says:
    2.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Lymph node inflammation

    Shortly after I started using the drug, I got the feeling that the things I eat somehow taste different than usual. Feeling unbalanced, in a bad mood and dull. Sometimes I feel pretty cold and dizzy

  2. Cherry K. Wilson says:
    2.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Otitis

    Carnival I had a severe flu with bronchitis, Neben- and Stirnhöhlenvereiterung and middle ear infection. My ENT doctor told me about clarithromycin. I took it for 3 weeks. After a few days, some things no longer tasted to me. A little later some things smelled different. Disgusting a taste and smell I had never noticed. Unfortunately, it is not gone until today. I can hardly eat fruit. I can not drink any more mineral water, apple juice spritzer, wine or champagne. The shampoo I always take smells disgusting to me. How long does such a side effect last?

  3. Barry N. Wadsworth says:
    2.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Difficulties swallowing; Cold

    After my wife initially suffered from a flu-like effect on head and neck pain and a strong cough, the symptoms came to my notice a week later; only that my swallowing and speaking difficulties were even more pronounced. Two tablets Clarithromycin HEXAL (one in the morning the second evening) relieved the symptoms on the first day. The drug was taken by both of us for five days. After that we had to realize that the sense of smell and taste had completely disappeared and so far has not returned. If odor and taste return, I would love to tell you. The instruction leaflet did point out possible changes in the sense of taste and smell; If you had warned against odor and loss of taste there, we would never have taken the medicine. (Data about my wife: born: 1937, 172 cm / 70 kg.)

  4. Jillian J. Hutchinson says:
    4.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Respiratory infections

    Immediately after the first dose severe dizziness and up to 3 hours after taking the feeling of vomiting constantly. In addition, immediately after taking a bitter taste on the tongue (try to drown it with tea and sage ointments). After taking the 5 tablet so far I feel no improvement and still have bad sore throat and difficulty swallowing. In addition, I have abdominal cramps and pain in the kidney area and feel totally flabby.

  5. Bobby K. Torres says:
    4.5 rating

    Clarithromycin for Borreliose

    Anyway, everything is very vague in Lyme disease anyway. The pathogen detection is difficult or even impossible (especially if the doctor does not play along and for reasons of cost and principle only IgG and IgM without Western Blot makes) and the symptoms are so complex that they can not be distinguished from side effects or a Herxheimer reaction. Therefore, a report in the context is anything but valid – that only beforehand. After a tick bite (without mottled, without disease symptoms but in the groin and thus optimal for the spread of pathogens) I have received precautionary initially Doxycyclin (2x100mg / day). Already after 4 hours everything hurt me, every step was followed by a sweat break, I was completely destroyed and was just lying around. I kept it for 4 days and switched to clarithromycin (2x250mg / day). The pain in the limbs improved, the sweats also. However, after 3-4 days, abdominal pain and diarrhea occurred. I got omniflora and perenterol. The diarrhea and abdominal pain disappeared, but I suffered from severe allergic rhinitis for 2-3 days, which I initially attributed to the environment (Hab Hayfever) – In hindsight, I’m not sure if this was also a side effect or not. All in all, I felt weaker and tired every day. Just like when you have a fever, just without a fever. So limb or muscle pain. After 18 days, the allergic rhinitis came back stronger than ever before. The nose just flowed, itching unbearably, smelled of blood and was constantly blocked. 3 days later, I took the last tablet, but has improved since then (10 days later) little to nothing. The nose is no longer crazy, but is still swollen to the sinuses and somehow seems sore. At the slightest effort I start to sweat and have the urgent feeling to lie down. My limbs are especially painful and hard to move. My conclusion: Either I have Lyme disease, that drug has failed and these are now the symptoms or all these are side effects of a drug-induced dysbiosis and viral infection in the nose. I’m typing on the latter. My ENT doctor says: It is clear that they destroy in the intestine, in the mouth, in the nose about 4000 bacterial strains and thus 2/3 of all living bacteria, whether good or bad, and leave there irritated but uninhabited skin, the now a perfect resettlement area for viruses and bacteria. So the immune system has its hands full fighting new threats, and that costs strength. He estimates that I will be still good for 2-3 months … My internist, however, says that all this can not be and that after 2-3 days no side effects are no longer available. Everything else is new infections or just Lyme disease. Now you can play roulette who is right … The bad thing: If you do one thing and it is the other, the symptoms worsened.

  6. Jewell B. Eisenberg says:
    2.5 rating

    Clarithromycin for Bronchitis (acute)

    Take this drug now exactly 4 days. Have some side effects such as strong cramps in both legs with muscle tremors (can hardly stand), altered taste (bitter), as well as fatigue, heavy sweating, muscle weakness and vomiting. I would prefer to stop this drug, but One day I have to hold on. Hopefully, there are no symptoms of worsening bronchitis. Oh yes, driving is not possible!

