Tachycardia effect of Prednisolone

We have 513 consumer reports for Prednisolone. Tachycardia effect occurred in 1%.

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  1. Tami C. Bender says:
    2.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Tinnitus; Sudden hearing loss

    At the beginning: Tachycardia, RR low, dizziness, hot flashes Visual disturbance throughout: Dizziness, blurred vision, depressive mood, face pimples, drug rash, joint problems, fatigue, forgetfulness increased, thinking impaired, euphoric relapses But falling asleep worked well 🙂 after all

  2. Edward M. Maupin says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Tinnitus

    Whistling in both ears, especially during periods of rest strongly perceived (previously only tinnitus of an ear) stomach problems tachycardia 1x at the beginning at the beginning of performance loss tension feeling in the calves (taken together with cortisone after hearing loss)

    Side effects: Tachycardia; Fatigue
  3. Mark P. Skelton says:
    3.5 rating

    Prednisolone for Sarcoidosis

    I do not have any side effects at first, but with continued treatment, more and more discomfort occurs that are not associated with sarcoidosis. I suffer from hypertension, resting heart rate of 90-100, palpitations, Vertigo (dizziness), tremors, muscle weakness, general malaise, sleep disorders, I am extremely nervous and hibbelig, have anxiety attacks and panic attacks, ehöhten eye pressure, weight gain, pimples …

  4. John M. Maher says:
    2.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Pain (back)

    Tachycardia – resting heart rate of 90 (otherwise 60-70), sweating, hoarseness, malaise

    Side effects: Hoarseness; Tachycardia; Sweat