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  1. Ray K. Manley says:
    2.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    Hello …. take since 4 days paroxetine against obsessive thoughts …. I do not notice anything …. except total restlessness ….. my obsessions are always about the same topic …. I’m not me … ..I feel alien and I concentrate so hard on it …. does any of you know it? how are your experiences?

    Side effects: Symptom amplification
  2. Loretta M. Nichols says:
    4.0 rating

    I’ve been taking Paroxetine for 10 weeks now, 15mg, and the first time I felt really bad, increased restlessness, anxiety, tiredness and zero-go mood, dizziness and severe headache. I did not believe it would get any better, but it was my motto and I was rewarded. After 6 weeks I felt really good again, I have fun at work, with friends, can laugh again, take active part in the day and sleep well again at night, in short, I LOVE LIFE AGAIN. I say yes to paroxetine.

    Side effects: Symptom amplification
  3. Kenia A. Johnson says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    I was prescribed paroxetine (20mg) for the second time because of anxiety and depression. In the beginning an initial deterioration occurred. I could not leave the house for about a week, could not eat anything, had anxiety attacks, was very whiny, could not sleep, at night I crunched my teeth so badly that my whole jaw ached, I had nightmares and in the morning I had to go twice to hand over. However, knowing that these side effects would go away again, I remained adamant and continued to take the medicine. After about 2-3 weeks there was a significant improvement. I was suddenly able to lead a normal life, leave the house and even had the strength to change some basic things in my life (relationship, job). After half a year of taking it, however, I started to gain a lot of weight (10 kg in 5 months), despite unchanged eating habits. In addition, I have been suffering from severe constipation ever since and need to take laxatives weekly to be reasonably comfortable. Furthermore, especially at the beginning of the treatment feeling cold, tiredness and loss of libido occurred. Getting an orgasm has also become very heavy since taking it. Conclusion: Paroxetine is a very potent remedy and especially indicated for severe anxiety disorders. The side effects are enormous in many people (also in comparison to other antidepressants). To come from the deepest, I can only recommend it to everyone. However, if you only have depression, without fears, I would definitely use other medicines (such as Citalopram or Cipralex) that have fewer side effects.