    Side effects: Sweat; Taste alteration; Nausea
  7. Mary W. Jones says:
    3.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Helicobacter pylori gastritis

    The intake took place in the morning 1 hour before breakfast and in the evening 1 hour before eating, for 7 days, each 3 tablets together. I had a combination pack, ZacPac, in which the individual tablets were packed well and clearly and revenue errors are impossible. On the 1st and 2nd day, I noticed almost nothing, except a little bit of excess, flatulence and a bitter taste in my mouth. On the 3rd and 4th day the nausea increased and dizziness, fatigue and weakness were added. I was not capable of anything on those days. On the 5th – 7th day suddenly diarrhea came on, although I always took intestinal flora plus (health food) – healthy intestinal bacteria – to the tablet income. For the diarrhea I took 1 x 1 loperamide and got on quite well with it. The bitter taste and flatulence lasted the entire 7 days. Today – the 8th and 9th day – I still have mild diarrhea and the weakness is not quite gone yet. Otherwise I had no side effects, no skin problems. From a positive point of view, I can now eat things that previously caused heartburn and stomach problems, such as: For example, different types of fruit (nectarine, grapes, peach …) Although it is quite a burden, but from the time frame manageable and enduring. Think that the diarrhea will be back in a few days. Therefore, I can recommend this therapy.

  8. Etta W. Horst says:
    4.5 rating

    Clarithromycin for Helicobacter pylori gastritis

    Dizziness, muscle pain in the legs, lead taste in the mouth, fatigue, diarrhea, fungus infection in the genital area … was glad when I had to take the last pill. but the side effects last in spite of the tablet … the doctor said that would be normal.

  9. Donna K. Miranda says:
    3.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Sinusitis

    Within a few hours of taking it, I felt stinging stomach pains and a bitter taste in my mouth. After that, my stomach blew with severe upper abdominal pain. Diarrhea and abdominal cramping then followed. This phase lasted about 5 hours, then everything was fine again. After taking each tablet, the process was repeated exactly the same. After consultation with my doctor I was prescribed a stomach protection (pantoprazole). With the gastric protection, the stinging stomach ache was slightly better, but overall, each tablet still meant 5 hours of pain and toilet visits. Concomitants on the one hand were severe tiredness, on the other hand sleep disturbances at night, slight skin irritations on the face, changes in taste, sweating and wild dreams with confusion and depressive states. I have the drug after consultation with my doctor after 3 days (6 tablets).

  10. Adrienne P. Quinn says:
    4.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Borreliose; Helicobacter pylori gastritis

    Simultaneous intake of Amoxi 3 times daily and Clari 2 times daily for Helicobacter pylori and a feverish, chronic Borrelia infection. At first I was absolutely thrilled, because already on the second day my increased temperature for months dropped by one degree. Especially after taking the Amoxi grabbed me from the 2nd-3rd. Every day, however, the most extreme fatigue I’ve ever experienced, so I slept for several hours after each tablet, so the whole of the day. In addition, it hit me a bit on the stomach, mild stomach cramps, heartburn, mouthburn increased while taking more and more, although I can not say whether this was caused by Amoxi, Clari or both. These complaints could be avoided, however, if I had eaten as recommended before taking enough. In addition, I still had a disturbing metallic taste in my mouth and strangely everything tasted spicy, even water. From about the 4th intake day, I got more and more heart palpitations and later cardiac arrhythmia, which is why the treatment had to be stopped eventually. These heart misfires still continue today, 5 weeks after ingestion. Nevertheless, I find the medication recommended, as they are much better tolerated than these entries suggest here and if I read sentences like I would not take this voluntarily again, I can only shake my head. Sometimes antibiotics are the only effective therapy and for a few days side effects are better than the alternative of not getting well at all! One should not forget that here above average rate many people who were dissatisfied with the drug. And especially in the use of antibiotics against diseases such as Lyme disease, many complaints are not side effects, but Herxheimer reactions.

  11. Susan T. Vines says:
    3.5 rating

    Clarithromycin for Helicobacter pylori gastritis

    Immediately: Metallic taste; About 2 hours after taking the headache began, which remained more or less the whole time; severe pain when moving the eyeballs; from the second night (after the third dose): insomnia and about 6 hours after taking the tablet severe nausea that lasts about as long. In addition, extreme dry mouth and occasional muscle pain in the legs, so that I could no longer sit or lie down. The side effects are due to clarithromycin, as I have previously received and tolerated penicillin. I already took omeprazole one week before and did not experience any serious side effects (except bloating and muscle pain in the first few days). Since the side effects increased after each tablet intake and I was finally in a terrible condition, I stopped the therapy after the 4th dose. After about 3 days I was fine again.